I feel the earth move under my feet

It's not the most stylish of hats, but it's currently required at work when visiting the warehouse, which I do frequently throughout the day.

Had a lovely aftershock this morning about 6:30am; I was in the bathroom, and it felt like being on a small boat, followed by being on a small raft!


I've got a mixed bag for you today.

I change the screensaver on my work computer most days.

Today I was mesmerised by Sarah's circusy outfit, so she will grace my screen for a couple of days.

Probably most of you have been there at one time or another!

I took this pic on Saturday; this is a box of Justine's shoes that was living at her parents house in Rangoon as she was scared the quakes might swallow them!

I persuaded her to bring them home so she could wear a pair for her drinks night.

She has lovely taste in shoes, and has been a good influence on me. (G may debate this!)

For a long time I wore only big, bulky shoes that I felt made me look smaller by comparison......now I delight in pretty, girly shoes, and my collection expands all the time!

This house is on a street we go up every morning on the way to work, if we are cycling.

Peterborough St.

Most of this street is red stickered(to be demolished), a bit since the September quake, most from the February quake, and the rest from Monday.

I've always quite liked this old house. There's a few similar-or was-around.

The grafitti is actually from the various search tems that went around after the February quake. It indicates a cleared building, and whether or not it's safe to enter.

And this is a shared walk/cycle path along the river that we go along every morning too.

At the moment we have to ride on the road, which is also pretty cracked and bumpy.

Wouldn't wanna ride into this in the dark!!!
I have a red wine in hand, G is going to make nachos for dinner.....might catch a MASH re-run and then maybe watch a dvd.

All in all, a relaxing Wednesday night for us!



Vix said...

What a shame about that house, it must have been so grand once. That road looks very scary, you definitely wouldn't want to negotiate that int he dark.
You are the sexiest person ever in a hard hat and Hi-Viz vest. How rude that they don't provide a rainbow of colours.
Have a fabulous night in.
Love you.

Ronnie Rabbit said...

So sad about that house, and cycling in the dark along that road is a no-no! Hope you enjoy your glasss of wine and nanchos, and Mash too.

Vintage Coconut said...

Uhggghh it is so sad to see that house! I always get sad seeing boarded up buildings or houses, or things being demolished or even things to be demolished. Its kinda strange but I suppose I am a little quirky like that.

Perdita said...

Wah! Scary road indeedy! Stay inside with your wine at night, tis the safest way. :)

OP SHOP MAMA said...

You look great in your hard-hat. Very matchy-matchy, just as you like!
Hope not too much earth-moving tonight.

Vicky said...

Love the hard hat :) I was in Chch for the Feb EQ and unfortunately my mum is still there. Monday knocked the bejeezus out of her but she is doing fine now...

A Woman Of No Importance said...

So glad you and yours are safe! x

Kitty said...

gee it really brings it home when I see pics like that. sad. and shut UP already with the nachos thing, will ya, I'm on a diet!!!!

Penny Dreadful said...

How sad about the house. And all the rest.

Can you decorate your hard hat like you did your bike helmet? Though you do look rather like a saucy Village Person... xx

pastcaring said...

My word, you look ready for business, of one kind or another, in that hard hat! The Village People comment just made me splutter my coffee with laughing.

Hope the quakes/shocks stop, it's awful to see the damage. You be careful out there! But at least if you feel the sky a-tumblin' down, you've got your hat for protection...

Nelly said...

Our Sarah looked wonderful didnt she?and those shoes tell J that I am happy to look after them for awhile if she likes.They may get worn so they dont get lonley tho. But seriously we are all sad for you all what an awful thing to have to go thru all the time.Imagine ones with kids.
I am with Penny dcorate that hat woman!!!

Louise said...

The black and white shoes in that box are remarkably similar to a pair I have on today.

All that devastation looks eerie, and sad too. It must be worrying never knowing when the next aftershock is coming.

Best wishes xx

Miss Peregrin said...

It's so sad seeing that house all knocked down. Your poor town. :(

You look great in the construction hat though, even if it could use some embellishments.

Trees said...

Seeing photos like this really bring to light what its like for you folks down there at the moment.

You still look FABULOUS in a hardhat xoxox

Misfits Vintage said...

OMG I am so honoured to be your wallpaper! Thank you darling!

I agree with the gals - if you're allowed, please decorate your hardhat - even if you coat it with glue and roll it in glitter!!

Thanks for the pics - it's so devastating isn't it - we get a thirty second news story and think it's over but it just seems to go and on. You do have the most marvellous, pragmatic sense of humour though, so I know you'll be fine.

AND - you look GOREGOUS! I do love when you wear your hair down!

Loveandnachos, Sarah xxx

Rose&Bird said...

Looking good! I think you should go with decorating the hat, maybe with one of Vix's flower headbands?

Scary pictures and sad to see the houses that way - I hope the former occupants are safe.

Keep smiling and bringing us your special sense of humour x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

That house is so sad - all broken and exposed like that. You Christchurch lot seem to be made of tough stuff though - Blitz spirit and all that. Take care x

Scarlett said...

So sad about that house, and oh my that road is very scary!! You still look hot even rocking a hard hat! Scarlett x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Enjoyed your mixed bag today. Yup, you've definitely got to decorate the hard hat.

Take care.xx

Krista said...

Reading about the earthquakes in your blog puts such a personal spin on it. It's just not on the news in some far away place, it's right there in your neighborhood. Mother Nature can just scare the shit out of me when she acts up.

One more reason to enjoy this moment right here right now. It could be all you have.

You have the perfect attitude...let's eat some nachos!!!


La Dama said...

So sorry to hear the quakes are still happening. Your always so strong amor.
You sexy devil, you look good in any hat.yeah, you should decorate it with big flowers.
your Justine has similar taste in shoes as you. I have been craving nachos for the longest. shoe me the nachos!

Smashingbird said...

Oh my goodness, keep your pecker up love! xxx

Crying is the New Croquet said...

Yikes! You need to wear that hardhat all the time in case of earthquakes. I'm sure you can do something to make it stylish.

delia hornbook said...

God those photo's are pretty scary. I have never experienced an earth quake or been anywhere to see the damage it does. But your photo's bring it all to life and what you are having to deal with on a daily basis. I am so sorry for you all. Those houses it breaks your heart to think they all have to be pulled down that is real peoples lives. i Hope things improve for you...but in the mean time keep looking gorgeous like you are and having fun ;-)) hugs dee x

Alex said...

Oof, those photos are scary. I'm so glad you and G are safe during all this continued upheaval.

I'm rather intrigued by the wallpaper shot - how exciting to think that we might have all been on there!

Anonymous said...

Helga--If I were you, I would be wearing the hardhat around the clock, even to bed.

Mazzy Boy said...

Auntie, I am so glad you're alright. I seriously worry about you so much whenever something happens down there. If anyone could bring a smile to people in worry about the situation it would be you...all it would take is you in a fab frock and a push up bra and smile...you'd solve all crisis with class.

Thinking of you and be safe! xoxoxo

Comtesse de ferveur said...

It's so sad to see people's homes shook into oblivion. You guys are great to just get on with things. And you are quite fabulous in a hard hat my dear xxxxxxxxx

sacramento said...

I lived in Peterborough- England for 10 years, connections,connections.
besos my dear friend.

Bonnie said...

You certainly know how to rock a hard hat! Helga, those pictures of the house and streets are so tragic. Hope you are doing well.

xoxo, Bonnie

Pearl Westwood said...

I am glad you persuaded your friend to bring home her babies, it must be very scary for you all I would be terrified of my shoes vanishing too. Will they let you customize the hardhat with some flowers maybe? x

Charles Flaum said...

You look great in your hard-hat! Lighting For Artwork