The power of the turban

As I write this, I am still a bit drunk from our fabulous long, languid boozy lunch today.

We met up with friends Nicole and Toby; they are moving to Australia in a few weeks, the bastards!

We've never been to this restaurant, Corianders, before.

But, I've heard some really good things about it, so we thought we'd give it a go!

I love the 3D effect of the menu cover!


Vegetable pakoras.


We also had onion bahjees as our starter.

I had Lamb Vindaloo for my main, G had Dahl Mahkani, an old favourite.

That's Nicole's main across from me, she had some kind of paneer thingy.

We also had rather a lot of wine.

The waiter kindly took a pic of us, probably to help get us out the door, as we were the only people there at this point!

That's us, always the last to leave!

On the way home, G and I staggered into Ecetera for a lookie.
I think it's the only shop left on the intersection of Barbadoes St & Edgeware Rd!

Nothing really rocked my world, probably just as well.

Mind you, nothing would stretch over the booboids anyhow!


I did find one half of a pair of blingy 70's earrings I liked....

The pale blue lame frock on the end here was a sweetie, but I don't think it would even have fitted Vix, it was so tiny!

I did quite like this wee vanity case.

But, considering it was $45, and the one I was carrying cost me $5-or was it $10?-I didn't like it that much!

And, it was 1/2 the size of mine!

But it was rather adorable!

I'm actually a bit funny about this shop, as I once found a lovely powder blue two piece
in here that I had actually tried on at Savemart a week or two earlier.....that was selling as 2 seperates for $75 each piece, and I had seen it as complete outfit for $20.........!!!

I know, they are entitled to make a profit, but that just stuck in my craw!
I would have bought it in the first palce, but the frock was too small for my booboids, dammit!

Anyways, we stumbled on home, and then crawled into bed to sleep it off!

Here's a couple of videos for your entertainment-the first one is me on the doorstep when we got home.....barely coherent, I assure you, and the second is me rummaging through a case of potential goodies and I'm quoting from Absolutely Fabulous, but G cut it off a bit!

The quote is "I don't know what it all means, but it's just forcing me to believe it!"

We've just had coffee, and the plan now is to watch a movie or two.

We have "Bubba Ho Tep" and "Nude Nuns with Guns" to watch.

I think I know which one I'll enjoy you do too!


PS: Terri , I do have a couple of crinolines, actually! A blue one and a burgundy one! I will show them off sometime! I'm really keen for a white one, but have not had the luck of finding one yet!

Kitty , the sauce in the middle of the nachos is just minced chilli!

And Ronnie darling, no, the truck wasn't blue, and it wasn't called Betty! It was a big thing like a Kenworth or something! That would have been spooky indeed!

But your Betty is gorgeous!!!!



delia hornbook said...

;-)) i love your outfit and the whole look today loving your turban that is gorgeous and with the glasses you just scream hollywood glamour to me i love it. sounds like a great night looks like a great shop to even though things are expensiveits nice to look still. Enjoy your videos and have a great weekend, dee xx

Nelly said...

Loving that turban and I laughed at the pic with you both looking like you were lit up.Id love to own a shop like etcetra but I dont know how id be able to sell all the yummie things.Especially the bling.
Sadly I cant watch any videos as it freezes my PC every time.

VintageSweetheart said...

I love those kinds of shops but I definitely don't like their prices. Looks like you had a fun day!

E :)

Louise said...

I do love turbans, I've just never come across one that fits my mega-head yet. Yours looks great.

Don't you hate overpriced shops? That sounds like a very cheeky markup to me.

Hope naked nuns with guns was good *chuckle*


Perdita said...

Your lunch sounds lush. You cannot beat a good curry lunch! Noms indeed. My work does a great one (we're based in an area of London known as 'little India') which saves me having to cook many an evening, as I stuff my face at lunchtime!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

gawd woman, i adore thee. your squeeling whist going thru the basket is adorable. also i LOVE paneer. me eat-y.

Rose&Bird said...

Great turban and I love the strategically placed lamps in the group shot! That looks like an interesting shop, nice to browse even if it's on the pricey side x

Pearl Westwood said...

Your turban is fab, i really need to work harder at finding one to suit me. The shop looked like it had some lovely things and I know they need to make a profit, but at the end of the day it is just old clothes! It really grates with me the prices of somethings $150 for that suit is a lot - even if you hadn't see it at $20 else where!
I love reading all your adventures x

Ronnie Rabbit said...

I am so hungry after reading your blog, looked yummy food. Like your plaits. The shop is perfect for you, shame you didnt find much there this trip, many next. Hope oyur friends enjoy their new life in Oz. Glad you like Betty btw :))

pastcaring said...

Ooh, rocking that turban, and with plaits too! Lunch looks great, nothing like getting slightly sozzled on a lunchtime! I had a bit of a boozy lunch one Friday then had to get the kids from school while still giggly and (I'm told) smelling of wine... Yes, I AM that scummy mummy! Still laughing about the observation about the strategically placed lamps - classic!

The shop looks like a fabulous place for a rummage but not necessarily to buy... Although how could you resist all the costume jewellery? And did G buy those check trousers? The vintage shops near me are all overpriced, some things are beautiful but some are in dire condition and STILL expensive. Hmmm.
Enjoy your weekend xxx

Vix said...

Darling, that turban is sublime! You look so cheeky in it. Loving G's old-skool top, too.
Mmmmm, curry for lunch, can't beat it especially veg pakors with tonnes of raita, yummy!
That shop looks fabulous, nice to try loads on and admire things even if the prices were ludicrous.
Love you!

Misfits Vintage said...

You look just STUNNING amor! I love the fabric of your frock, the turban is EXQUISITE and the coat is super glam (and warm looking!).

That shop does look pretty frickin FABULOUS and I like the look of the yellow jacket hanging on the end of the rack - and did G get those fab pants??

The first vid made milo come out of my nose. The second made me want to crash tackle you and give you a big kiss!

Have a gorgeous weekend - chat Monday NO PIKING I promise!

Loveandpikelets, Sarah xxx

La Dama said...

You sure know how to rock a turban amor. what a lush color matches your marvelous coat.
G man found more cool rupert pants.
food looks delish, I do love a good Indian curry.
ahahaha, love your singing and screaming while rummaging through clothes.

Ivy Black said...

Only you could rock a pink turban, love! That photo with the head flames is excellent.
Bubba Ho Tep is brill, but I know you'd go with the nude nuns!
Have a lovely weekend.xxxx

Ivy Black said...

Only you could rock a pink turban, love! That photo with the head flames is excellent.
Bubba Ho Tep is brill, but I know you'd go with the nude nuns!
Have a lovely weekend.xxxx

Debbie Baker Burns said...

I am in love with your pink sunglasses. And the turban is great. After reading your post, I am wishing I were thrift shopping today. Debbie

Terri said...

Helga--Love the video of you singing! Thanks for the answer on the crinolines...I've been shopping one to wear as a mother of the bride, which means I must not upstage the bride...

Rae said...

That first pic? The one of you? I adore it - you look like you should be in a Dubonnet or Cinzano advert - you look wonderful dahling! So glam and with such a great twinkle in your eye!

Smashingbird said...

What a great post, you look flippin' gorgeous in the turban! I'd sooo love to have a nose around that vintage shop with you! xx

Krista said...

I love this outfit! The turban is so old Hollywood glam and your jacket and boots, hotness!!! I love India food in the winter and this looks delicious!

The videos are my fav, you are such a ball of fire!

Miss Claire said...

Oh you fabulous woman!!! I love your turban and your coat and your boots and alll of it! The videos made me smile. I wish I could hang with you and G! Please tell me he got those groovy plaid pants?!!

Xoxox Claire