Once there was a chimney

So, the last of the chimney had to be completely removed, and yesterday was D Day.

Just as well, as we had a 5.3 aftershock during the night, which may have been the one to finally bring it through the wall!

We now have this dazzling wall of plywood to get us through to a time when we can get some builders in.

I think it makes for a pretty good posing place.

Frcok-a skirt, opshopped

Cardi-opshopped in Welly


Tights-Farmers, I think

Shoes-Trade Me

Sophisticated expression-years of experience

This is the thoughtful and encouraging pressie that Justine surprised me with!

I am under instructions not to make a crochet romper suit for Baby Rose under any circumstances.


I haven't even begun to learn yet, and by the time I gain skills enough to make a romper, Baby Rose may well be demanding one, so I think we'll leave the ball in her court!!!

Now, do admire little Miss Poo Parker, in all her plopping glory!

She is sooo cute; whilst we were in Welly, she lost her collar. Last night she not only brought it in and dropped it at my feet, but allowed me, quite calmly, to put it back on!

Two things of interest!

Firstly, if you are interested in seeing what is left of central Christchurch, eqstreetcam may tickle your fancy for the depressing and the rubbley. East on Cashel from Durham and South on Colombo from the square are particularly heart breaking, from what I saw to day.

Also, the tote bag has landed with Ivy !

Hurrah, I say!



Mrs Munster said...

I've got the art of knitting magazine coming to me. I'm rubbish in knitting and still not getting any better. Crocheing is much more my thing and now I have to look for whether that magazine is pulished here :)
Crochet romper sound awesome.

Vintage Coconut said...

*Oh let me be comment #2!* *lol*

You look so marvelous all polka dotted up! I hope those darn aftershocks STOP for you as soon as possible!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Ah hon I do wish those aftershocks would stop for you soon, still I see you keep your pecker up, oooeeer missus!

Cutie kittie too!

Vintage Vixen said...

That ply in the background is a perfect backdtop, it helps me see you even more clearly! That polka dot and pink tights look is sheer hotness, you look gorgeous.
Maybe you should do some grafitti on it?
Boo to aftershocks ans hoorah to Mrs Parker who looks marvellously snooty.
Love you

Trees said...

Loving those bright pink tights! Gah!

I have been considering buying that crochet magazine, I saw it at the dairy. I think I will now - I have wanted to crochet for the longest time. But have never gotten around to learning.

I thought of you when I woke up and heard there was a large-ish aftershock. Glad to hear no major damage this time.

Take Care xoxo

Miss Peregrin said...

Love the polka dot skirt-frock, and the pink tights! Great combination. I have the same Art of Crochet pack waiting for me to stop being lazy and do something with it.

Pearl Westwood said...

I think that piece of Ply is calling out to be painted fuchia pink like your tights, but then it would look like you have no legs if you wear them again hmmm yellow?? x

Misfits Vintage said...

GORGEOUS! Hot pink tights + polka dots = PERFECTION!

I agree with Vix - you should totally graffiti that ply wall! How fun!

I miss you... sigh.

Sarah xxx

VainGlorySinner said...

Fabulous bright pink tights! I love how when you wear a mostly black and white outfit you always shove in a burst of colour with either head dress or tights or shoes!

What a wonderful little kitty. I love cats that have dog behaviour! My cat loves to play fetch and she always starts off the game by bringing one of her sponge ball wherever I may be at the time and dropping it by my feet. God I love cats.. xxx

the nyanzi report said...

i love the styling of this outfit.

Anna Bonfiglio said...

Come to my blog and if you want we can follow eachother :)

The Yellow Ball

delia hornbook said...

aawww Miss poo Parker is simply just to cute for words ;-)) Sorry to hear you are still having the after shocks i hope everything gets back to normal soon well as normal as life can be. Your looking great as always you could always stick some funky looking wall paper on there just for the time being ;-)) dee x

a cat of impossible colour said...

Man, so many aftershocks!! When will it end? The pictures of the central city are just so sad.

Rae said...

Synchronicity! Had my first attempt at crochet this weekend - what I thought looked like a possible tea cosy apparently looks more like a gnome hat... ah well, it's not too bad for a first effort, just need to find a gnome with a cold head

Love your spotty frock. Ooh and you have edumacated me - I had to google opshop and I am also an opshopper (is that the right word?)

Louise said...

Chimneys are scary dangerous things so I bet you're glad that's gone? I hope those aftershocks stop soon as they must be pretty terrifying with all those unsafe structures around too. Xx

Random Rants said...

I LUV how you stay positive whilst all has crumbled about you but what's the alternative? Whine? Hell, no - leave that up to me! I luv the pop o' pink Helga!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

I love the way you talk, even in despair you sound damn interesting.

Perdita said...

That's not plywood- that's DESIGN POSSIBILITY. Just think of the wonders you can create when the builders come! :) Do hope the aftershocks finish soon though.

You look wonderful as ever. I only didn't mention it first because it's true (and I don't want the other commenters to think I'm an ass-kisser. (whispers) Blatantly I am an ass kisser to blog style godesses...I make no apologies, I consider it good taste on my part). Mwa Mwa!

Miss Claire said...

You work that ply-board Helga! Loving the poses today. I'M SORRY that I've been neglecting everyones blogs includng my own lately...I'll be back on the blogging boat soon! Promise!

Xoxox Claire

Smashingbird said...

I actually think a crochet romper suit wouuld be rather fabulous!

La Dama said...

I love pink cotton candy tights with polka dot dress amor.
more aftershocks ay no.
I need to learn knitting.