Smells Like Shrimp Paste

There's not a lot I like better than to shop in Asian Food Warehouses.

It's so exciting, so many unusual things in unusual packaging, often with no English explanation.
I find cute Asian packaging difficult to resist, and often come home with unknown items I have bought simply because I liked how they were wrapped!

Just two things today, though.

Instand miso soups for work and shrimp paste.

It's a bit of a Vix Fest, clothing wise this week.

Todays frock, shirt, scarf and hairpiece are from my beloved!

The jacket was opshopped years ago, the boots were from Trade Me, I think, and the tights are ancient Columbines.

The brooch was from a bundle of costume jewellery I was once given by a co-worker.

Does my arse look fat in these sunnies?!

Here's G being excited over his Prawns with Green Beans in Black Bean and Garlic Sauce
that I made him for dinner last night.

He's wonderfully grateful about my cooking.

Now feast your eyes upon our sweet kittehs, I'm about to run and collect our James for our cocktail/dinner evening!



Miss Magpie , you asked if I felt guilty about our house being ok when so many others aren't?

Excellent question.

I don't.

I just feel really sad for those who are losing their homes, as I'm very attached to mine, and very relieved that we are relatively unscathed.



Comtesse de ferveur said...

Ooh the raspberry and bubblegum pink mix is rather delicious! How cute are those kittehs? VERY! xxx

Rachel - Firebird said...

Hello kittens, you supercuties! And G too ;)

And good on you for not feeling guilty. Sad is fine and understandable, but guilt is such negative emotion that doesn't help anyone in that situation

Missy Vintage said...

I'm glad you are unscathed too! You would drive yourself nuts if your felt guilty for getting away lightly compared to others I think. Glad the kitties seem so calm and relaxed about it all! And *instant* miso soup?? yum yum x

The Brunette said...


Thank you for stopping by my blog yesah I look in charity shops a lot and have bought a few things that way. Its amazing what you can find in those little shops and I love a good rummage ha ha.

Love the funky sunglasses and your cats are beauties.

I love cats we have a ginger tom xx

Perdita said...

Oh I LOOOVE shopping at the oriental supermarket, we have 3 giants near us. They have dim-sum cafes in them too, yum!!

My favourite buys are udon and ramen noodles (all varieties from fresh to in-a-cup), frozen seafood and soups. Oh and any new type of chilli sauce.

Did you co-ordinate your outfit for the store? The colours remind me of the reds and pinks on chinese cake and Japanese candy wrappers!

Penny Dreadful said...

I love going shopping in Chinatown. I almost always end up getting char sui buns to steam at home - in fact I have some in the fridge right now, noms! x

Louise said...

That's such a cool dress. I know what you mean about pretty packaging, who cares whether its edible or not so long as it looks good in the pantry. Xx

Misfits Vintage said...

You all look so happy and cosy and gorgeous and well fed! I am also a total devotee of packet miso soup for work. I adore your mixed pinks - and I also wore my made-by-Vix felt hair flower this week! It was so wonderful to chat with you last night darling - hope you have a gorgeous weekend.

Love, Sarah xxx

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

if it's shiny, glittery, or cute...I CANT RESIST! Just like I can't resist YOU!

pastcaring said...

Asian supermarkets are great, aren't they? And you look rather like Mrs Slocombe there, wandering the aisles in search of Capt. Peacock. And of course that's a compliment. But you knew that, right?

Food look fab, as usual.

Cute kitties, also as usual. My motley crew of 4 cats (3 selected, 1 stray who appears to have selected us) don't do the snuggle-up-together thing, so I get vicarious pleasure from Humphrey and Miss Pee Pee!

sacramento said...

You always make me laugh heheheheh. How do you do it???
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend in autumn

Savannah Burton said...

you=stylish lady!!! I'm so in love with your style. I discovered you through the Fashion Turd and have been reading your blog for quite awhile now. I just followed! Check out my blog :)

Krista said...

If I saw you out on the street I would want to give you a BIG SQUEEZE, I love your style and your silly smile, and mama can cook!

Love the shot of your kitties and your sweetie, I hope mine can cuddle like that one day!

Miss Magpie said...

Thanks for answering my question. It's just I have a friend in a similar situation who feels really bad about it.
I think if it were me I'd feel exactly the same as you. Very sad for the people involved but very grateful to still have my nest!

delia hornbook said...

awww the kittens look so sweet bless them. Love your boots in fact i just love the whole colour combination of your outfit ;-)) have a lovely weekend, dee x

Vintage Coconut said...

*MmMmMm* Prawns! NOM NOM NOM

Alex said...

Guilt is such an unproductive emotion. It won't do any practical good, will it? You definitely have the right attitude.

Are you sure you're being inspired by me? I'd have said it was the other way round! I feel like I must immediately don a hair flower and some sunnies. May wear my new amazing floral vintage frock tomorrow if the weather is nice, but BUGGERATION, I've left my sunnies in the car. It broke down in the car park at work today so I hit it and left it there till Monday. Shitty car.

La Dama said...

you looking so hello kitty delightful.
I love that pink cute frock.
I love shrimp anything,ya making me hungry.
G mans face is amor.

lasophia said...

Asian markets and cats? Sign me up. haha.


Bonnie said...

That dish you made for G looks absolutely scrumptious and I swear I can smell the prawns all the way over here! I never met a prawn I didn't like. Asian food is my fave, Japanese in particular.

Ronnie Rabbit said...

OOOh I must have missed this blog, I love foreign supermarket shopping too, such fun.I once bought the girls some chocolate spread in the Netherlands called Fred and Eddie, just for the packaging, little did I know the girls were eating out of the tube in the back of the camper as I drove, so it never made it home!Loved your outfit and your cute ring too. Hope you enjoyed your new ingredients