Welly-with a wing dang dong!

Friday morning.

After gadding about sorting the meter for Ralph's car, having a quick coffee, driving it up to Ralph's and then walking into town......we were ready for the next bit.

Breakfast at Floradita's.

Fecking fabulous establishment, this.

I was most interested, surprise, surprise, in the very first item on the menu......

We settled for bubbly!

O, and some real food!

I could actually only face the most simple of breaky's.

Their bread was too die for!

I will advise, incidentally, that I took pix of everything we ate, but I am being polite and only subjecting you to what I ate.

After a spot of shopping-more on that later-we met up with Pixie for lunch at Wasabi.

Sushi train!!!!

We saw this rather interesting vehicle on the way.

The aftermath.

It was good, but not as good as Sushi Train in Sydney.

When we left, I noticed a poster for the band we were planning to see that night.

Random, do you think?!

We had dinner at Siem Reap-the restaurant, not the town, sillies!

It was fecking fabulous!

Sucking down an oriental mule!

Probably blurry 'cos I was salivating......and am just looking at this pic.......

Our lovely friend Jo was in town, on wine business, so we met her at Mighty Mighty.

Unfortuately we piked on her, due to our excesses of bubbles the night before........poo!

And then to Saturday!

We started at Sweet Mama's for breaky........

Huevos Rancheros!

We spent the day at my sister Wendy's house in Tawa having snacks, drinkies, lunch and more drinkies....

Thank you, sweetheart!

Then we rolled back into the city to get ready to go out.....

Our friend Gillian was also in town, on Film Comission business; we picked her up after some film people drinkies and dragged her off to Espressoholic for a snack.

Ralph was wearing his saucy see through shirt he'd opshopped the day before.
He also opshopped the shirt he wore to dinner at Siem Reap-he's just as much an opshop whore as us!

Our night out at the Beastwars gig was cut short due to a stage diving idiot who landed on G-G's summation of the night is that old men and mosh pits don't mix(harsh!)-and caused us to leave early.

Most vexing.

If Pixie and I had got hold of the culprit, we would have pummelled him.

G is ok, he has a very sore shoulder, which should repair just fine.

Sunday we had brunch at Duke Carvell's.

Gorgeous place.

Um, no, it wasn't Tattinger.

Have you noticed that everytime we are anywhere near Ralph we imbibe bubble like it's water?

It's Ralph's baaaad influence.

Pixie demonstrates her "fist of fury' that she exhibits when driving.

Bonus points are recievd for meeting lovely local bloggers!

This is Trees !!!

She's a doll!

I was so chuffed that she was up for coming out to breaky to meet me!!

If you don't know her blog, check her out!

We spent quite a bit of time drooling at Moore Wilson, my personal food mecca of Wellington.

I was desperate to stuff a 1kg tub of olives into my baggage, but had to be realistic.

I can get them in Christchurch, The Mediterranean Warehouse has just re-opened since the quake. It's just more fun to buy them on holiday. And the choices are better in Welly!

What did I buy?

Not as much as you might think!

These belts at the Salvation Army on Ghuznee St, the beret from the Salvation Army in Tawa.

This 70's sunfrock for a tenner at the Salvation Army in Ghuznee St.
Plus a couple of light cardi's I forgot to photograph.

These novels at the Salvation Army in Tawa.

My sister also lent me a pile of books, one of which is my current read, and it's awesome.

Spicey delishness from Moore Wilson's.

G wanted to buy a roasting dish, but they didn't have the right one in the right size.

I wanted to buy everything.

I spend a lot of money on food at the best of times.

Ha, Rings Around my Anus!!!

It's gotta be good!

And that was our weekend!

Today our chimney was totally removed, and I came home to a wee pressie from Justine!

More on that tomorrow!!



hookedonlove said...

Honey, no way on fecking earth you need a bad influence to cause you to drink bubbly. How would you get such a bubbly personality if you weren't a straight out bubble slut?

delia hornbook said...

OMG i don't what to comment on soooooo much good stuff ;-)) I love that photo of your sipping the cocktail you look stunning and with that little polka dot bow in your hair so cute to. So sorry to read about G shoulders hope it gets better soon. Have a lovely week, dee xx

Kitty said...

Looks like you're constantly eating, ha ha! The Asian food in Sydney really does take some beating, doesn't it?

Trees said...

Glad you had such a fabulous time in our lovely city! It was so great to meet you :D Don't forget to let me know next time you're in town :D I'll come and visit you in Chch when its a little less broken.

Ronnie Rabbit said...

Killer morning menu and killer eye make-up. I love loking in foreign supermarkets too

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I am a chilli whore and am convinced a bottle of Rings Around Uranus would last about 4 days in my kitchen. I love that you love brekky and I love that you love fooooooood and you're an oppy trollop and that you don't think twice about slurping down an oriental mule and that you're fecking gorgeous every single day and you are you!!! xoxoxoxox

Vintage Vixen said...

I don't know where to start! You looking freaking gorgeous in all those pictures, that eyemake up is just divine and I love your green outfit soooo much.
That food is making me hungry...mmmm, love chilli so much. Like Desiree that stuff would probably last less than a week in our kitchen, too.
I love an adventure around a strange supermarket and oogle at the bizarre packaging like a woman demented.
Hope G's shoulder get's better soon.
Love yOU!

Misfits Vintage said...


The black and pink floral frock!
Your hair!
Rings around Uranus!
Pixie EVERYTHING (including her name!)
Ralph's hair!
The hair bows!
Your floral frock!
Jo's jacket!
Your makeup!

ADORE you! Sarah xxx

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

WHAT AN ASS! (the guy who jumped on yinz) I hate ppl who think they can just ruin other people's nights! But I am soothed by you in GREEN. I simply adore you in green.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

So much fabulousness I have no idea where to begin, food frocks and bubbly I cannot think what more a girl could want, oh yeah chilli sauce!

Mrs Munster said...

This post made me soooo hungry! My lil man was sitting on my lapwhen I was reading this post and when he saw your photo with your wicked cool eye makeup he suddenly cheered :)

Penny Dreadful said...

You always eat so well Helga, that laksa got me drooling too. Post as many food pictures as you like, I'm such a food lech I can handle it! xx

Annimal House said...

What fun! I'm in constant awe of your eye making up prowess, I am to try a primer soon so maybe I can master some eyeliner trix too! Getting dressed up and messed up is my favorite kind of outing!!

Vintage Coconut said...

Thank God I just ate before reading this one!! Or I would have ran to the fridge and raided it repeatedly after seeing all the scrumptious food things! ESPECIALLY all those OLIVES *Drool* mmmmmm Olives are like heavenly!

I laughed at that rings around uranus ahahaha

You looks smashing in all the pics Helga, and the places you visited all look amazingly fun.

Cup Of Kitten Tea said...

Is thst a poodle on your pink cardi?? :O

Smashingbird said...

Epic post! I am drooling looking at those menus.... Hope G's shoulder heals up soon! xxx

Perdita said...

Looking super tasty, lady...as is the food. My kinda weekend!! :)

seƱora Allnut said...

really delicious brunchs!! (my favorite meal ever!) and even more delicious bubbly!
So much fun and pretty good food!!, nice to watch you enjoying it!!

Alex said...

Oh no, poor G! Hope his shoulder gets better quickly.

I think I would actually like to eat absolutely everything on both of those menus. Yum!

You look stunning in all of those photos but especially the one where you're sipping the cocktail. Methinks you need to don that outfit again and give it a special post all to itself.

Mexico in my kitchen said...

You do not have to fake Fabulous! You are doll!

Some heat you bought! Somehow I am not surprise.


Miss Peelpants said...

Please come over and do my eye make-up!!! xx

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

love your fun and fabulous outfits as always! looks like such a fun and happy time you've had there! =)