Dear Sexy Knickers

But I felt it, never-the-less.

After a session with Mrs Slocombe on Sunday night (Are You Being Served re-runs), I simply had to wear my new pussy bow frock that my beloved Vix sent me last week.

Last night I did battle with a woman at the Linksys call centre in The Phillipines, trying to get my wretched wireless thingy re-configured and re-installed.

Fecking drama.

I finally told her I'd ring back another time, as it was just taking too frigging long and she was doing my head in!

I just want it done, already!

Is that too much to ask?!

At least my internal radio is keeping me amused today with such gems as "New Moon on Monday" (Duran Duran) and various The Donnas tunes.

Have I mentioned that Duran Duran was the second ever live concert I ever saw?

The first was Slim Dusty at the Cootamundra Town Hall.

My coolness is never ending, huh?!



Straight Talking Mama! said...

ha ha ha I think Duran Duran was the 2nd ever live concert I saw too, the first Ultravox, am I showing my age?!!

Max said...

beret nice look today! Gosh that coat 's divine. I bought a retro dress today, it's mad as pants and as I dont usually even wear sensible dresses never mind crazy one I suspect you are having a bad influence on me, heh!

Perdita said...

Adoring the bow. Bows are my favourite shape at the moment!

Miss Peregrin said...

I love Slim Dusty! I also love your adorable beret & that frock. Looking good!

Louise said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of Duran Duran. My internal radio is now playing this is planet earth... I feel better already! Xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I'm listening to Woody Guthrie as I write this ... I shit you not!!! Our joint coolness factor is off the richter scale;))). BTW I will never tire of that amazing coat and bag!!!!!!! Lurve the Vixcita dress - you are amazing!! You make winter look so inviting everyday - you're a rose among the hoodie and black trackie-dak brigade:)))) xoxo

Camelia Crinoline said...

Love the beret. It's so cold at the moment that you almost have to wear a hat. Pretty dress. Op-shopping on Friday?

pastcaring said...

Man, dealing with call centres is such a trial, isn't it? A bit of Duran Duran is the only way to get through it - Hungry like the wolf is on my internal jukebox now, thanks to you!

You are looking warm and toasty and glamorous and just ever-so-slightly intimidating, Helga - there's an affronted Mrs Slocombe look about you today!

LandGirl1980 said...

Fab colour and pattern. Call centres SUCK ASS.

Kitty said...

Darl whats cool about you is that you're never afraid to say or show anything about yourself to the world. GO HELGA!!!

Smashingbird said...

Feckin' call centres, grrrr. Helga tis true your coolness IS never ending! xxxxx

Vix said...

Yay! The parel arrived and you're better!!! Poo to the lady in the Philipines.
That dress is glorious on you and the coat is awesome.
Slim Dusty? Mine was the Stray Cats. You are far too hot to be anything other than cool, my darling.
Speak soon?
Love ya!

seƱora Allnut said...

really your coolness is never ending!!, ;DDDD
so fun you're watching Mrs.Slocombe!, lovely old series!
And love how you wear that pretty pink frock with your black beret and that fabulous coat!

Bonnie said...

Helga, those IT call centers never know what they are doing. I swore never to call them again and instead go to a friend of mine who is an IT person I used to work with. When I told the call center that they said he wouldn't know what to do and could possibly make it worse! Rubbish! He always comes thru for me and I always send him home with bags of chips and beer so he can watch his football!

BTW, you look awesome!

Shayla said...

With a title like that, I quick rushed over to perhaps get a peakie at your knickers! You tease me... I'm loving your "strike a pose" attitude!!!

Please may I? said...

What a fantastic dress!

Looking stunning.

As for call centres! Pha!!! They are pants.

X x

Vintage Coconut said...

OOoOh I love your coat!! It is just gorgeous and the handbag is lovely. And you look lovely as usual rockin the pink!

Rae said...

I made a fairy the other week who really reminds me of the divine Mrs S

Also, re your shoes, on Monday afternoon I bought a pair alomost identical but in tan


Terri said...

Ha, I have no patience with these technical support people either. Instead, I invite over my step-son and he sits with them...they seem to speak the same language.

Lovely pussy bow--and entire outfit.

Misfits Vintage said...

You look like a woman who can GET THINGS DONE! You know that's my favourite coat and I adore your new Vix frock!

Bloody call centres. Bloody buggery bastardy bum!

Loveandnocallcentres, Sarah xxx

La Dama said...

You know thats a fantastica coat, dress is fab too amor.
You look glamoursly fed up.
I hate call centers cant understand a word, I hang up on them.

Stacey Kay said...

Great outfit! I'm totally digging your style and your use of different patterns and colors. Going to follow you!

Stacey Kay
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