Moonchild-lower me down

Dunedin 1989.

Look how slim I was!

The velvet skirt I'm wearing was very vintage even then.

In Sydney (my hometown, for new readers!)I used to shop at the imaginatively named The Vintage Clothing Shop, which was on
Castlereagh St in the 80's. I picked up some fab pieces there, including an Edwardian velvet coat that I wore literally to shreds. I do still have it somewhere.

There was pretty much no Goth scene when I arrived in Dunedin; they had more of an Indie sort of scene. In those days, there was the "Dunedin sound", a droney, miserable type of music that I just found depressing, and the few venues there were-2?-showcased these kind of bands.
Little wonder I only lived there 10 months before moving to Christchurch!

Christchurch early/mid 90's with G!

Isn't he adorable!?

(It's a rhetorical question, hahaha)

I love him in pants & braces.

Quite a different look for me; I'd just discovered there was a world outside of black!

I still have that red nightie....somewhere.....wonder if it still fits?!

I love looking back at old pix.

I've never thought of myself as sentimental, but I think I'm getting a bit that way as I get older!
I must dig more out!


PS: I have been squawking "Bohemian Rhapsody" all day, air guitaring and all.

Fecking brillant!

Does anyone remember Fuzzbox's version of it in the 80's?

Second best cover in the history of music, I reckon.

The best cover ever being Devo's version of "Satisfaction".

So bent.


Just look at the treasures I have received from Max , my partner in the swap that Lakota organised!

The parcel was waiting for me when I got home last night, and much to my embarrassment,I hadn't posted my parcel off to Max yet!

I'm beyond thrilled!

So perceptive!

Mary Wilson's bio, some fantastic 50's fabric, an amazing 50's sewing book, 2 necklaces!
A gorgeous childrens book-hang on, the mice are drinking cocktails!?-an incredible handbag!

I love the pretty paper "fan" upper left.

Bunting made by Max from dyed doilies!

Two darling vintage earring holders!

(I'll be putting those to good use!)

And all in an old Ballantynes box!

I think I'm gonna choke with excitement!

It's all so perfect!

I simply had to have a glass of wine to calm myself down!

Max, darl, you have blown me away!

I can't wait to pull my finger out of my arse and make a faaaabulous frock with the fabric, for starters!

I've safely, finally got my parcel away....


Dear Sexy Knickers

But I felt it, never-the-less.

After a session with Mrs Slocombe on Sunday night (Are You Being Served re-runs), I simply had to wear my new pussy bow frock that my beloved Vix sent me last week.

Last night I did battle with a woman at the Linksys call centre in The Phillipines, trying to get my wretched wireless thingy re-configured and re-installed.

Fecking drama.

I finally told her I'd ring back another time, as it was just taking too frigging long and she was doing my head in!

I just want it done, already!

Is that too much to ask?!

At least my internal radio is keeping me amused today with such gems as "New Moon on Monday" (Duran Duran) and various The Donnas tunes.

Have I mentioned that Duran Duran was the second ever live concert I ever saw?

The first was Slim Dusty at the Cootamundra Town Hall.

My coolness is never ending, huh?!


Tropicana, drinks on me......

I braved the bitter cold to show you my Sunday attire.

I didn't go anywhere, sometimes Sundays just feel perfect for frocking up just to sit tight and watch movies.....

Recording hasn't been going well.

Amongst other reasons, Si's computer fell over in last big quake we had, and has suffered some damage.

So we just attempted to practice, and I ended up going to bed early, as I was still suffering from the excesses of Friday night.....

I had great ideas of what I would with my Sunday.

But I did sweet FA, as we call it down here.

In fact, I don't think I was out of bed until lunchtime!


Spot the glittery goodness of my new hairbow that Vix made with her fair hands!

In addition, I am wearing:

Frock-80's, opshopped


Sequin belt-opshopped


Shoes-garage sale


Necklace-enamel piece vintage & opshopped, strung by moi

Earrings-Palm Springs drug store (I friggin' love how they have drug stores in the US, it never ceases to amuse me)

Icon bracelet-gift from Alex

Y'now, nearly every day I am wearing something that came as a gift.

I'm so freakin' lucky I could squeam!

It's just lovely.

Isn't it?!


Miss Piggy morphs into Kermit

Saturday attire.

And a somewhat supercilious expression, it seems!

(edit:aka chronic bitchface)


Frock-vintage, Trade Me

Coat-Repertory Theatre sale


Tights-We Love Colours

Shoes-Trade Me

Hairflower & dark green beads-Justine

Light green beads-opshopped

Necklace-pendant from Oaxaca, strung by moi

My fabulous vintage Oroton sunnies were a gift from Sarah !
I didn't get up to much yesterday, nursing a hangover took up most of the day.

Woe is me.

Today G found a box that contains one of my most precious possessions!

It's an early 70's pattern book.

I got it at an opshop in Blenheim many years ago.

I badgered the ladies to sell it to me, in fact, as they were reluctant.

They liked having it around for people to get ideas for fancy dress.

Fancy dress?!

Feck that, I wanted it, and I damn well got it.

I think I shoved $20 at them, can't quite remember.

Here are some choice outfits I'd like someone to make me as I am just too frigging lazy!!

I think this might be my favourite.

And by request, here are the lyrics to our spiffy future number 1 hit,


Flangalins, I wish you were a screamer

I's do you on a beamer

I'd do you even leaner

I think Brad is a wiener

I's really like to ream ya

O Flangalina, you give me the widest of widey vageenas!



Super Smoove

I shimmied into my best caftan and 70's bling last night.

I pumped up my hair, slipped on some lashes, and applied a golden glow.

G slithered into the leopard number I made him last year and applied his best smoove expression.

He wants you to admire his tie...

...and invites thoughts on what the lady might be holding in her arms....

Our vote is that it's a badger.

James blew us away with his stunning crimplene suit!

His outfit was completed with fabulous 70's sunnies, shirt & tie.
Great minds clearly think alike.

Look deep into his eyes.........

Fab retro bottle given to me by my sister years ago!

James thoughtfully brought along some mood music.

We found this slinky tart by the back door.

The only actual cocktail we made was a Da Vinci Code.

Other than that it was a bit of a free for all.

G also wants to know if y'all think he's as smoove as this fella on the LP inside sleeve.


Let's dance!


Esther Williams styley.
I think.

We made up a spiffy song.

The perfect footrest!

And now for our little song.....

Band practice/recording tonight!