Hahaha, the post title refers to an expression I recently heard:
Dave (at work): " Such and such has got passionfingers "
Me:" wtf ? "
Dave:" They fuck everything they touch "

I was very amused.

Feck me, but you ladies rock!
Thank you all for your opinions/advice re what to do about the lace (yes, rather Queen Mum, but I love her so yay!) frock/jacket!

I'm still uncertain, but.....
Um, yeah, I suppose I should try wearing it!!!
That's the first piece of advice I'll take on!
I'll wear it this weekend, and try styling it up Helga-esque, and see what y'all think.
And what I think!
And we'll go from there.

Frock-vintage, Trade Me
Jacket-gift from Nix
Tights-Love to Dance

More fave scans from the History of Underwear.....
This womans arse is fantastic!!!

And lucky last, here's a collage of some early 90's camping pix!!
Oooo, I was much slimmer and less buxom back then!!

Darlings, a dilemma

I got this early 60's frock and matching jacket off Trade Me last year.
It's in splendid condidtion, and fits perfectly.......but........
the colour....
It's just too drab, this flat, musky shade of pink.
What to do?!
I'd like to dye it.
Maybe burgundy, or a brighter shade of pink.
What do you think?
Should I dye it at all?!
I don't think it would damage it; and I think it would take the colour well.
It's been years since I dyed anything, but I seem to recall satins can take an interesting bit of hue on, and this kind of cottony lace should soak up colour quite well.
Any advise, or opinion greatly recieved!!
I'd really like to wear the damned thing!!!

As an aside, here's a scan from the History of Underwear book that Nelly sent me....
I love these broads!!


Little fish, big fish, swimming in the water

It was a little overcast, but perfect for tequila.
I picked up this slightly damaged vinyl purse the other week that is just perfect for keeping my pink sunnies in!
This handbag was $10 in my local St Vinnies last year.
I wasn't too impressed at first. Being a cheap bitch, I didn't really want to pay more than $5.
I circled around a bit, but simply couldn't leave it; it's in impeccable condidtion!
I use it quite a bit, it goes with almost everything!!
I popped around to see Justine and Baby Rose, and found our lovely Jimmy James there!
Justine is still a little fragile, still not ready for a close up, and was so NOT into tequila.
That's ok, I had one for her too!
But she did indulge me by taking some outfit pix.
She's good like that.
Frock-opshopped in Sydney
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-vintage, opshopped
Sequin bow-opshopped
Brooch-Rozelle markets in Sydney
Justine still has that bloody swiss ball lying around in the backyard.
I can't keep away from it.....
You'd think I would've learnt by now.
I'm quite addicted to PJ Harvey's "To Bring You My Love" album at the moment.
I picked it up for a fiver off Trade Me the other week, and have been thrashing it.
I have such a huge list of cd's I need to get, loads that I have just never got around to getting;that was one crossed off!

O, I forgot to say that I didn't realise at all that my Friday frock was see through..........hahahaaaa, apolexies all round!

And Alex , darling, I don't conciously match my outfits to the paintwork, but sometimes I too wonder......!!!

A little light bellowing in the bathroom

Hahaha, I like that I was a little shocking with my black outfit yesterday!
But in a good way, it seems!
We're back on schedule with a colour bomb here, though!
We spent last night doing vocals, in the bathroom.
As you do.
Nix brought me these two old suitcases!
A gal can never have too many suitcases!
In between bellows, we messed around a bit.

G is wearing his new shirt that Jen sent him!
My frock is one that Sarah sent me a while back.
I'm a symphony in blues and coral!
We were reasonably successful, got a couple of songs down, I think.
One of these days you'll get to hear something.........really!
Gah, it seems to go on forever!

The tote has now left the lovely La Boheme and is on it's way to Stacey !


Friday Frocktacular!

This isn't the frock I intended to wear today!
I actually really wanted to wear the fabulous frock that Desiree sent me, and even had it on.....but realised it is just far to nice and possibly too fragile to wear to bloody old work! So I changed frocks and kept everything else on!
You'll just have to wait another day for it, it's spectacular!!
Frock-vintage, opshopped
Hat-vintage, from darling Desiree
Sunglasses-vintage, fromscrummy Sarah
Tights-from lucious Vix
Bag-vintage cosmetics case, Shabby Chic Market
I came home to a wee parcel from our lovely friend Nicole, who has just moved to Brisbane! In it was this lovely blue ring, and these amazing earrings, below!!!
She's such a gorgeous girl!!!
Thanks, lovely!
Label shot for you label whores!

As you know (or may not, if you're a new reader), I work with lots of blokes; I do inventory/factory data entry and am in and out of a store all day. Anyway, they don't say much about my attire, usually, or really notice. But today, I was strolling down an aisle to collect some paperwork, and one of the young bucks said that I looked like "I was married to a President, with the short hair and (he waved his arm around towards my hat)..." I said, "o, you think I look a little Jackie O? I'll take that as a compliment", and he said that it wasn't intended as such, it was meant to be an insult. I wasn't perturbed at all, whatever, little boy, and then another chap piped up with "what do you know about fashion, faggot?!", which made me laugh...and then I realised that he had just defended my honour, whether he intended to or not!
How sweet!

Wino and Song

A boozy Sunday afternoon pose off.
I realised that I had not worn this fabulous maxi since January!
It cost me a whole $5, and dammit, I've gotta get some wear out of it and it's booboid hugging glory!
Frock-vintage, opshopped
Stockings-Shiga, Japan
Pink rhinestone necklace-vintage, gift from G
Pink "bib" necklace, big "pearl" ring and ring on left hand-Vix of the Divine Hippiness
Huge cocktail ring-Sarah of the Chutzpah Laden
Ring on right pinkie-gift from lovely reader
Earrings-opshopped, turned from clip on to hook by moi
Flower-feck knows, made into clip by moi
Pee Pee does not look amused!
I don't suppose I would either, if some huge human was lurching around trying to clutch me.
So yes, there was some wine involved, and the song was in fact songs, as I listened to the Bongwater album "The Power of Pussy" with Nix a couple of times. It's a great album. Hadn't heard it in years. Glad I picked it up. I googled the chick from the band, Ann Magnuson, and found out that she is also an actress, and was in fact the cigarette girl in Desperately Seeking Susan and one of the couple David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve bring home from a nightclub to munch on in The Hunger, amongst other things.
How cool is that?!