Sweet Leaf

The party was cancelled!

Or postponed, at least.

One of the hosts, Ed, managed to hurt his back!

Not good.

(Harvey has just gotten onto my lap, the cutie.)

So we just chilled out and watched a couple of dvd's, "Salt" and "Machete".

(Pee Pee is jealous, and has jammed herself up against me as close a she can)

Both movies were really good, "Machete" especially was fantasmo!!!

Then I went to bed and had a marvellous sleep.

G sat up and ended up having a Skype session with Sarah !

He loved it!

Today I have been out and about.

First I went to pick up some military buttons G had won on Trade Me, and ended up having a good old yap with the old boy-80 this year-selling them!

Then I picked up Justine; we went and picked up some boots (Trade Me shopping) , then went to a huge cosmetics/perfume sale where we spent far too much, but the prices were really good, then we went to see a car Justine is interested in buying, and then we had a spot of lunch before I dropped her off home!

Justine took these pix for me.

And I've just realised that my damn neck facing was sticking out!


Must stitch that down.

Frock-I started making this last year, but didn't have enough fabric for the sleeves. Typical of me not to check! Then I dropped it and went on to other things!

I finally finished it this week!


Coat-vintage Welsh tweed! Opshopped

Bag-the divine Sarah

Tights-not sure

Shoes-bought off Trade Me last week!

A bit different for me, but the perfect sky-high heel I love!

Tonight we're gonna pop to Pomeroy's for drinks with Amber and her Mama; there'll probably be some other fab people there. Then we'll cruise around to Si & Nix'.

Before that I think I'll make a Thai fish curry for dinner.

Sounds like we had a mixed bag of activities going on last night for you lovelies!

Same again tonight?!



Kitty said...

Loving the new shoes with the red tights, sets them off beautifully. I'm stuffed now, had the styling thing up at the shop last night until midnight then was up at 5 for garage sales. I'll be doing what I always do on a Saturday night, i.e. home with my child. Am about to sit down and watch charlottes Web with her. thrills, huh?!

Nelly said...

You have been a busy HH havent you.I do love those shoes

Ronnie Rabbit said...

Such beautiful autumn colours, love your shoes too

OP SHOP MAMA said...

RADIANT! Love that look. And I would have never noticed the facing had you not mentioned..

And.. SNAP! I have a frock made out of the same fabric. Whether it still fits me post-4-baby-body is another question.. And another question is.. where the hell is it??

I'm gonna hunt it down now as I am all inspired..

La Dama said...

Your new shoes are beautiful, love the color, loving your Autumn background amor.
another stunning frock and coat. love the wild patterns. G is getting into girl gossiping,lol

sacramento said...

You look so wild in autmnal colour with your long hair down, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Fabulous!!!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Beautiful location for your photos. I love your style - so much fun! Love the colours. :)

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Beautiful location for your photos. I love your style - so much fun! Love the colours. :)

Devil made in Heaven said...

Helga you are the best!!!! Thank you so so much for you help!!! I can make comments again. :D
And I really love your dresses. I am enjoying every photo of you. Love reading your blog. And thank you so much for your sweet comment. When you ever come over to Holland we will take a ride in one of the cars!

Vintage Vixen said...

Awww, too bad about the party, I was dying to see the outfits.
That autumnal frock is a stunner on you, the print is fabulous and those shoes are freaking fabulous.
You have been a busy bee, hope the wekend continues to be splendid for you.
Love you!

Vintage Coconut said...

OoOh I just adore your Autumn colored dress! The colors look great on you.
WELL I just got mascara in my eye from being more busy reading while applying makeup.. my eye is burning now.. lol

Smashingbird said...

Yummy shoes! You look a picture of autumnal loveliness. xx

delia hornbook said...

aww love your dress it reminds me of autumn such gorgeous colors. And love the tights with it to. Have a lovely evening tonight and enjoy your curry to ;-))dee xx

Crystal Lee said...

Love your layered autumn-esque outfit. Is it Fall in your hood? Those triple buckle heels are sweeet!

Rose&Bird said...

What a gorgeous autumnal outfit! Have fun tonight (last night?).
Hope Ed gets better soon x

Llara is the Little Scribbler said...

The perfect autumnal outfit! It's so funny seeing you in autumn while Scotland's trying to have summer!

Mrs Munster said...

You are like Ms Autumn herself. FAb colours on your outfit - just goes with the season you've got.

pastcaring said...

Not going to mention Autumn, that's been said already, so I'll just add that those colours look delicious on you (of course). You look most demure and sweet, until we pan down to the kick-ass dominatrix shoes, that is!
Have a great weekend, love!

Comtesse de ferveur said...

I love red tights full stop! Seriously, that coat is amazing. Gotta love the Welsh tweed sweetie xxx

Anonymous said...

It's so weird to see these autumn photos...as our summer is just beginning. Time warp!

I love the bright red tights with the new shoes.

Perdita said...

The print on that dress: 70s autumn with a twist of Margot-chic, LOVE it.

I always see you rocking those bright opaques with strappy shoes and make a 'note to self' to do it myself come our autumn/winter. Beats drab tights-and-plain-black-boots hands down.

Misfits Vintage said...

I love all the patterns - the floral and the tweedy and the crocheted - you look FABULOUS as always! And I'm so pleased to see you using that bag!!

It was a bit of a giggle to chat with G the other night - especially as I was expecting YOU to answer!

Poor Ed - hope his back gets better soon.

Loveandswingdancing, Sarah xxx

Penny Dreadful said...

What a shame about the party. At least your outfit is gorge, what a lush mix of colours. And those shoes are great on you xx

LandGirl1980 said...

I officially have Autumn envy!!! Looking wondrous as always!

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

your dress looks like a bouquet of marigolds! =)