What happened to the end of the world?!

Editors Note-Blogger is being annoying, and I can't comment on blogs for some stupid reason! It keeps making me anonymous! (ME?!) In particular, Mrs Munster doll, I've tried 4 times to leave you a comment, but can't!


Right, on with it:

Bahahahaha, not very bloody much!

Sunday was sunny and rather lovely!

Justine and I went to visit our lovely friend James, then we all went out for coffee (in my case, strawberry smoothie in James' and hot chocolate in Justines) and a wee spat of cookery shopping!

I fecking love buying shit for the kitchen.
All I bought was a cast iron griddle pan, but it made me quite frisky!

I bought it at Steven's, a homeware store, and they were having a sale-bingo!-so G and I went back yesterday after work and got a new roasting pan, with lid, and with that we got a free mini frypan and spatula!

So, I feel a cooking frenzy coming on.........look out!

I'm wearing:

Frock-vintage, from my beloved Vix , as are the turquoise colour beads.

(Have you seen her in her new glasses today?!

Freakin' HOT! )


Tights-no idea!

Shoes-Trade Me

Handbag-vintage, Shabby Chic Market

Hand pendant-San Crisobal de las Casas

Dangly pendant-vintage, maybe bought in London 1989, not sure really!

Vintage Oroton sunnies and hairbow (which Justine lusts after) from my scrumptious lipped Sarah !

My sisters are soooo good to me!


The next two pix are for your amusement, really.

They depict the disgraceful mess in my sewing/dressing room.

Feast thine eyes!

I came home today to this splendid deadstock 70's frock I bought off Trade Me last week!

The label is "American Lady"-ooo,will take a pic of that for you label freaks!

Frock-altered vintage



Shoes-Trade Me

Necklace-gift from G

Hairbow-made by moi from opshopped crimplene.

Miss Pee Pee is playing with her mousie....so bloody adorable!

I could just squeeze all the juice out of her!



Comtesse de ferveur said...

Gorgeous as ever! I do adore that tapestry bag. If you think your rooms are messy you should see my entire flat after the weekend xx

sacramento said...

Loving you in red, my dear Helga.

Vintage Vixen said...

Frock-freaking-tastic! What an array of gorgeousness and I'd so love to have a rummage through that divine pile of clothing. Mine's like that on a sunday morning, too.
Cannot wait to see you in that turquoise maxi!
Love you!

VainGlorySinner said...

You look good in red!

I am drooling over your hand pendant.. to amazing!

Loving your new sunnies too - very retro! xxx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

I want that red dress!! You're a foxy siren in that. Gold.

Smashingbird said...

Gorgeousness dear Helga. I would also get excited about new pans! x

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Look at all your glorious handbags!! To me, vintage handbags are IT Bags - not those hideous, criminally over priced, celebrity shit bags!! Oh and will you stop waving that fecking gorgeous tapestry bag around in front of me?!!!! Every time I go to a market or op shop it's the same damn thing - I see a mirage of tapestry bags, hoping, praying I'll find one too. Never, not a one grrrrr!! I love your dressing room - god I wish I had one too - full of books and clothes **faints** xoxoxox

Perdita said...

Love the turquoise frock. Superb!

I'm a demon for cookware shopping. My last purchase was a pepper grinder ooerr how phallic!

Hannah said...

! Loving you the red! It sooo suits you! I have had the same issues with commenting, GARH BLOGGER. THanks for the adivice about the mockup thingy-mijig! I m going to start tommrow! =)

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Totally eyeing up all your fabulous bags! Scarlett x

Miss Peregrin said...

Hardcore love for the red! It's one of my favourite colours right now, and you're rocking it so well. You have the most amazing frock collection - best in the world I'm sure!

Kelly said...

Love that bag in the first pic!! Gorgeous!
Can't wait to see what you do with that dress. Something brill no doubt.


Ivy Black said...

Fab! Can't wait to see the maxi dress.
You should see my sewing space too!! It's creative mess, darling!xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

OOOH so many fab frocks!! I especially love the first one (the colours!) and the GORGEOUS new maxi!

And I ADORE your hair in that beautiful sideswept fringe-y affair!

Love amor telephone! Sarah xxx

seƱora Allnut said...

love your frocks and love to see you dressing up red color with so much style!!, so delightful!!, so pretty REd!!

The Brunette said...


Regarding your problem with leaving comments I had this too today its so annoying. You have to go to tools, internet options, privacy and clear all the cookies I think it says something like enable cookies and then you should be able to post comments.
Hope this helps xx

pastcaring said...

All frocks on display are great, but I really really REALLY love your sunglasses.
I had a thing in the 80s for cat's eye-shaped sunnies, but alas have either lost, binned, given away or sat on them all. Ah, the fecklessness of youth...

I agree that you look amazing in red. What colour don't you look amazing in, may I ask?

Alex said...

Oh Google has been doing this to me all day too - GARGH! I think it's to do with cookies but it's a nightmare changing anything on the work pc so I've just ended up installing Firefox on my netbook (which works beautifully) and shall have to do all my commenting from home instead.

Is it weird that my heart skipped a beat when you said you got free stuff at the cookware shop? And a spatula? I LOVE spatulas. I dunno what it is about them.

Shewearscrazywell said...

Looking sweet in red! I love that turquoise dress! My studio gets wonderfully out of sorts too. Hee hee. hearts, janna lynn

Dusk said...

I'm having that problem too!! Maybe Blogger lost some good Christians... :D

Anyway, for some reason this line;
"All I bought was a cast iron griddle pan, but it made me quite frisky" has me in hysterics!!

Gosh you find the most fabulous things... and WOW!!! you look smashing in red!!
...sigh... just going through your older posts again... I love your hair down...

Mrs Munster said...

Hi sweetness. I've had the same trouble trying to leave comments to some blogs - almost the end of the world. I also looove buying thing for kitchen but mine is so small I cannot fit anything extra there anymore! Loving ur preeetty bag.

Pandasoppa said...

aah and helga i adore your outfits, when i grow up i will be just like you! thanks a lot, love from sweden/luxembourg :* :* :*

Anonymous said...

I adore your style !

Rae said...

As they say in these here parts you're looking gurt lush

It's a compliment I promise you!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

You look fabulous! Red and bold are your color!

Your next post re you goth- ha ha! Why am I not surprised. Your youthful goblet are delicious!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

The maxi is amazing! I love the colour.

I've started to get excited about kitchen stuff too? Do you think it's our age? No me neither xx

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

Pretty frock, pretty hair...