Beanie me up!

This is our house today!


Eeeek! and Ugh!

Eeek cos it's pretty, and ugh cos it's cold and turns to muck!

And so we didn't go to work, but stayed home in the warm and watched movies!

(Bubba Ho-Tep, Jackie Brown and Mansfield park)

So here are some more Saturday pix!
(It was fecking bitter this last weekend, obviously building up to a snowy climax.)

After the book sale, I did a costume change, as I was going to meet Justine for dumplings, and a girl simply must have a costume change before each new activity!
I wore:

Frock-vintage, Shabby Chic market last year




Beanie-Chiang Mai, Thailand



Bag-vintage, gift from Sarah

And later it was off with the beanie, up with my hair, and on with my big "fuck off" bow (as Sarah
calls it.

Our friend Alannah came over for dinner and to hang out whilst we did some recording.

You may remember that in April we went to her 40th, which had a 70's theme?

One of her friends was wearing a fabulous crimplene 2 piece and carrying a Rex.

Please be as excited as me over Alannah passing said Rex onto me, above........

.....and the two piece!!!


I'm a very happy girl!

Splendid comments re my Cher hommage yesterday!

Curtise, G is not into being Sonny to my Cher at all.

He thinks Sonny is a dork!



Miss Claire said...

Wow, very exciting!!! She must have known how much you adored her outfit!! And the snoooooow!!!!! Lovely! Lucky you staying home, that sounds like the best kind of day. Keep warm Helga! Xoxoxoxox

Kitty said...

Well I'm with G on this one, Sonny WAS a goddam dork but Cher is AWESOME! How exciting to have snow, your house looks amazing, and to think just 2 hours ago I was happily sitting out in the backyard on the grass in the sunshine, I'd love to have snow for once...but not for too long, I'm sure its really NOT convenient!

pastcaring said...

Ok, I'll just have to live with the disappointment - but G needs to get with the programme. Oh hang on - remembering the leiderhosen and the plaits. He IS the programme, your wonderful man!

Sarah is right to call that a fuck off bow, that's exactly what it is! You look fantastic, loving the eyelashes, and that Rex handbag looks in pristine condition, you lucky girl.

Snow. So pretty. So annoying after a while. So not conducive (is that spelt right?) to heels. So good move to stay in and keep warm and dry!

Rose&Bird said...

Oh wow, snow! I keep forgetting it's your winter at the moment. Snow looks great for a day or two, then it gets annoying. The UK goes to pot when it snows.

An outfit change for each activity? Inspired! Yay for getting the handbag and two-piece, look forward to seeing them modelled soon!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Eeek, snow! I hate snow! Love love love your fuck off bow. (Oh my word, that rhymes).

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Beautiful! And what a lovely outfit to receive, that colour is quite delightful! Yup, I'm big into Cher's Bob Mackie sequinned era. xxx

Alex said...

Snow?! Jeez, that was unexpected. Hope you enjoyed the impromptu day off. Nothing better than just curling up on the sofa in the warm sometimes, is there?

Never mind the fuck off bow, that's quite a fuck off bag! What a fab gift.

Perdita said...

Ha! Snow! You have snow, we have the first bit of sunshine for weeks. Love your beanie look. A woolly hat is a wonderful thing!

Nelly said...

Way too cold for me as it is without snow.Snow is for going to for a holiday lol but we actually had snow at our hom near Stanthorpe QLD(last place we lived in) was 1st time snow in that area for I dont know how long and I had let kids stay home coz it was so cold ad it snowed later that day and didnt in town where their school was so they had a ball.Even the big kids were making little men and having snowball fights.Didnt last long but sure was exciting.Stay warm sweetie xx

Camelia Crinoline said...

The snow was exciting. It is freezing though. Staying in the warm while it is snowing outside is the best. Another Rex, you lucky thing. It is fabulous. Your eyelashes look amazing in that last pic.

Louise said...

I have that exact beanie in purple. It's fleece lined and so toasty.

That bag is gorgeous, no wonder you look so excited.


Dashfield Vintage said...

Ooo wow it looks beautiful! My best friend in Christchurch has been sending me snowy photos all day too. Here in Auckland it is just freezing minus the snow... huddled in front of the fire as I type! Love your white 1960s handbag, I happen to have an identical one in black. x

KibitzKnitz said...

Holy Snow, Batman!! That looks a Pile, alright. It's nice to looks at and play in (for a minute), but then its back inside; in front of the fire with a hot drink and a hot man! Hopefully you don't need to drive in it (or bike!) or kill your lovely garden.

Love the 'Fuck Off Bow'! Just Fantastic! Stay Cozy with G and the kittehs...

Franca said...

Oh my goodness! Somehow when antipodeans say winter, I never believe you that that means actually winter. Like proper, below zero winter. Love your wintery outfit anyway!

Vix said...

It looks so pretty but please don't send any our way, I hate the stuff!!
You look so bloody adorable in your knitted hat and that fuck-off bow is amazingly mad in a good way.
Glad you've finally got your mitts on that splendid suit, it's gonna be fabulously hot on you!
I tried to get Jon to be Sonny but he wouldn't play nicely!
LOVE YOU and stay warm!

Llara is the Little Scribbler said...

Sonny is a bit of a douche. We totes went for playing 'I got you Babe' during the register signing at our wedding then busting it out at wedding karaoke (yes I am that tacky) all the same. It's a bit fun to sometimes sing 'agadoo babe' though.

I'm loving your eeek and urg description of snow - that's pretty bang on how I feel about it too. I LOVE it, then hate all the sluchy muck that stays around. We actually had summer this weekend which was a nice surprise so it's funny seeing all your snow! xx

jkubenka said...

Bubba Ho-tep is SUCH a funny and under-rated movie. Oh and I love all your orange!

LandGirl1980 said...

I am SO freaking jealous of your snow day!!!!! Although it is quite nice here at the moment. I have the pink, sunburnt skin to prove it!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Since I'm at the height of my summer it is so confusing to see you all snuggled up and dressed warmly against your...snow! Argh! But you look warm and toasty and fabu! I love how you rock solid color, and saturate with one hue. Orange you glad your adorable? I am! xo. -Bella Q

Smashingbird said...

Well hello snow bunny! Two super outfits - I looove your fuck off bow! xx

La Dama said...

oh wow snow, take some fotos in the snow amor. I love snow, but not too much. love your snow hat,fuck off bow. lol what a great name for a bow.
lucky you love the color of the two piece blue outfit.
Bubba Ho-tep movie is hilarious, I loved it!

Bonnie said...

I love that snowy picture of the house! It's funny to think of snow during the summer, well our summer that is. I've never heard of Bubba Ho-tep so I googled it, now I have to rent it! Did I ever tell you I like you in orange?

Krista said...

How beautiful and COLD!!!!!! I love how the snow makes anything look peaceful and tranquil. I can still count in the number of times I have been in snow on one hand, but next time will take we to two :)

Hope you enjoyed your day in, it looks like you did.

Vintage Coconut said...

I like your winter hat, I have one alot like yours in red. It keeps me all warm and toasty.
That orange and white dress is fantastic I love the design on it.
That rex is a beauty! *WOOHOO*

delia hornbook said...

It feels really strange seeing your snow photo, (it does look pretty)its actually been warm and sunny here today no rain in sight ;-)) Loving the blue two piece and your orange outfit you always look so lovely. I adore that white bag its a beauty. dee xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

How is it you manage to make a fuck off bow convey "come to mama"!!? Goddamit you are such a frickin' gorgeous wench and I love the pics of you getting your mitts on the suit and BAG!!!!!!! arrrgghhhhhh!! Flip it's freezing down your way and I'm so glad you and G got to have a day snuggling down in front of such fab movies! God I love Jackie Brown - what a cool chicky:))). I've got my electric blanket on here and feeling v guilty coz it's only 7 degrees. xoxoxoxoxo

seƱora Allnut said...

wwwoouuu, snow!, I agree with you, it's eeek and ugh!!, and it's a wonderful moment to stay at home and watch some films!
You look fabulous in orange, love it!!, and love your funny chunky bow and the pic with the earphones!!

lasophia said...

hahaha. Fuck off bow! I love it! Snow day! Thats what we call it when we let me nieces and nephews stay home from school when we visit them. It's so bad haha.

Trees said...

The photos from Christchurch did look fabulous!! Its been freezing here too and now I am sick from it - bleh!!

You look fabulous wrapped up in your orange outfit! Love it!!

What did you think of Bubba-ho-tep? I thought it was pretty fun:D

Yah!! Free vintage goodies :D

VintageSweetheart said...

That is one big ass bow! It looks fabulous!!

I love how you rock bold colours.

E :)

Shewearscrazywell said...

I wish I was in the snow with you! Been in the 100's here. Boo. But one thing is for look awesome even in the snow!!!! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Anonymous said...

I am astounded to see snow as I sit in 90 degree temperatures. the orange is a perfect color to wear on such black and white days.

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy frickin guacamole - your house looks like a fairytale cottage!

And YOU look like a divine gorgeous confection of deliciousness! That frock is gorgeous - have we seen it before? and the shoes and bag match perfectly... and I am SO PLEASED (and a bit envious) that you got that FABULOUS Rex and suit! The colour is spectacular on you darling!

Loveandwarmhugs, Sarah xxx

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Helga Dear,
I love your fuck off bow. We could hang, sister. You have mad style. Thanks for stopping by my blog.



Fabrizia said...

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