Icons falling from the spires

Yeah, more old pix!

These are from the mid-late 90's.

Justine, myself and Amy were off to an event, I think it was an Erotica Party at a local art gallery?

I'm really not too sure.

Um, yes, I have gaffa tape in the shape of a cross on my nipples.

I had cotton wool underneath, cos I'm a wuss!

I remember our friend Helm (of the enormous wang)* was there, and he rather liked the look of my booboids.........shudder!

(away with that thing, Helm!!)

Justine is wearing my wedding frock and a veil that goes with a vintage wedding frock I have stashed somewhere mysterious.....so mysterious I have no idea where that is!

I've got some more old pix lined up, look out!


* Helm has the most enormous wang I have ever seen outside of porn; I have mentioned this in a former post, but I can't remember what one. If I used labels, we'd all be better off.

Mind you, that would have had the label "wang".

Is that suitable for the worldwide web?!


Miss Peregrin said...

You three all looked amazing! A gal has gotta love a bit of gaffa tape every now & then. I think "wang" would be a perfectly acceptable tag for your blog, although it might bring some unsavory characters your way from Google.

Smashingbird said...

You all looked amazing! Love that you had a little cotton wool for safety - I think I would too! xx

Kitty said...

MAAAAn, if only I had a WANG I'd be carrying the lot of you off to the cemetry to do all sorts of eveil...yes really! Look how hot you all are!! Mind you I think you look younger now without all the dark maekup. Maybe thats why we grow out of goth-dom.xx.

Louise said...

*ouch* gaffa tape nips reminds me of tank girl! I loved that film.

I'm sure the www is ready for Wang!! Lol.


Vix said...

God, you all looked so freaking hot. I love those nipple plasters, I think you should recreate that look.
Wang is perfectably acceptable for a blog, more wangs pleasue.
Love you.

sacramento said...

I think I am coming over to live with you for good, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ivy Black said...

Woaah look at you, gorgeous.
Fab use of gaffa tape and I think wang is perfectly acceptable for a blog. I love the word..wang, wang, wang, wang ,wang, wang, wang........xxx

LandGirl1980 said...

The word wang is most certainly suitable. Go forth - create the label!

Perdita said...

Wang is acceptable I think.. although I usually use 'wanger'. ;)

Loving the tape. I knew a gal who tried this look sans cotton wool and gave herself a nasty reaction. Erk.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

So. Awesome. x hivenn

Krista said...

What great photos! I love how dark you all look but you can still see the sparkle in your eyes.

Boobies :) MEOW!

I think you just inspired me to get out some old photos.

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

I love you! hahahahaha! you just made the day my love!

pastcaring said...

My my, you horny girl - you look amazing! Good call on the cotton wool, I think...
Helm's Wang - sounds like somewhere in Lord of the Rings, doesn't it? Hope it didn't get within striking distance of the magnificent be-taped booboids, dear!
More more more old pix please.

La Dama said...

You sexy wang biatchs. love the idea of tape breastest.

Shayla said...

Well, now all I can think of is a ginormous wang... Cant wait for more pics!

lasophia said...

The only scary thing about this post was the wang story. Everything else was amazingly cool from the tip of the nipple tape to the darkened brows.


delia hornbook said...

ha ha ;-)) Bless you all i have to say you really know how to live life to the full and half fun and i think your smashing ;-)) You all looked great. dee xx

Missy Vintage said...

You're comment on my blog just made me roar with laughter, I have no idea what 'foo' is either but I used to know someone who called her lady bits her 'foo foo' I can't help but wonder if that's what happens when you are covered in booze?! haha! P.S i still can't help but think you must have peeled that tape off super slowly....ouchy! xx

Trees said...

Your eyebrows/eye make-up is AMAZING! Its the kind of stuff I always wanted in the late 90's when I was at uni - but I lived in Hamilton and too scared to draw attention to myself so I never did amazing make up like that - seriously regret it now. Maybe I should just rock it one weekend just for fun:)

Frocktasia said...

Dear Helga,
amazing photos!
Oh, I do like goth fetish style.
I've never stuck gaffar tape on my neeps but I did don fragile parcel stickers on them once for an impromptu (drunken) photoshoot ;)
In these pics Justine remind me of one of the singers out of Shakespears Sisters...the one that was in Bananarama in the 80s, can't mind her name now...stunning anyways!
I've always had a thing for black lipstick, so uber sexy!
Take care luv,

Misfits Vintage said...

I agree with Vix - more wang please!

And more nipple gaff! And more fab old goth pics! Cor - look at Justine! You all look divine and you know I LOVE hearing all about Helm's wang-a-dan-a-lang!

Loveandhugecocks, Sarah xxx

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

i love this pretty bright pink!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Penny Dreadful said...

Crikey, you all look amazing! x

Llara is the Little Scribbler said...

Helm's massive wang - haha! We decided to get Chinese food for dinner tonight and chose the place based entirely on the fact that it was called Wang's Palace and that near made me piss myself!