Cruising with a Camellia

For the first time in ages, I've been out and about opshopping.


Wearing faaaabulous frocks of course, 'cos it's Friday!

I think we managed about 5 opshops.

That's not too bad, considering a lot of them are now rubble!

As usual, Brodie floored me with her gorgeous outfit!

She scored her frock off Trade Me, the tart.

Mind you, she's the size of my thigh, therefore the fab frocks doth flow!

Do I look like Brodies Mamma?!

Well, I am old enough to be so!

I must say, my bargain beacon was going off pretty well.

I came home with a few bags full of loot.

Not all of it's for me.......

Bask in my youthful glow!

So, it looks like I'm going to have to find that Edwardian coat........!!!




Frocktasia said...

Dear Helga,
your OP-shops look great, I'd love to come shopping with you one day ;)
Your outfit is stunning & you are decidedly radiant my dear!
Take care luv,

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I LOVE that raspberry coat on you, it looks FABULOUS!

Ronnie Rabbit said...

What a fabulous shop, I want to go there! Not fair :/ Looks like a place you could get lost in for days

Camelia Crinoline said...

Had a great time today op shopping. You got some fabulous stuff. I love that hat.

Louise said...

My word, how big is that opshop? Ours are like cubby holes in comparison! You both look fab, its great to have a like minded bargain hunter to go shopping with. Xx

Georgia Rose said...

I want to go opshopping with you two sometime! It looks like a totally awesome day.

Nelly said...

Id go opping with you I think me and u and Sarah and Desiree and Kitty and whomever else should all jump a plane to UK and go opping with VV and yes I wanna see thet Edwardian coat NOW lol

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Jay-sus kerist!!! I want to swap outfits with you today - arrrrggghhhh the coat is incredible and I can feel the texture of it - the tights, shoes, frock, bag - frockin' gorgeous babe!!!! OK so big favour, when Brodie's not looking, can you just take her dress off and send to me? Thanks:)) xoxo

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Op-shopping is SO good for the soul!!

Miss Peregrin said...

You both look freakin' fab! Your hair is totally adorable, and that raspberry coat is gorgeous. Your op-shops look great! This reminds me, I must check which of my op-shops are open again after the QLD flooding. I'm itching for some second-hand goodness.

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooooh I LOVE that fabulous citrusy psychedelic colour combo! Your frock is FABULOUS and I'm pretty sure I have the matching scarf for Brodie's frock! Your hair is spectacular amor and I can't wait to see your fab op shopped treasures!

Loveandpeaches, Sarah xxx

pastcaring said...

Loving that zingy colour combination, it's so you! What a stylish op-shopping team you and Brodie make. And no, you don't look as though you're her mum, you daft woman - you look like the gorgeous buddies you are!
Looking forward to seeing what treasures you scored.

Have fun at the weekend, love!

Kitty said...

I just wanna see whats in the bags!!!!

Vix said...

You so don't look like Brodie's mum, you both look utterly gorgeous and cool and fabulous and I cannot wait to see what's in those bags!!!
Have a brilliant weekend.
Love you!

seƱora Allnut said...

you both look fabulous in your pretty frocks, love her booties and hat, and love all that red -pink -mustard color combo you wear so nicely!!
besos & frocks for you!!

Rose&Bird said...

You both look fab and how great is that shop? A proper old-fashioned rummage could be had there x

Smashingbird said...

Loving your shoes & tights combo. Can't wait to see your finds! xx

Anonymous said...

Has the damage to the stores caused prices to dip even further?

Vintage Coconut said...

Don't you dare tell me you did not buy that orange sombrero in the 4th picture. I could surely see that becoming a fun prop on your boozing nights. ;) *hehahah* I love your bright outfit!!

sacramento said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so jealoussssssssssss.
I cannot stop laughing:
She scored her frock off Trade Me, the tart.
Mind you, she's the size of my thigh, therefore the fab frocks doth flow!
I know the feeling when I go shopping with my girls hehehehhhe.
Loving you!!!

La Dama said...

I love your pink coat amor, would love to go rummageing with you. Brodies is so fashionable like you.I adorar the last foto of you,what a fabulosa hat, want one.