Sunburst and Snowblind

What artist's song is that?!

A brief frolic in the snow today-it was still really thick this morning, and we didn't have to go into work until 9am.

But we couldn't get out until getting onto midday!

This is the kind of snow you hear about usually, not experience!

Apparently we had a blizzard!

Wasn't the Blizzard of Oz though.

Pee Pee seemed to be into it today; she was running around like crazy!

There's little paw prints everywhere!

Humphrey was far too dignified, really.

Getting to work wasn't too bad, except I got a huge fright when a massive pile of it dropped from the roof onto the windscreen.

G, incredibly cool, had expected that to happen, and wasn't distracted by my girly shriek.

He's so manly!


Ooo, slight distraction, there's an ad for the Tim Roth tv show, "Lie to Me". I've never seen it, despite having a wide on for Tim Roth a mile wide. He's not refined like Colin, he's my bit o'rough.

That nose!

I don't know why, but I do rather fancy men with big noses (hellooooo Christopher Eccleston!) and crooked teeth (helloooooo G Man!).

Tim is just so adorable in "Pulp Fiction".

(or is it Honey Bunny? Whatever.)

I wouldn't mind being his Pumpkin.


Yes, um, sorry about that.


I dunno, suddenly I'm quite warm!



Vix said...

You are so fabulous in your snow outfit and I got to see you for real!!! I adore that leather coat ad you know I love the hat and frock.
Tim Roth and Chris Eccleston are soooo hot, Colin doesn't do it for me, he's too nice.
Love you!

Max said...

ooh you look ace, that dress is F.A.N.T.S.T.I.C! I couldnt do Tim, too short maybe?! but Chris, Colin et al, yum!

Ivy Black said...

There's gorgeous you are in the snow.
I love that coat.
I too fancy Tim Roth and have a thing for big noses. Christopher E is superb. Alan Rickman is my top blokey though..nose isn't so huge but his teeth are a bit wonky like mine! Wonky teeth rule!!xxx

Llara is the Little Scribbler said...

I'm all for a strong facial feature on a man - bigger noses, big lips, strong brows - all good!

I love your snow poses - they're so cute, yet wanton!

LandGirl1980 said...

I have never seen someone looking for frocking glam in the snow in all my days!

Smashingbird said...

I'm surprised the snow hasn't melted cos you look HAWT! ; ) xxx

delia hornbook said...

LOL no wonder your warm talking about that little trio ;-)) Your looking today in red i love your coat. I have a 70's red leather coat but its pretty long and doesn't have the trim like yours which i have to say is great, Enjoy the snow and go steady, dee xx

La Dama said...

You look gorgeous in the snow Mamas.
that red dress is my fave amor.
your too hot to handle, thats why.
loving that red hot jacket, zebra detail is stunning.
Tim Roth is hot, guys with big noses are the best looking.

Vintage Coconut said...

ATTN: Hot TAMALE alert!!!
Gosh I love that red jacket. This outfit your rocking is awsome.

I shouldn't be seeing snow for at least 3 months. I kinda want to wear some faux fur.. but its too warm. lol

pastcaring said...

Look at you a-frolicking in the snow! The coat and dress are just fabulous.
Yup, gotta love a quirky man - see, your Colin love surprises me, I would have thought he was too straight for you, but maybe you fancy messing him up a bit?
But G need not fear - he's got it all (even if he won't play at being Sonny...)!

Nelly said...

What no snow angels?I am disappointed but you did lok great in that red jacket I am having some red moments myself lately.Must be our way of sticking it at winter!!

Tomye said...

Love the Red!

Krista said...

Looking smoking hot in that to die for red coat. Em em good! Wow snow it looks so odd to when the sky is so blue and clear.

I'm not really into Tim or Chis but I do have a crush on Nathan Fillion, his nose is big and delicious :)

Terri said...

You're such a funny writer! How many inches (of the white stuff) did you get? And is it blinding? Sometimes, the sun on snow is blinding and it makes me tear up.

Kitty said...

Love that red coat!
I go for men with sexy voices and hands...I'm probably wierd!
The snow looks so fun.xx.

Frocktasia said...

Dearest Helga,
loads of powder, what fun!
You're looking splendiferous in that scarlet ensemble my dear;)
I agree with you about Tim Roth, he makes my list of 'Pinnacle of manhood' too. He's the spit of one of my X's...shame the guy was a complete knob-wad :(
Never mind it's not as if I'm complaining, I've got my beautiful hubby :)
Take care luv,

VainGlorySinner said...

You look very hot in that red AND zebra print coat!! I'm surprised the snow wasn't melting around you!

Love it!

That rant about your dream blokes really made me chuckle! You're priceless Helga!

I remember when it was snowing here this year.. it was here for weeks! I got so sick of seeing it in the end!

I hope you and G are keeping toasty! xxx

Claire said...

Oh Helga, you cheeky minx! you started off with a title from the wonderful 'COCKS' (aka the brilliant Cocteau Twins) of course, which seems to sum up the background theme to your post nicely!
Sugar hiccups! From the flagstones! don't know the others though. Pearly dewdrops drops for me - my fave from the early days!

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Lolz! You are letting that snow know who's boss. Gorgeous xxx

janiece said...

Ooh ooh it's the Cocteaus with the lovely Liz! And i like a big nose too on a gentleman, and crooked teeth within reason. David Bowie used to have a really cute crooked one and to my horror he FIXED it! Great outfit combo too.

Miss Peregrin said...

That coat is fabulous! I love you in red.

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy bejesus- you look FABULOUS! I LOVE your jacket amor - and the frock!!! I love the bit of lace at the neckline - it's all in the details, darl!

All that snow is AMAZAPANTS! On the odd occasion that it snows here, it barely touches the ground before it melts, then there's a bit of sludgy grey slop on the ground for a minute and that's it... disappointing! Nothing like your fantastic cover!

Loveisalosinggame, Sarah xxx

señora Allnut said...

dear helga, I would like to stole the whole outfit!!, yes, I'm enthusiastic with all that red and the fabulous red coat with that fringe!!
(and I also find Tim Roth attractive, or Jean Reno, or young Al Pacino, mmm, it's something about their great noses and great personalities)
besos & red forever

readwatchrelax said...

Tim Roth is awesome in "Four Rooms"! it's one of my faves. and yay! someone else thinks Christopher E. is cute - I thought I was the only one.
and oh, that jacket? I must find one ;)

Alex said...

Oh I love Christopher E. Yum! I'm also quite partial to Philip Glenister and I doubt anyone in their right minds would describe him as handsome. Sexy though.

I think I'm going to bookmark this post for our winter. I get very boring and grey when it snows (all my knitwear is grey, dunno why) and clearly what I need to do is channel my inner Helga and frolic about in glorious red.

lady sélénite said...

I can't believe you have snow ! Well, I love your outfit for singing in the snow !