I'm a bit out of practice with my gorilla pod.

Not that I was ever really in practice, mind you!

G was off picking up his amplifier from he amplifier repair man, and I thought I'd better take advantage of what little light there was.

The cats were rather interested.

Both of them leapt up on the stool the camera was balanced on to have a good nosy.

I don't know why I thought this might be an interesting pose.

But I did.

Now I don't.


Take that!

I wore:

Frock-vintage, ophopped in Welly




Boots-vintage, Trade Me

Handbag-vintage, school fair

Fabulous head piece-made by the awesome Jem

Necklaces-vintage, ophopped

I'm surprised the cats aren't in the frame at all!

Man About the House has finished, and now we have Robin's Nest. It just doesn't have the same sparkle, and lacks in fab frocks.

But I can deal with that, because
we have been waiting for this:

The first episode aired last night........and we loved it!
Frock joy!

I adore Edwardian costume, and I wasn't disappointed.


And Maggie Smith, one of my all time faves!

I feel an Edwardian frenzy coming on.......not sure how, though!!!
The only thing that could make it better is if Mrs Slocombe was in it. She'd practically fit right in.

Ah, period drama ecstasy!!!



Smashingbird said...

Everyone raves about Downton Abbey and it seems to have not been on my radar when it showed, must hunt it out! xxx

LandGirl1980 said...

Wondrous boots of burgandy!! I am in love with them and their burgandy-ness :)

Miss Magpie said...

What landgirl said.

Camelia Crinoline said...

Love the burgandy and pink. Wasn't Downtown Abbey great? Loved the costumes and the high levels of bitchiness. Just what I like in a period drama. Maggie is queen of the snobby, unamused voice.

Ronnie Rabbit said...

Love Man about the House, Robins Nest & George and Mildred...not sure about Downton Abbey, but hope you enjoy it all the same

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Looking fabulous and rocking those boots! Scarlett x

Kitty said...

Oh I love Maggie Smith too! I've been collecting her movies for a while now.

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh, gloriousness in burgundy. It looks so wonderful against your bush (oh, er, missus).
How odd that the furballs didn't get involved in the action, there's often a tail I have to crop out of my photos.
I didn't watch Downton Abbey, everyone raved about it but costume dramas of that era take me back to being forced to watch them when I was a schoolgirl and they seem too grown up. George & Mildred's far superior!
Love YOU & can't wait till Monday!!!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

i am seriously going to be disappointed if i dont see any edwardian inspired outfits!! I like your robot pose, so there! LOL

Ivy Black said...

I do like to see you posing by your massive bush (steady). I love that dress...see, on me, that would look shite but you could wear a bin bag and look fab.
I love Downtown Abbey. I'm basing a whole dressmaking project on those costumes. Fecking brilliant.

Perdita said...

I too adore those boots.

I desperately need a grippy tripod thang, I have nowt to practise with. :( If I get one I will post before I get the knack so y'all can laff at my efforts.

Penny Dreadful said...

I actually like the arms out awkward pose ;) Maggie Smith is tops, you always pretend it is an actress, she just IS that character xx

Penny Dreadful said...

Not pretend, forget. Sheesh what is wrong with me, I haven't even had a drink.

La Dama said...

Burgundy biatch, love your rose dress.
Your Frankestein beautiful pose,that reminds me of a scarecrow pose foto I took, need to go post it in mi blog now.
big hugs

delia hornbook said...

Gorgeous colors today loving those boots and bag to. I missed Downtown Abby but i heard it was great. Enjoy it ;-))) dee x

Alex said...

I didn't want Downton Abbey when it was on tv - I am such an ITV snob! Luckily I got the boxset for my birthday so I'm waiting for a quiet weekend to dive into it. Love Hugh Bonneville and Dame Maggie.

I attempted a sort of Monroe-esque pose whilst taking today's photos (hands holding the skirt down) and just looked fat and demented. Think I'll stick to staring at the floor!

Crystal Lee said...

Love your dress & the colors & your funny pose! always a delight!

Shewearscrazywell said...

I love period shows...ahh..Edwardian, Victorian, Roaring 20's...I love it all! You look soooo superb in red..really is such a sweet color on you! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Misfits Vintage said...

Wow - I am late with this one!!!

Firstly, I LOVE the entire outfit - this is DEFINITELY a great colour on you! Frock gorgeous and headpiece looks lovely but we might need a close up shot? Perhaps with a little bit of pussy showing?

Secondly, you know I love a weird pose - bring out the odd poses please!

Thirdly, I can't wait until Monday too!!!

Fourthly... actually, I've got nothing.

Loveandlove, Sarah xxx

sacramento said...

I have already seen the first season in Spain, and I can´t hardly wait for the second one, so good it is.
You look lovely in pink, my dear.
Missing you!!