Tie me to the tracks and let me thrash amongst the grass

I'm sure there would be certain amusement if a train was coming up behind and I had to run for it.

We cross over these lines everyday when cycling to work.

I like railway tracks, lines outta town, into other towns, to other places.

We don't have many rail journeys here.

There's a nice scenic trip to be had going from Christchurch to Greymouth on the West Coast.

We've done that once.

You can go to Dunedin, which whilst scenic enough, isn't that thrilling because Dunedin is at the other end.
You can go to Picton, you can go to Wellington and Auckland.

It's all rather pleasant, whichever way you go!

We'd like to do a classic journey, like the Orient Express, or just languidly crisscross Europe.

My favourite writer, Lisa St Aubin de Teran writes romantically about train journeys.

She has somewhat of an obsession with perpetual motion, though.

I couldn't do it constantly; I like to be still a lot.

But I would like to do a very luxurious train journey, where you frock up for dinner every night, and your bed gets turned down, and you have champagne breakfasts whilst crossing high, high bridges over rushing rivers.




Straight Talking Mama! said...

Love those pics!

We would love to do the Orient Express too, until I seriously looked into it and found out the cost! I think only if we have a lottery win quite frankly, we could do a trip to the US and buy stuff for that cost ;o)

sacramento said...

I adore you with your beautiful hair down. It add so much character, and make you look so ravishing.

Rose&Bird said...

I prefer train travel (I don't fly), but other than the Cross Country services it's pretty scuzzy here. I had 2 not-great journeys last weekend, but that's another story.

It always amazes me that you can get onto the tracks in many other countries - its nigh on impossible here (not that I'd want to)!

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Your hair down is just amazing. Yes, the Orient Express would be a dream journey of min too xxx

Trees said...

I'm a total train geek - I've done the three tranzscenic journeys. But I want to do more - darn it!! There's just not enough passenger trains in this country.

Stunning tights! I do admire your amazing collection of tights/stockings.

Ronnie Rabbit said...

WOW your hair looks amazing in these photos, its nice to see it down

Perdita said...

You hair looks amazing down, love it! And those tights!

Train tracks always fill me with fear, kids near us used to get killed breaking onto them to graffitti and so forth. :/ So there were a lot of scary 'information adverts' in the 80s to put us off! I like a train journey though- Virgin 1st class is nice, plenty of tea and sandwiches omm nomm nomm.

Mo said...

I don't think I've seen your hair down before you look well foxy! x

Mrs Munster said...

What a woderful treat: photos of you with your hair down! These are fab.
I've always wanted to do the train journey from Russia (across the Siberia) to China.

Calamity Jem said...

Hi Helga,
You should definitely wear your hair down more often, such a shame to hide that stunning mane of fiery locks away in an up-do.
LOVE your outfit too.
To me train tracks are a reminder of wonderful travel memories; I did three summers of ‘InterRail’ from the age of sixteen to eighteen, travelling the length & breadth of Europe.
I also love the wonderfully rhythmic sound of trains; there is something very dreamy about this mode of transport, especially when going on the older trains.
Take care luv,

pastcaring said...

A rather wistful and romantic post - and look - today. Like others, I love a train, and love your hair down. And just a bit of quirky tightage to keep it real!
Love Curtise x

Miss Peregrin said...

That kind of train journey sounds glorious! The Boyfriend & I want to take a swanky train journey in the future, and I hope it will be exactly like you described.

Your hair looks gorgeous down like that! I'm a big fan of this outfit - in particular those fabulous tights!

Miss Claire said...

Helga, I love love love this post, your words, your dreams, your outfit and your hair!!! All so beautiful. I'd love to see a burlesquey-circusey outfit with these tights, please!!!!

Your hair is just beautiful, I wish I'd used henna to get my hair red rather than bleach & dye...

Xoxox Claire

jkubenka said...

Love those tights, but love love LUUUUUVE your hair down.

Also, one of the things I liked about being on a cruise was the perpetual motion of the boat.

We have lots of trains here, and perhaps I shall look into taking my kiddo on a nice, scenic train ride. We could dress up! It would be much fun!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

you had me at champagne breakfasts! those tights are drool-worthy

LandGirl1980 said...

No one in the WORLD could rock those tights as much as you do!! :)

Franca said...

My dave is very keen on the orient express, we checked it out for the honeymoon, but we'd have to blow our entire budget on 2.5 days! so no.

I love your tights!

Rae said...

I usually go to France by train - I love trains, but this year I'm going by a stupid airplane, humph! But as I'm only there a few days this time I guess it makes sense

Love your groovy stripy legs!

Misfits Vintage said...

I have to agree with all of the above:

1 Love your hair
2 Love your boobs
3 Love your tights
4 Love train travel
5 Love you

Sarah xxx

Vintage Vixen said...

You are one red hot mama! Check out that glorious hair and those booboids, you are making me go weak at the knees.
I do love a train journey in India, a constant parade of food and masala chai. One day we'll do it together.
Love you!

Smashingbird said...

You look fab, looove them tights! xxx

Crystal Lee said...

Lady, you look ravishing. I love the color of your dress. It looks great with your hair color. I also love when you wear your hair down. I like your train travel daydreams too.

Vintage Coconut said...

When I was little our house had railroad tracks behind it. I remember always going and putting pennies on the track. (SHHHH don't tell I was like 6 and didn't know it was illegal and unsafe.) *lol*
After I would hear the train go by I would run down and look for my flattend coins.

Penny Dreadful said...

Meep, I adore the tights! xx

Alex said...

Swit swooo! You look like a boobalicious Beetlejuice in these pictures!

I think train track photos always look amazing but I'd be petrified to do them myself. I was traumatized by a video we had to watch in primary school about not playing on railway lines and don't dare go near them.

delia hornbook said...

I love traveling by train you get to go through the beautiful countryside here and not via roads which makes for such a lovely journey. I love your outfit today the green dress looks gorgeous on you its such a great cut and shape. And wow your hair is really lovely and long ;-))Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

Nelly said...

Your hair looks beautiful like that

the Citizen Rosebud said...

This outfit is perfect. And now I've lost my train of thought. OH YeAH! I need to order those tights? Are they from WE LOVE COLORS?

Dusk said...

Ahhh yes... I like your train journey... full on glam, cocoktail hour, film noir narrative and lots of Vogue-ing and maybe a whodunnit?

You look gorgeous honey! I love your hair out!

(Hon, I may not comment much but I am always here... stalking your gorgeous ass!)

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

I don't care what you say. Your hair is bloody FABULOUS! xx