Purple with Cold

Sunday evening we went to our friend Alanna's for dinner.

She lives in a area of town that we call Bradyville, as all the houses look like they are straight out of The Brady Bunch!

You can tell by my hunched form and "chronic bitchface" how cold it was!


Coat-vintage, used to belong to one of G's nanas

Pussybow shirt-vintage, opshopped


Skirt-vintage, opshopped

Pom pom in hair-opshopped

Handbag-gift from Sarah

Shoes-Trade Me

A quick flash shows that I also have a wool cardigan under there! Also opshopped!

For the first time we tried Chambord, a black raspberry liquer.

French, you know!

Alannah popped some into the apple crumble she made for dessert, and then we had a wee shot.


I love the bottle. It's an orb!

Our main was a lamb tagine, incidentally.

And that is all I have to say on the matter!

On another matter, sweetheart Annimal passed on the Top 1o blog award to me!


I have to divulge my top 10 beauty products/secrets....


1: G love!

2: My own moisturiser cum cleanser made with aqueaous cream and different oils

3: Water! Lots of it!

4: Red lipstick, whatever brand I can get my hands on, currently using a Bourjois one.

5: Red lipliner. My current one was $2!

6: Black mascara.....currently using an Elizabeth Arden one

7: Black eyeliner, currently using a Lancome one

8: Shit. I think that's generally all I use! O, some hair thickener crap, whatever's going, currently using an Avon one.

9: O, yeah, Nivea eyemakeup remover!

10: Veges. My skin always look better when I'm eating lots of veges.

Phew, made it!



G's lederhosen were actually made for a 40th birthday party we went to in Brisbane a few years ago. I steered y'all wrong.


Past Caring, you rock my panties off!!!



Straight Talking Mama! said...

looking fabulous as ever even if you are cold! I LOVE Chambourd bottles it's the only reason I've ever bought it, I'm so shallow ha ha!

pastcaring said...

Get 'em back on again, quick, you'll catch your death!
You do make me laugh, you gloriously insane creature you!

Love the purple today, Helga - if only it was raining, it could have been a Prince tribute.

I've never had Chambourd, I'm not really a liqueur kinda girl (that rhymes) but it would be worth trying just for the fabulous bottle. It could be used for all sorts of royal tomfoolery, if you had a crown and sceptre handy...

PS. Still laughing at your last post - was it inspired by the Sound of Music, or was that just a happy coincidence?

Kitty said...

Youch it must be cold, four bloody layers!! I slept in short sleeves last night...yep, we've had our 3 whole days of winter.

Yours and G's party outfits you posted yesterday were just BEYOND fabulousness!!! You guys should be in some sort of video with those costumes on, I esp. love the pic of G in the bottle shop, hilarious!

Rose&Bird said...

You never can tell from a photo how cold it is! It looks so sunny, but those are my favourite kind of winter days. Rocking the purple x

Vix said...

You don't look cold, just as hot as a hot thing can be in all that glorious purple and that divine pussybow blouse. I love that bag Sarah gave you, it's so chunky and luscious.
I got some of that Chambourd stuff in my goodie bag at London Fashion Week and necked it on New Year's Eve, I can't remember what it tasted like but thought the bottle was divine.
Love YOU!

VainGlorySinner said...

You look great in purple! Lots of purple! It must have been bloomin cold to be wearing that many layers!

Loving the chronic bitch face!

I thought that liquor was a perfume bottle at first! What a glamorous liquor bottle and it looks like it made you very happy indeedy!

I really must do this 10 beauty secrets tag thing! LMAO @ G LOVE! xxx

Miss Peregrin said...

Despite the cold & the chronic bitchface, you still look amazing! It must have been truly freezing to pile on all those layers.

I love that liqueur bottle as well! How fancy.

sacramento said...

Fantastic lady in purple.
Send me some cold, we are on fire here, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Misfits Vintage said...

You look gorgeous, SPECTACULAR as always amor - and I especially ADORE that purple coat. How divine.

That bottle is quite gorgeous and I also LOVE pastcaring - let's have a threesome!

Sarah xxx

Krista said...

So how cold was it ?:) Find a little comfort knowing it's summer over here and when my winter rolls around your posts will be my sunshine!

Chambord, I love it with some blackberry reduction over vanilla ice cream, your friend has the right idea! It's also a must add to New Years Champagne, just a touch mind you.

Purple is divine on you and I love this frilly flowery blouse.

Your water and veggies beauty tip TRUE DAT!

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog my dear, I find comfort in this fabulous community of unique and beautiful women!

Bonnie said...

You look great in purple and judging from your sidebar so do Dame Edna and Mrs. Slocombe! Lovely background and I love that coat! Hope your dinner was spectacular.

PS - Bitch face? Nonsense!

Perdita said...

I love the flashing pose, it looks like you are trying to reveal a weapon or show something secretive! Dangerous Helga!!

Franca said...

Isn't the chambord bottle funny! I always feel they should bring out a drink that's in the shape of a sceptre (that how you spell it? probably not!)

Love your outfit by the way!

seƱora Allnut said...

love purple color with mad passion, and love how you wear it so fabulously, and love your oldie coat and that long skirt!
(and love all that crap you wear at every party you assist, so fun and delightfully wild!, you're awesome!)
besos & purple

lasophia said...

Love that the purple matches the Chambord! That stuff is delicious! You make me laugh haha chronic bitch face. Get well soon!


dressingup-everyday said...

fabulous coat and amazing mix of shades.Love your blog, it's really hilarious.
Thanks for your nice comment.

La Dama said...

Yet another gorgeous coat amor and in a lovely shade of purple. I make that biatch face in the heat. I cant even tell its cold there everything always looks so sunny like california.
Chambord never tried it, bottle matches your outfit.

Anonymous said...

The purple in this outfit is so true--always the most difficult color to photograph.

Your list of beauty tips makes me feel so much better...

Love me some Chamboard!