It's really unusual for snow to linger this long!

It's getting to that really mucky stage now.


We're at Richmond Green here, just about to pop over to the supermarket for some extra kitteh fodder, as we will be going away on Friday morning for the weekend.

Coat-vintage, opshopped

Frock-opshopped and customised by moi


Scarf-vintage, opshopped

Belt-opshopped (Wellington)



Boots that I'm getting really bored with but are extremely practcial for this weather-gifted

I found a cool setting on the camera today, and so amused myself by taking pix of the labels on my scarf, coat and handbag.

I know there's some label whores out there that will appreciate them!

And if you don't, just humour me, ok?!

Now, Curtise darling, you have totally hit the nail on the head re Colin!!!

How did you guess?!
He is rather straight for my taste, but he has such lovely eyes and sooooo seems like he needs a little corrupting.

So, I'm not the only one with unusual tastes in men?!




Nelly said...

Too late for snow angels now then?Hope your boots are water proof lol.I dont mind me a bit of label perving either so thanks for that I will sleep well now lol xx

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Turqoise and red - such a good combination. I can't believe you have snow. Here I was complaining about the rain....

I can't remember if I responsed to you about filling me in on 'op shopping'. If not - thanks for explaining it. I am now in the loop on the terms ;)


VintageSweetheart said...

I love me some vintage labels!

E :)

LandGirl1980 said...

Slush is the worst! Always makes me feel sad that it is gone :(

Miss Peelpants said...

I love the colours in that photo! Although I feel very cold just looking at it ;) xx

Vix said...

Don't stay out there for too long, my darling. I'd hate for you to get a frost-bitten bum.
Such fabulous colours, amor, I adore you in turquoise and you know I'm a total label whore. The one on the scarf is just perfection.
Love you.

Smashingbird said...

I'm a label whore! "So Obviously 'Rex' " - hilarious! x

seƱora Allnut said...

love the bright color combo, and your great attitude, you look fabulous!, and such a pretty background for a pretty pic!

Shayla said...

Ahh, lovely cold snow!!! I do miss it right now as we are gearing up for our 6th (or 7th?, I lost count) heat wave in 2 months. We had a whole 2 days break between... I'm over the frizzy hair and swamp ass! And I'm jealous of your gorgeous red leather jacket in prev post!

Krista said...

Turquoise is a favorite color of mine and it looks great on you. I am not a label whore but I do love the term! Where are you off to this weekend?

Colin.....oh how I could corrupt him :D

pastcaring said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I knew it, you dirty trollop you! Colin would be lucky to be corrupted by such a gloriously naughty woman!

Loving the elegant turqoise today, though Vix is right, hope you didn't sit for too long on that freezing bench. Is it true that sitting on cold surfaces gives you piles? Surely not... And you actually look as though you're hovering a little, was that the cold temperature or a modelling trick of yours?

I do love a vintage label, so I've had to mop up a little drool... Sorry x

Alex said...

Aren't modern labels dull? I love all these pics. Can you recreate the Ariel label pose for us please? I'm positive you can rustle up some wings and a trumpet from somewhere.

Vintage Coconut said...

I have a facination with old labels myself. Some of them are just downright gorgeous. I can't imagine you getting bored with your clothing pieces.. I fully expect you to JAZZ the boots up "Helga style" so you love them again.
Crochet cuffs around the ankles?? maybe. ;)
You look beautiful in that blue! I think it is one color I have not seen you in much.

Trees said...

I love the labels on vintage clothes - they are always so cute (especially compared with the boring labels on modern clothes - meh!)

I love that blue on you! Really suits you and looks fab with your hair:)

delia hornbook said...

Gorgeous blue tones today you look so stylish in the snow. I hate it when it gets to that stage you just want it gone. Have a great weekend, dee xx

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh - a DOUBLE cardigan! How fabulous darling! I do love the pastel combo - and it's not pastel-y really because you've mixed it up and made it fabulous.

I do love your snow outfit - your coat looks super warm and snuggle and I love the colour combo.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend away - talk Monday.

Lovelabelwhore! Sarah xxx

Dashfield Vintage said...

Wow Christchurch is still covered in snow?! Amazing! Oh I just love the colour of you dress, it's beautiful. After years of only wearing black and red (a bit of a recovering emo you might say!) I just can't get enough of bright colours now.

La Dama said...

I love how you layer on for us amor.
fantastico aqua blue dress, a bit sailorish. yeah, dont stay out in the snow too long.

La Dama said...

oh yes, I am label whore as well amor.

Tomye said...

I think this picture is sweet looking! You look like an angel. The blue is perfect for you.