Where there's a Rose, there's a good time

Yes, baby Rose was a whole year old over the weekend!

We had a jolly splendid celebration, we did.

A right old knees up!

My frock is from the Repertory Thatre sale I went to last year.


Hairbow-gorgeous Sarah

Shoes-Trade Me


Tights-an NZ online dance supply company, the name eludes me right now.....

The Pussy Posse.

Justine, moi, and Pixie!

Mummy and the Two Aunties!

I freakin' love blowing these things.

They're so annoying!

The Proud Papa.

Pink Perfection!


I managed to have a nap.


Then I made myself ready for Round 2:

The Adult Party.

Pixie's fab tights and shoes!

My tights and shoes!

G and Gilberto the Great.

Amelia Earheart made an appearance.

Bernadette, being a frill necked lizard in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert turned up!

( Terence Stamp. The be all and end all as far as incredible acting.)

C'mon, love, give us a nosh!

My coat is quite faux, and I'm not sure how old.

I was given it by a friend who moved to Brisbane some years ago.

With Jimmy James.
He has told Justine and I about a secret opshop, that is open by appointment only, somewhere in deepest Otago.........we are planning a road trip!

Justine being a floozie with Iva and Dave.

" But Daaaave, I promise not to slip you my tongue!"

Fancy a bit of Iva?

Green, black and white goodness!

Frock-Ezibuy sale


Tits-my Mama



Rose&Bird said...

Pretty in pink, both you and the birthday girl!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Your mama sure was good to you!

Looking fabulous as ever. Loving BOTH cardies and dresses. And baby Rose is super-cute.

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy guacamole give me a go of those boobs!!!! You look GORGEOUS as always amor!

Baby Rose is so cheeky and chubby and perfect and beautiful! Can't believe she's a year. She was just born a minute ago...

Love your coat. And your eye shadow.

Telephone. Sarah xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I have completely lost count of your awesome outfit changes from the weekend. I think there were four, but I suspect six?!!! Everything so perfectly put together and omg I need green opaque tights!!!! I love Justine's earmuffs and I'll bet Baby Rose just lights up every time she sees you foxy woman!! xoxoxo

sacramento said...

She is so beautiful, and I am in love with your pink dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yet again...

Ronnie Rabbit said...

You all had on fabulous outfits, but I think the bra ear warmers came out tops!

Perdita said...

The matching pink outfits are fantastci- love a bit of pink!

I'm glad we're not the only crowd who mis-uses bras for our own amusement. They just HAVE to go over the head sometimes!

Alex said...

Look how teeny your waist is in that first photo!! You look bee-yew-tiful.

I'm sure I've seen photos of Pixie before but it hasn't struck me until today just how much she looks like Gemma Arterton. Gorgeous!

And Rose is rocking her birthday outfit. I love that she's started on awesome tights early in life.

Franca said...

she's a cutie and so are you!

Kitty said...

Hilarious, as always!

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Wowza! You all look lovely! I love your tights collection basically. And Baby Rose is too cute!

Vintage Vixen said...

You have the best parties! I'm lusting over those incredible green tights, why have I got no emerald opaques in my life?
I'm gagging to chat, darling....tomorrow? I hope.
LOVE you

La Dama said...

I love your pink frock is one my faves from your grandiosa wardrobe.
awww little Rose is a stylish bebe,cute dress and tights.
Would love to go party with you Mamas,looks like so much fun amor.

delia hornbook said...

aawww how adorable is Baby Rose bless her. I am sooo loving your pink rose dress that is a real beauty. You sure know how to have a great time looks great fun, dee x

Louise said...

I adore the pink frock, and you seem to attend more parties than I have hot dinner... I'm the same colour as your green tights with envy... I need to get some me some party on!!!! xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Happy Birthday Baby Rose!
Omg I burst out laughing when I seen that PURPLE excercise ball YET AGAIN.... emerge into the photos!! IT ALWAYS makes me laugh.
It seems as though that ball is always invited to your party's.

Shewearscrazywell said...

What a cute baby! Happy birthday to that lil one! What a great time...bra's on the head..dresses that show off your lovely body...and super fun friends...what more could a gal want? Oh...to have me magically beam to your neck of the woods...so I could party too! Ha! :) I love it when you post party pics! Hearts, Janna Lynn

LandGirl1980 said...

Chuffing ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhmazing pink dress and the greenist of green tights.

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

woman; you are rocking my world in both frocks!

VainGlorySinner said...

The pink dress is a stunner! So bloomin pretty! Also cant help but admire that large spotty bow on top your head!

Loving the green eyeshadow! So bright and vivid!

Your shindigs always look like a lot of mad fun. Please invite us all!

Baby Rose is such a sweetie. She looks gorgeous in her little tutu! xxx

The Sequin Cat said...

Lady! Let's talk eyeshadow. It looks great.

Smashingbird said...

OUtfit awesomeness! Really love the pink on you, looks very pretty! x

liz said...

green tights! green eyeshadow! SHOUT OUT TO TERENCE STAMP! oh that's it I love you. no really.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, I adore the pink outfit and the hair bow. The picture of the three of you is gorgeous. And so is Rose xx