Miss Piggy morphs into Kermit

Saturday attire.

And a somewhat supercilious expression, it seems!

(edit:aka chronic bitchface)


Frock-vintage, Trade Me

Coat-Repertory Theatre sale


Tights-We Love Colours

Shoes-Trade Me

Hairflower & dark green beads-Justine

Light green beads-opshopped

Necklace-pendant from Oaxaca, strung by moi

My fabulous vintage Oroton sunnies were a gift from Sarah !
I didn't get up to much yesterday, nursing a hangover took up most of the day.

Woe is me.

Today G found a box that contains one of my most precious possessions!

It's an early 70's pattern book.

I got it at an opshop in Blenheim many years ago.

I badgered the ladies to sell it to me, in fact, as they were reluctant.

They liked having it around for people to get ideas for fancy dress.

Fancy dress?!

Feck that, I wanted it, and I damn well got it.

I think I shoved $20 at them, can't quite remember.

Here are some choice outfits I'd like someone to make me as I am just too frigging lazy!!

I think this might be my favourite.

And by request, here are the lyrics to our spiffy future number 1 hit,


Flangalins, I wish you were a screamer

I's do you on a beamer

I'd do you even leaner

I think Brad is a wiener

I's really like to ream ya

O Flangalina, you give me the widest of widey vageenas!




Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh I think I've got a widey coming on meself!! Hope and glory Helga - if that's you with a hangover then bless your soul - I'm mean you might feel green, but you don't look it - you're gorgeous in my favourite colour on the planet. Ga! Feck me that coat's gorgeous and I've been searching the planet for a pair of googly green tights and I think I might have to copy you my lovely:))). After all, you inspired me to go for the bright legwear and I'm utterly hooked!! Hope you don't mind? I can feel the weight of the Simplicity book, I'm flicking the slick pages and checking the recommended fabrics - dress-ups? FEK THAT - what were they thinking in the shop??? I'm so glad you snaffled it - I want to make the pinafore with the deep scooped neck. I think The Phoenix would like me to wear it on it's own;)) xoxoxoxo

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh Helgalina, I'd really love to scream yeah!

That book is THE BOMB! I want one of those peasant dresses SO BADLY. In fact, if I had ten, that's all I would wear ALL SUMMER... a floral, a stipey one, a spotty one...

You look spectacular as always, and is that a little chronic bitchface I see? Good for you darling! I do adore you in green - and I DO adore that frock.

Telephone Monday night amor?

Loveandbitchface, Sarah xxx

Rose&Bird said...

Fancy dress?! What were they thinking? Pattern books are great - a fantastic resource for fashions from the past.

Looking good in the green x

Miss Peregrin said...

Of all the colours I love you in, I think I love green the most.Green ensembles just seem to work so naturally on you.

That pattern book is fabulous! I'd love to make a few things out of it myself.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

You do look fabulous in green!!

Ah pattern books, love em, stare at them in envy!

Smashingbird said...

I'm "green" with envy at your gorgeousness, love the pattern on your frock. (couldn't resist a lame pun - I'll leave now....) xx

Perdita said...

Superb, juicy green outfit. You look like a delicious Margerita, fresh, delicious and with a kick!

I'm loving the tunic-and-trews adaptations of the shift pattern... my fave vintage look, wish i could find more in the shops like that!

La Dama said...

You crack up up with your post titles amor.
my siblings used to call me Miss Piggy. I love this green number on you. I need some neon green tights might since you inspire us all.

La Dama said...

I can totally see you in the all these fabuloso frocks. especially like the first peasant damsel in distress look.

Bonnie said...

Wearin' o' the green? But of course you look fabulous darling. The simplicity books take me back, way back to sewing school! I spent many a happy Saturday thumbing through all the pattern books.

señora Allnut said...

you make me laugh a lot!!, that song!!

And love all that green outfit, your frock is awesome and love that sixties-decó design!
And the pattern book is simply awesome!, so much delightful A-line dresses, they're so hard to find these days!
besos & fun

pastcaring said...

Ta da indeed! Oh so cheeky lyrics!

I love the greenest of green ensembles. I am also hungover to the eyeballs today but look nowhere near as fabulous, so you are made of strong stuff my dear!

Sewing and knitting pattern illustrations/photos are the best, aren't they?

LandGirl1980 said...

Abso spiffing darhling!!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...


That pattern book is a gem - loving the queen style headscarf with Maid Marionesque frock. It could catch on...

Vintage Coconut said...

~* Vintage Coconut is simply green with ENVY *~

shazza said...

Love the green on you Helga! I so want that pattern book! The lace up dress is gorgeous. I have the pattern in photo number 6!

Alex said...

What's that you say? I can have your entire outfit. Why thank you very much.

ps - little known fact - I quite fancy Kermit the frog...

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful coat...need an audio of those lyrics.

Ronnie Rabbit said...

You look more like a green goddess instead of Kermit. I love the pattern on your dress, and the button detailing on that gorgeous coat. Fab patterns too x

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Marvellous in the green!! Bloody brilliant. Congrats on that pattern book! And sheesh that was some party!! FAr out brussel sprouts! Haven't been to a party like that for YEARs!

Krista said...

You are the brightest rainbow in the sky! That necklace is my absolute favorite thing, besides you of course ;p