Tropicana, drinks on me......

I braved the bitter cold to show you my Sunday attire.

I didn't go anywhere, sometimes Sundays just feel perfect for frocking up just to sit tight and watch movies.....

Recording hasn't been going well.

Amongst other reasons, Si's computer fell over in last big quake we had, and has suffered some damage.

So we just attempted to practice, and I ended up going to bed early, as I was still suffering from the excesses of Friday night.....

I had great ideas of what I would with my Sunday.

But I did sweet FA, as we call it down here.

In fact, I don't think I was out of bed until lunchtime!


Spot the glittery goodness of my new hairbow that Vix made with her fair hands!

In addition, I am wearing:

Frock-80's, opshopped


Sequin belt-opshopped


Shoes-garage sale


Necklace-enamel piece vintage & opshopped, strung by moi

Earrings-Palm Springs drug store (I friggin' love how they have drug stores in the US, it never ceases to amuse me)

Icon bracelet-gift from Alex

Y'now, nearly every day I am wearing something that came as a gift.

I'm so freakin' lucky I could squeam!

It's just lovely.

Isn't it?!



Louise said...

I love that dress! Its such a beautiful colour and print.

Bummer about the computer. We call it sweet FA here too :-)

Oh and yes, I'm 30 in October, the same day as G's birthday in fact.


Kitty said...

Here's to a lazy Sunday, lucky you! Nice cheery colours in this outfit, perfect for thumbing your nose at winter! Not that I'd remember what winter is like, we barely need the heater on yet!

Ronnie Rabbit said...

Well done for braving the cold (we are having a heat wave go figure!) lovely colours and fab hair bow xx

sacramento said...

I adore you 80s frock so much. Well, everything...
You are cold and we are over 40ºc, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Vintage Coconut said...

I am lovin the catus behind you in the first pic. Don't back up to far you might impale your calve muscle!!

You look mighty bright and cheery! Like a burst of spring!

pastcaring said...

Yum Yum, your delicious Pepsi'n'Shirley-style cocktail of an outfit is like a summer breeze. But that's a different song altogether. And of course it's not summer for you (bloody boiling hot here, most unBritish!)

Got a green theme going on just now, Helga, and it does suit you so well. I am particularly enamoured of the enamel necklace. But I love it all really!

Good to have a day just chillin', did much the same myself after Saturday's over-indulgence.

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Great dress! The wealth of gifts is lovely - particularly when someone really concentrates on what you'd like and nails it! xxx

Straight Talking Mama! said...

it may be cold but you look bright & lovely!

It's bloody hot here, I'm mean big time hot! Won't last though be raining & thunder by this afternoon, ya gotta love the uk!

Rose&Bird said...

I love the green and pink combo and what lovely gifts.

Bummer about the computer, but at least you did some practise x

LandGirl1980 said...

Your tights are so popping they have made my eyes hurt. In a good way :)

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...


Frocktasia said...

Dear Helga,
a true feast for the eyes ensemble my love!
I love the mint green with the fuchsia pink, what a great combi.
I've got a pair of those catseye sunnies in red, wicked & one babes ;)
Take care luv,

Bonnie said...

It is YOU that is lovely Helga in all your deliciousness! BTW just noticed your cocktail of the day off on your sidebar...sweet! Funny you've been to Palm Springs but I haven't yet!


Perdita said...

I am LOVING the fruity colours you're rocking lately. Gorge!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh love - you look BLOODY GORGEOUS! I love your new sunnies and your outfit is perfectly sunny and happy. That sparkly bow is DIVINE and those pink tights make me happy.

I feel as though I wear something that was a gift just about every day too - usually from you or Vix - though yesterday from Nelly and today from Desiree... aren't we all so LUCKY!

Loveandpinksequins, Sarah xxx

Krista said...

This is such a lovely way to start my Monday. I love the pink bow, the bracelet and your outfit warms me from the inside out!


Miss Claire said...

Those lazy days always seem like such a waste afterwards, but sometimes it's exactly what you need! The amount of times that I've set my alarm for the wee hours with the intention of hitting up the markets and just pressed snooze for 2 hours is too many to count!

Love the new bow, what a clever lass our Vix is. Nice colours today, too, like a lolly! Xoxox Claire

Shayla said...

I was wondering what you had planned for that bow - it looks perfecto! Pink is really just a smashing color on you Miss V!

señora Allnut said...

love that turquoise-hot pink color combo!!, and love all your accessories and great style to wear them, such a pretty sunnies!

Franca said...

excellent colours my dear!

the fashion turd said...

you look like an ice cream sunday from space! x il email you
re: interview later in the week please! x

Ivy Black said...

Absolutely gawjuss!!xxx

Anonymous said...

i'm admiring your sunday attire for watching tv. you should have seen mine - it looked pretty much like my pyjamas ;) xxx

Kandi said...

You proper cheer me up just by looking at you! That first photo should be prescribed to the depressed, they should be made to carry it in their wallets!
Kandi xx

RETRO REVA said...

I love this dress and it neat when I see how the weather is so different so close to me!
We are just heading into summer, but it has been rainy and cool this week, and then Desiree is in winter as well.
As a child, I used to think that if it was summer here, it was summer everywhere ;)

Missy Vintage said...

Ah I hope the hope the PC and you are feeling better soon! x

La Dama said...

What tropical cheery colors amor, I love that dress. You have liven me up today, been feeling sick in this hot ass weather today. I am admiring your saints bracelet.
I have those sunglasses too amor.

lasophia said...

Love those colors! Good enough to eat!

delia hornbook said...

aww you look lovely as always and so much fun to. Love the colors today and that necklace is lovely. Its great to have lovely friends. Enjoy the rest of your week and i hope you can get back to recording soon, dee x