SUNday it is!

It has been a stunning sunshiney Winters day here; I've been in short sleeves all day!

We had a great night last night, we cooked up a storm and blithered and listened to tunes and drank lucious wine........

I've got some splendid pix to share.........tomorrow!

Today has been pretty lazy.

After the clean up, that is!


Frock-opshopped and customised by moi




Tights-my Vix

Shoes-Trade Me

Hair decoration-my Sarah !
Hair-freshly laundered!!!

And here are the two pix I managed to take of me in the fab frock from Nelly at Dave's on Friday night!

I've also got the knitted hair bow she sent pinned on the front!!

The beret is the one I picked up in the opshop on Friday.

I will get better pix of the frock when I take it in-it only needs to come in about 1cm either side,really!

I might take it up a bit too!

It's such a faaaaabulous frock!

Thank you again, darling Nelly!


Right, Sunday dinner is on; G and I are going to watch a movie.

I'm looking forward to nigh-nigh land after our big night last night!


Vix said...

Yay! I'm first to comment!
You are a sight for sore eyes on a sunday morning, absolutely ravishing and a flash of a bare arm to boot.
How wonderful to have sunshine, it's been pissing down here all weekend, October in July as the BBC weather are calling it.
Your hair looks particularly awesome in that top picture and I'm loving the bow on Nelly's frock.
Enjoy dinner and the movie. I've just got up to bring Jon tea and biscuits in bed, a lazy day calls.
Love you!

Kitty said...

Oh wow I love both these outfits, the blue/green in particular really suits you, and seriously is there ANYTHING your hair can't wear?? It looks awesome ALL THE TIME!!

Vintage Coconut said...

Well Hello there,
Your freshy laundered hair looks gorgeous as do you!

I am lovin those sparkley shoes on you and both outfits look great on you! But I have seriously never seen anything I haven't liked on you so WHAT THE HELL?!

Ronnie Rabbit said...

I saw those shoes in your other blog so when I saw you wearing red I hoped you would have them on when I scrolled down, and yes you did! They look amazing on, how could you not click your heels in those :)

Nelly said...

You know I call you HH- Hot Helga well seeing you in that outfit I see hwy I call you la la girl!

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Loving your long hair! Red is just sensational on you and those sparklers of shoes, eek! Fabulousness! xx

Bonnie said...

Am loving the first couple of pics. You are a vision in pink, your hair is lovely, and those shoes are winking at me! I am also hearting your new beret and the knitted bow on your dress. Really, I love everything you wear!


Ivy Black said...

You look gorgeous in pink y'know! And I do love to see your long hair. xxx

Louise said...

I'm not used to seeing you with your tresses out in that fashion, don't you have beautiful hair? It looks great down like that too. Xx

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh darling I just LOOOOOVE your hair in the third pic - and I ADORE everything - especially your tights and shoes... The shoes!!

Hope you had a lovely dinner and movie with your lovely G.

Love... Monday tomorrow!~

Sarah xxx

pastcaring said...

Well, you have most certainly cheered up a wet'n'windy Sunday! A sizzling hot red/pink combo AND the gorgeous tresses unleashed - you spoil us!
Vix sends you great tights, doesn't she? I reckon you and Desiree should have a tights-off. If you see what I mean, not intending to sound quite so pervy...

Enjoy your evening, love!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I think I'm stalking your blog since I always hit yours first. Love the tights!!

Dumb question - when you say oppshopped is that code for something? Or is there really a store called oppshop?

Perdita said...

Sunshine!! I wish we had some too...

Loving that pink frock in particular- your hair is great that way.

Miss Claire said...

Ohh, sunny days! That was us yesterday, I was trekking up and down the street busking with exposed arms! Funny, pale arms at that, but not for long! Looks like you had a lovely Sunday, and I can't wait to see Nelly's frock in full :)

Xoxox Claire

Krista said...

Wow, you just made my morning! You are gorgeous with your hair down, my oh my! I love everything about this outfit. The pink dress, the ruffles poking out and those tights....I'm dying over here!!!!

I must go look again! You make the world a better place with your bright beauty!!!!

Rae said...

Shoe envy again!!! I want sparkly shoes too! You look fabulous in your gloriousness of pink and red, loving the whole look, specially the touch of petticoat peeping out

La Dama said...

looking all sexy demure Mamas. I bloody love your hair down. I bet G man does, I know mi Buddy loves it when I wear my hair down.
shoe jealousy too, I want glitter shoes. love that green beret and big ass bow amor.

Alex said...

Oh well that's not a bit fair. It's meant to be summer here and it's been freezing cold and pissing down with rain all day. Looks like it'll be the same all week :( I'd best dig out my jumpers as I don't think I'll be in short sleeves any time soon.

delia hornbook said...

Ohhhhh red sparkly shoes....Dorothy from the wizard of Oz ;-)) I love them and your pink dress is so pretty to. You look gorgeous in your green hat your hair looks lovely. Enjoy your eveing meal and your film, dee xx

Smashingbird said...

Glorious outfit - those sparkly shoesies are deeevine! xx

Dashfield Vintage said...

Ooo I love how colourful your outfits always are, beautiful! Christchurch was always my absolute favourite place to go hunting for vintage treasures... do you know if a lot of the places are still up and running?

KibitzKnitz said...

Ah! Glorious Sunshine! Ah! Glorious Helga! Bangs and Bumpit to boot! Those ruby slippers are Rad! and Big Love to those tights. I wish I could wear them, but I'm too tall and they 'creep' downward, driving me batty!

I hope you continue to have mild weather; I'll send you some of ours, as we're MELTING here in MI. 90+ F. (32 C.) all week long. Bleah... I need Lake, Big Lake!

Crystal Lee said...

so glad you got some sunshine! I adore those tights! and pink & red are always an awesome combination. Here's wishing you plenty more sunshine.

The Brunette said...

I love your blog posts and that green hat looks fabulous on you x

Miss Peelpants said...

You have the bluest eyes!! As a sludgy-grey-eyed person I can only envy and wonder at you.

And those tights are AMAZING! xx