There's a light-burning in the fireplace

It's a little dim, though!

Not a lot to say today.


What I wore to work yesterday:

Frock-early 60's, judging by the metal zip. It's really comfy, and I love the colour & paisley print.

Cardi-vintage, opshopped years ago, and I still haven't put buttons on it!


Shoes-Trade Me

My poses are very Alex today, I think!

Necklaces-both vintage, the beads were opshopped, and I think I got the pendant in a London market in 1989. I've just started wearing it again recently.

A random pic of an incredible nachos that the G-Meister made!

A previously unpublished outfit pic from a couple of weeks ago that I had forgotten about!

Um, yes.

That's it for today, really.

I could apologise for my excessive use of Silhouette hairspray in the 80's, but what's done is done.

I could tell you all about my rambling truck driving dream, but it wasn't very interesting.

I could tell you about the fight Pee Pee and Humphrey had over G in the middle of the night, but I was asleep and only heard about it second-hand.

I could sing Rocky Horror songs to you ad nauseum......

but maybe another day!


(any requests?!)


Ronnie Rabbit said...

Your dress is lovely, I love the pattern and colours. Do tell about your rambling truck dream, seems you and I have a connection, was your truck blue and called Betty? SPOOKY!

Franca said...

ace dress! i really want nachos now, and its only 9 am!

Camelia Crinoline said...

That cardigan is adorable. I love the wee flowers. Those nachos are making my mouth water. Any ad nauseum singing of Rocky Horror songs would be fine with me.

Vintage Coconut said...

OI! I love your green dress Helga and the blue cardigan goes so well with it.
I had nachos this evening.. but I will tell ya what.. yours look much better than the ones I had.

*sigh* I love olives!

Louise said...

'Tell us about it Janet'

I love Rocky Horror and have still never seen a live show of it, or one of those crazy screenings! :-(

I love the black flowery dress, it's beautiful, and the Nachos look lush.


Trees said...

Sing more rocky!!

G makes amazing nachos.

I love the wee cardy in the first picture - I find cute vintage cardies are so hard to come across. In fact everything cute and vintage gets snapped up far too quickly in this town :(

Nelly said...

You are so quiet is all well or are you too frozen to think? Did you get my FB message? If so I need to know asap lol If not darn will resend just let me

VintageSweetheart said...

Love that dress and the cardi matches the blue in the dress so well!

VainGlorySinner said...

Oh I would LOVE to hear you sing a Rocky Horror song!! :D

That paisley dress is such a lovely colour and looks especially nice with those gorgeous gradient pearls draped around your neck!

I hope the kitties have made up after their little falling out! My bundle of cat goodness is currently curled up having a sleeping fit - whiskers and head are twitching like mad! (maybe she's chasing a mouse in her dream!)

G-Mans nachos look scrummy! xxx

two squirrels said...

Oh that dress is great and powder blue cardy with little flowers super cute. Always splendid you are Miss Helga! Love V
Lovely to hear pussy cat stories, so missing the furry friend. Xxxx

La Dama said...

You still look hot Moz paisley dress, especially the beautiful fabric. yes sing me some Rocky Horror amor.

Alex said...

Staring at the floor is my favourite pose! Hahaha it's only because I'm so awful at looking straight at the camera.

Gorgeous frock and cardi :) And the beads! Love them.

pastcaring said...

Now even you, Helga, can't be all singing all dancing ALL of the time. So a quietly elegant post is just fine. We can feast our eyes on those lovely 2 dresses (nice hint of cleavage too, always a winner) and G's nachos.
Hope the kits have made it up. Various combinations of mine sometimes have a little tussle for bed space at night, think it's all about the feline pecking order. Kids are the same...

Vix said...

Who needs words when we can feast on your fabulousness? I love both outfits but the the pink number is RAVISHING!
Please can G make those nachos when I come round? Phwoar, gorgeousness!
Our kitties were very bad in the night and ended up being picked up, chucked out and banished to the landing for the rest of the night.

Krista said...

Helga you make me laugh out loud. I am loving this lil sweater that color is one of my favorites and the string of pearls love the green!

NACHOS....G is amazing!!!!!!

and I love your last outfit too especially that crazy pink necklace.

Crystal Lee said...

I love how you play with different colors in your outfits. you are brilliant, my friend.

the fashion turd said...

please send me the pink necklace in the last photo pronto please. And i love the hair in the last post, i would have been about 4 or 5 years old then hee hee!

delia hornbook said...

Do you know what sometimes there are no need for words. You look lovely again. I adore your green dress and cardigan infact the whole outfit is just fab. And so is the pink and black. And those Nachos's WOW they have got my mouth watering what has he put on them? dee xx

Frocktasia said...

Dearest Helga,
I would be pretty schtum too if that plate of Nachos was to be placed infront of me that's for sure...I'd make pretty disturbing cookie-monster like noices that's all ;)
I haven't had Nachos for ages and they used to be my favourite thing to order pub grub wise...I could demolish a share plate of the wee devilishly tasty triangles all to myself in five minutes flat, especially after a few pints.
I love both the frocks and that cardi is cute as a button even if it doesn't have any.
Take care love,

Kitty said...

Helga in black is always a good thing! Love that dress! What is sauce in the middle of the nachos?? Looks great.xx.

Anonymous said...

Admiring the necklaces in both outfits. Do you have any crinolines you could show off?

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh that first outfit is sublime - I ADORE the beautiful frock and the cardi is so lovely! You do look quite whimsical.

The second outfit is FABULOUS! You look amazapants in the frock!


Sarah xxx

Miss Rosette Brune said...

lovely cardi