Kaikoura-cold, no shopping, and a crapulous feeling...

It seems a bit harsh to sum up my weekend in a flip post title!

It wasn't all bad!

We had a splendid drive up, I merrily blasted my way to Cheviot with minimal road rage and 1 passing manouvre.

Our little cabin was just darling, and we enjoyed a lovely hot spa as well as delicious cheese & crackers, and a fair bit of Syrah.


A quick glimpse of Saturday's outfit.

There was an Antarctic fecking wind that made my eyes fair water!

Frock/vest-vintage, opshopped

Coat-vintage, bought from a former co worker years ago

Tights-brown sort of fishnets from a supermarket over red tights from Farmers

Shoes-Trade Me

Handbag-vintage Rex, opshopped. It's the first time I've used my chocolate Rex!

Red cardi-80's, opshopped

Beret-Madame Butterfly's

Sunnies-vintage, from Sarah

See our little cabin!

Adorable, and very comfy.

We toddled off in the hopes of some shopping at Lemon Dolly.

I'd put aside some pennies specially, but alas, the proprietess was in Christchurch!!!


69 Beach Rd, Kaikoura.

If anyone's going through, do stop and say hi!

Unfortunately I was starting to feel rather ick.

Weird stomach crampiness that I hoped wasn't caused by my drinking some tap water on Friday.

We're supposed to be boiling it after the quakey.


Still, no urgent exits from the other end, so I thought it safe to go to our Dave's party....

but then the headache set in.....

I still managed a quick flash!

Frock-vintage, opshopped

Scarf & scarf ring-vintage, opshopped

Notice how my frock is all twisted?!

I didn't realise at the time, and when we arrived and I took off my coat, it was apparently up around my arse.

Luckily G hastily took care of the situation. and luckily I was wearing my step ins!
I received the most astounding compliments on my attire-from men!

Men who looked like they were sheep shearers by trade!

Go figure!

One of them, I suspect, had an unconcious Mrs Slocombe fixation.

It was most gratifying, anyhow, especially as by this point my eyeballs hurt and I was getting shooting pains in the front of my skull like my brain was slam dancing against it!

So G took me "home" and put me to bed.

There was a nice snowy peak to greet me this morning.

And cows!

I still feel rather crapulous.

I slept most of the way home.

The kittehs were very pleased to see us (they'd been kitteh sat by Amber & Bela) and proceeded to smother us with affection.

The squidgies!!!

I've decided that Harvey will henceforth be known as Humphrey.

Humphrey Bogart, Humphrey B. Bear (was that a uniquely Australian kids show?) Sir Humphrey.

Pee Pee gets quite jealous of him, the nasty little tart!!

The poor baby was just snuggling with me, until she came in, took umbrage and pounced on him with teeth out.

She's happy now she has the bed to herself and is wheezing pleasantly.



two squirrels said...

Oh poo I wanted to see "Lemon Dolly"
Hope you feel better soon.
Love Mr Furry coat.

Kitty said...

Boo to the illness-hope you're feeling better, at least you didn't have a big party weekend planned. God it must be bloody freezing there, we are still in short sleeves during the day here.xxx.

Vintage Coconut said...

Your outfits are lovely (AS ALWAYS) I am sorry I had to giggle about your frock being up around your ass! Rather amusing for everyone involved I am sure. ;0

That little cabin is just delightful looking! HOW CUTE! I hope you took some pics of the inside. *crossed fingers*

Sorry you were not feeling the greatest I am hoping the regular happy non sick Helga can resume as soon as possible!

sacramento said...

My poor friend, you manage to be funny and glamous even when ill.
Get better soon.

Max said...

Lucky for us your ill-health didn't lead to a drop in sartorial standards-brown and burgandy, who'd a thought it, but totally brilliant combo there!!!
Never heard of lemon dolly, thanks for the tip :0) Have you been to the tip shop at the top of the hill there?
Keep warm and well x

Nelly said...

Poor love hope you are feeling heaps better today xxx What those arse risng frocks in future my love lol xx

Smashingbird said...

Awww feel better soon honey, I want to give you a big squeeze in that furry coat! xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh love - how disappointing on both fronts - the illness and the Lemon Dolly shuttageness! How uncivilised.

On the upside, no matter how ill, you are still uber glamorous and gorgeous - and I would have paid good money to see that frock up around your delightful arse. Hope you have a beautiful sleep tonight and wake up in the morn feeling marvellous.

Chat tomorrow night at the usual time?

Loveandteaandsympathy, Sarah xxx

Camelia Crinoline said...

Aw, I'm sorry you didn't have the best time. That cabin is adorable. I love your shoes, they look great with the white tights.

Rose&Bird said...

You still look great, even if you're feeling rough! Love the snowy mountain photo x

Alex said...

Couldn't you have just broken into the shop and left your money on the counter? There's nothing crueller than a closed vintage shop!

Hope you're feeling a bit better now.


jkubenka said...

"Crapulous" is such a marvelous word. Sorry you got sick though...

Vix said...

Oh bugger, no vintage shopping and feeling crap, what a blinking disappointment. Still you look gorgeous even if you revealed your parts to all and sundry, I bet you made those sheep shearers' day (and probably entire life) and that scenery is rather fabulous.
Hope you get better very quickly.
Usual time tomorrow?
Love you

La Dama said...

Hope you feel better soon amor.
you were looking gorgelious in all your marvelous outfits. that cottage is so darn cute. how naughty showing your sweet booty.

La Dama said...

I adorar your fur coat. you look so demure amor.oh and Rex is fabuloso.

Perdita said...

Looking fabulous in spite of the cold!!

I love the look of that cabin, very cosy!

pastcaring said...

Hope you are feeling less crapulous (a word I think we should all be using from now on) and have recovered from your Lemon Dolly disappointment.

Love the frocks et al, I agree with Vix that you gave everyone a treat with the sight of la derriere!

There's nothing quite like the affection of a cat when you've been away and they are pleased to see you home. I was thinking your Humphrey reference might be a homage to Mr Humphries, erstwhile colleague of Mrs Slocombe. It's a name that works on so many levels!

Shewearscrazywell said...

Oh, I hope you are feeling better by now! That sucks! I get demon headaches all the time, and only recently am learning how to champion through some of them. You lil cabin looks super cute!!! And what a view! At least dear G took good care of our girl! Heal up, Hearts, Janna Lynn

Crystal Lee said...

very entertaining story, but I hope you're feeling better! no more tap water. both outfits are fabulous even if you bum was showing in the second - probably made it all the better. The first outfit is so chic & matches your cute little cabin. Sounds like a fun weekend get-away but for feeling crapulous.

delia hornbook said...

So sorry to hear your feeling poorly sweetie i hope you feel better tomorrow. I have to say i adore your first outfit every single item from your tights to your bag to your dress to your coat oohhh god its just gorgeous..you look gorgeous. Your little cabin looks so cute and cosy and the sound of a hot tub oohh yes please ;-)) Get a good rest and i hope you feel better real soon, dee xx

Anonymous said...

Hope you return to feeling like yourself soon. That cabin of yours is just so cute...and most important, away from it all. I'm liking the layered tights.

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

What a fabulous series of outfits. You look superb! (And your lovely photographs made me extremely homesick for New Zealand!)

I hope you feel much better soon!

Trees said...

It's just not right getting ill on a weekend away!!

But even ill you look fab and the views are amazing.

But so sad Lemon Dolly was closed - the sign alone makes me want to spend some serious coin there ^^

Ronnie Rabbit said...

Loved your outfit, especially those brilliant coloured tights, those colours really suit you. That little cabin looks so cute too.

Krista said...

How can you look that good and feel that bad, you sure make it look easy :)
What a nice getaway and my favorite part of this post is the dress wrapped around your arse!!!

You need some of my chicken and dumplings that will kick that colds ass!

Warmth your way~