A Southerly Excursion

I'm trying to look smoove.

Is it working?!

I wanted to show off my sweet cardigan clips I scored off Trade Me !


By the time you read this scheduled post, we should be happily ensconced in Nix' parents "batch" (as we call holiday homes in NZ, no idea why) in Ophir, Central Otago, and be quite merry!

We're having a weekend away with Nix and Si, doing as little as possible.

We've taken band stuff, on the off chance we get to do an impromptu gig at the local pub, or just to jam drunkenly.

Hopefully the weather holds, and we don't get snowed in or anything so dramatic!

Even more hopefully, we've managed some opshopping on the way!

See y'all Monday, have splendid weekends!

O, do check out the fabulous Fashion Turd !

Aside from sharing style nuggets from the depths of her lovely bowel, Holly has interrogated me on a hot subject.


It's all about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Needless to say, I'm flattered as all hell that

a) she's found me, and

b) She found me interesting enough to pose some interview questions to.

And, she's a super styley bit of bint.

I'm pretty sure she was going to have it up by the end of the week, so do pop over and say hello, and admire her, me and my faaaabulousness!



Last weeks news

I thought I'd better show you these ever-so-amusing pix from last week!

In all the snow excitement, I clean forgot!

Just an ordinary evening, just an ordinary gal and her lemony floral frock, one of a few goodies the very awesome Brian sent me last year.

I'm wearing it with lavender tights and a baby blue cardi from Kitty !

So much for my proclamations that I don't do pastels.

Clearly, I am the teller of fibs.

Speaking of whom, Kitty was asking about our vintage weaknesses today........talk about opening a can of whoop-ass! There were some great comments!

I'm just weak, really.

For anything old and yummy, but I think my real weakness is probably shoes and handbags.

O, and wine.

I will show you some of these...........later.......



For now, just admire Pee Pee's fluffy white tum tum!!!

Don't you just want to kiss it?!

She's most obliging, and frequently displays her tum tum for rubbing, kissing, and general admiration.

She's a gal after my own heart!



It's really unusual for snow to linger this long!

It's getting to that really mucky stage now.


We're at Richmond Green here, just about to pop over to the supermarket for some extra kitteh fodder, as we will be going away on Friday morning for the weekend.

Coat-vintage, opshopped

Frock-opshopped and customised by moi


Scarf-vintage, opshopped

Belt-opshopped (Wellington)



Boots that I'm getting really bored with but are extremely practcial for this weather-gifted

I found a cool setting on the camera today, and so amused myself by taking pix of the labels on my scarf, coat and handbag.

I know there's some label whores out there that will appreciate them!

And if you don't, just humour me, ok?!

Now, Curtise darling, you have totally hit the nail on the head re Colin!!!

How did you guess?!
He is rather straight for my taste, but he has such lovely eyes and sooooo seems like he needs a little corrupting.

So, I'm not the only one with unusual tastes in men?!



Sunburst and Snowblind

What artist's song is that?!

A brief frolic in the snow today-it was still really thick this morning, and we didn't have to go into work until 9am.

But we couldn't get out until getting onto midday!

This is the kind of snow you hear about usually, not experience!

Apparently we had a blizzard!

Wasn't the Blizzard of Oz though.

Pee Pee seemed to be into it today; she was running around like crazy!

There's little paw prints everywhere!

Humphrey was far too dignified, really.

Getting to work wasn't too bad, except I got a huge fright when a massive pile of it dropped from the roof onto the windscreen.

G, incredibly cool, had expected that to happen, and wasn't distracted by my girly shriek.

He's so manly!


Ooo, slight distraction, there's an ad for the Tim Roth tv show, "Lie to Me". I've never seen it, despite having a wide on for Tim Roth a mile wide. He's not refined like Colin, he's my bit o'rough.

That nose!

I don't know why, but I do rather fancy men with big noses (hellooooo Christopher Eccleston!) and crooked teeth (helloooooo G Man!).

Tim is just so adorable in "Pulp Fiction".

(or is it Honey Bunny? Whatever.)

I wouldn't mind being his Pumpkin.


Yes, um, sorry about that.


I dunno, suddenly I'm quite warm!


Beanie me up!

This is our house today!


Eeeek! and Ugh!

Eeek cos it's pretty, and ugh cos it's cold and turns to muck!

And so we didn't go to work, but stayed home in the warm and watched movies!

(Bubba Ho-Tep, Jackie Brown and Mansfield park)

So here are some more Saturday pix!
(It was fecking bitter this last weekend, obviously building up to a snowy climax.)

After the book sale, I did a costume change, as I was going to meet Justine for dumplings, and a girl simply must have a costume change before each new activity!
I wore:

Frock-vintage, Shabby Chic market last year




Beanie-Chiang Mai, Thailand



Bag-vintage, gift from Sarah

And later it was off with the beanie, up with my hair, and on with my big "fuck off" bow (as Sarah
calls it.

Our friend Alannah came over for dinner and to hang out whilst we did some recording.

You may remember that in April we went to her 40th, which had a 70's theme?

One of her friends was wearing a fabulous crimplene 2 piece and carrying a Rex.

Please be as excited as me over Alannah passing said Rex onto me, above........

.....and the two piece!!!


I'm a very happy girl!

Splendid comments re my Cher hommage yesterday!

Curtise, G is not into being Sonny to my Cher at all.

He thinks Sonny is a dork!


Ah, CHERie!

No one can hold a candle to Cher.

I liked her style best in the 60's/70's, most certainly, but I really admire her collaborations with Bob Mackie too!

Rock on, Cher!!


A book a day keeps the madness away

All rugged up to go to a book sale with our lovely friend Gilberto the Great!

We're very excited!

Bargains galore!

Some tables were $3, some were $2 and the rest were $1.

We counted 6 copies of The Da Vinci Code.

I think we counted about the same last year.

I was really quite restrained.

These are what I ended up with.

The Elizabeth Taylor book has some great hair inspiration!

We went back to Gilberts after for a cuppa and to admire our scores.

There's another book sale at a church in Merivale at the end of the month, so we'll be out again with a vengeance. Gilberto has to buy a new bookshelf-or make one. His is ridiculously small and groaning under the weight of many books!

My bookshelf is stuffed, I have no idea where I'll put this lot.

I suppose I really should have a cull........meh!


PS:We watched "Nude Nuns with Big Guns" last night (predictably) and it was awesome!

If you don't mind gratutious nudity, violence etc, it might be right up your alley too!

The power of the turban

As I write this, I am still a bit drunk from our fabulous long, languid boozy lunch today.

We met up with friends Nicole and Toby; they are moving to Australia in a few weeks, the bastards!

We've never been to this restaurant, Corianders, before.

But, I've heard some really good things about it, so we thought we'd give it a go!

I love the 3D effect of the menu cover!


Vegetable pakoras.


We also had onion bahjees as our starter.

I had Lamb Vindaloo for my main, G had Dahl Mahkani, an old favourite.

That's Nicole's main across from me, she had some kind of paneer thingy.

We also had rather a lot of wine.

The waiter kindly took a pic of us, probably to help get us out the door, as we were the only people there at this point!

That's us, always the last to leave!

On the way home, G and I staggered into Ecetera for a lookie.
I think it's the only shop left on the intersection of Barbadoes St & Edgeware Rd!

Nothing really rocked my world, probably just as well.

Mind you, nothing would stretch over the booboids anyhow!


I did find one half of a pair of blingy 70's earrings I liked....

The pale blue lame frock on the end here was a sweetie, but I don't think it would even have fitted Vix, it was so tiny!

I did quite like this wee vanity case.

But, considering it was $45, and the one I was carrying cost me $5-or was it $10?-I didn't like it that much!

And, it was 1/2 the size of mine!

But it was rather adorable!

I'm actually a bit funny about this shop, as I once found a lovely powder blue two piece
in here that I had actually tried on at Savemart a week or two earlier.....that was selling as 2 seperates for $75 each piece, and I had seen it as complete outfit for $20.........!!!

I know, they are entitled to make a profit, but that just stuck in my craw!
I would have bought it in the first palce, but the frock was too small for my booboids, dammit!

Anyways, we stumbled on home, and then crawled into bed to sleep it off!

Here's a couple of videos for your entertainment-the first one is me on the doorstep when we got home.....barely coherent, I assure you, and the second is me rummaging through a case of potential goodies and I'm quoting from Absolutely Fabulous, but G cut it off a bit!

The quote is "I don't know what it all means, but it's just forcing me to believe it!"

We've just had coffee, and the plan now is to watch a movie or two.

We have "Bubba Ho Tep" and "Nude Nuns with Guns" to watch.

I think I know which one I'll enjoy most........bet you do too!


PS: Terri , I do have a couple of crinolines, actually! A blue one and a burgundy one! I will show them off sometime! I'm really keen for a white one, but have not had the luck of finding one yet!

Kitty , the sauce in the middle of the nachos is just minced chilli!

And Ronnie darling, no, the truck wasn't blue, and it wasn't called Betty! It was a big thing like a Kenworth or something! That would have been spooky indeed!

But your Betty is gorgeous!!!!


There's a light-burning in the fireplace

It's a little dim, though!

Not a lot to say today.


What I wore to work yesterday:

Frock-early 60's, judging by the metal zip. It's really comfy, and I love the colour & paisley print.

Cardi-vintage, opshopped years ago, and I still haven't put buttons on it!


Shoes-Trade Me

My poses are very Alex today, I think!

Necklaces-both vintage, the beads were opshopped, and I think I got the pendant in a London market in 1989. I've just started wearing it again recently.

A random pic of an incredible nachos that the G-Meister made!

A previously unpublished outfit pic from a couple of weeks ago that I had forgotten about!

Um, yes.

That's it for today, really.

I could apologise for my excessive use of Silhouette hairspray in the 80's, but what's done is done.

I could tell you all about my rambling truck driving dream, but it wasn't very interesting.

I could tell you about the fight Pee Pee and Humphrey had over G in the middle of the night, but I was asleep and only heard about it second-hand.

I could sing Rocky Horror songs to you ad nauseum......

but maybe another day!


(any requests?!)