Aga bloody DOOOO

My frigging internal radio has tortured me all weekend with that appalling "classic" Agadoo.

What did I do to deserve that?!


I'll get to our weekend away in a sec, but the most exciting thing is that I came home to a parcel from one of my favourite readers, Curtise!!!


Out of the blue!

Methinks some sneaky work has been going on in the bckground......hmmmmmmm?!

I'm wearing one of the frocks above, which I simply had to wear, 'cos it's so tropical!

The print!

Fits perfectly!
Thank you, Curtise darling!!!

I also received another frock, in purple that is screaming to be worn at a dinner party (good thing we are having one in a couple of weeks!) and a copy of a 1964 English "parade" magazinewhich has had G mesmerised.......needless to say I have to wear my super pointy 60's bra for him soon.

And the coolest card with the sweetest words inside......

Curtise, my lovely, you encourage me to greater heights all the time with your wonderful comments!

XXX (big sloppy ones)

Thank you ever so much!!!

Ok, now here's a few titbits of our weekend away....

We managed to hit every opshop in Timaru and Oamaru.

Didn't pick up an awful lot, but we did get a couple of things.

But I can't show you any pix yet, as I haven't taken any.

'Cos I don't have the goods.....will explain later......yeah, later!

My faaaabulous 50's coat kept me very snug all weekend!

Not that you can see much of it, but Friday's frock is a retro delight I got when I was in Sydney with Sarah .

Oamaru is apparently the Steampunk capital of NZ!

I did not know that.

I quite like Steampunk, there's some bloody awesome costumes being created, and I love the sci-fi/Victorian thingy, it's just too much fun.
Having a HQ is a bit Enid Blyton, but what do I know?!

We're quite keen to come back down and play a gig at The Penguin Club sometime.

Some random old rusty bit of train.

Will get some more pix up tomorrow, I'm a little pushed for time today!

Had a lot of catching up to do at work, and have lots of catching up to do at home!

We did have an awesome time, though.

Despite a few trying episodes......!



Dashfield Vintage is sponsoring a giveaway via Lost in the Haze!

Dashfield Vintage is a blog I only found very recently, and the lovely lady is based in Auckland!

I hadn't heard of Lost in the Haze before, and it turns out the lass behind it is based in Christchurch!

She's pretty flash.


I'm always up for supporting and getting to know the locals!

Do pop over and say hi!


VintageSweetheart said...

Love op shopping in different areas! Will definitely check out those blogs!

E :)

Nelly said...

You must be a special person for all those gifts.I love me some steampunk too.I am in a ning group that has the most amazingly talented creators.

Scarlett said...

What fabulous gifts! Totally loving your coat :o) Scarlett x

trashsparkle said...

wow - 2 blasts of awesomely co-ordinated bright outfits! love the way you could immediately put your hands on some matching blue tights and a blue cardi when the lovely frock arrived! great b/w shoes - fabulous!

love the orange head-to-foot look too... but by the time I saw that pic I was getting concerned that the fake-train-wreck was properly anchored and not likely to kill anyone by toppling on them. obvs well sorted by a civil engineer or some such.... ;) x

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love the tropical dress. I always find good things in the St Vinnies in Timaru. Steampunk is cool. They have a steampunk fashion show every year in Oamaru.

Perdita said...

LOVE that tropical print. Also that snuggly coat is superb! Especially for exploring old steampunk engines, I love a bit of steampunk but I understand there are so many ruuules it's hard to get the outfits right, so I just stick with the fiction side of things.

Vix said...

Wow, Curtese has really done you proud, that tropical print is just fabulous on you especially with the cool tights and sexy arse shoes.
Loving the Deco charity shop, definitely a lot more swanky than our Brit ones.
That excited expression as you're running into the Red Cross is just brilliant. Can't wait to see what you scored, darling.
Love you!

Serene said...

Ooooooo...I love that blue! And with the bow in your hair...I'm feelin' Doris Day circa Rock Hudson! LOVELY! ~Serene

Miss Peregrin said...

Nooo, now I'm going to be stuck with Agadoo running around in my head. Why does anyone still play that song, ever? On the plus side, you look great! That tropical frock is such gorgeous blues!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

you look cozy. i want to pet you.

Mrs Munster said...

What a delicious shade of blue. Suits you perfectly.

Misfits Vintage said...

Sneaky Curtise! She knows us perfectly doesn't she! The frock is DIVINE on you darling! The 50s coat is my FAVE, as you know and I demand that you take me to Steampunk HQ when I come for a visit - how MARVELLOUS!

HRLoveandStuff, Sarah xxx

pastcaring said...

Hee hee, sneaky ol' me!!
Glad you like the frocks my dear, I saw them and I thought of YOU.
And I picked up a stack of those Parade mags at a market so if G wants more, I can supply! Or he can just get you to model your 60s undies instead, much sexier!!

Great pics, I love your eagerness to get into that Red Cross shop, and we have a St Vincent de Paul shop nearby, it's the most chaotic charity shop I know but the old dears who volunteer there are hilarious, they obviously have a blast together.
And that Steampunk HQ - who knew?
Fab coat, you always look a million dollars in that beauty!

Miss Claire said...

Ohhhh, UNTOUCHED OP-SHOPS! My heart skipped a beat just thinking of it. I bet you're like me, performing crazy stunt-worthy maneuvers in the middle of busy highways to get to the op-shop you've just spotted, and dreaming about them in your sleep! It's a crazy addiction. Your new frock is diviiiine, I love your matchyness.

Pee-pees tummy made me squeal with delight! I had to go back and look at it again today. It's lucky that I can't nuzzle it in person as I have some serious cat allergy going on!! Chomby is rolling around in front of the heater again tonight, I'll kiss his little ears for you!

Xoxox Claire

Bonnie said...

Seriously Helga, is there any color you do not look good in? I love how bright the blue is!

PS - I love me a bit of steampunk too!

Krista said...

You make everything look fun! I love this blue on you for sure. Can't wait to see your goodies!

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Those look like promising charity shops! What's the op for in opshop? Opportunity? Open? Opple? I look forward to seeing what you found! xxx

seƱora Allnut said...

whouu, so many things to comment: Loving that tropical blue print and wishing to see the purple frock on you (never too much Purple!!). Steampunk rocks and you also rock posing with that old train!, love your fabulous coat with the red and orange printed dress!

lasophia said...

Blue and rust. Me likey. I found a red cross around here but it was closed :( Who closes early on a Saturday? Thats when the freaks come out!

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

umn no, you have amazing outfits! you totally would have cool stuff lying around on your floor. where do you shop :)?

Style Sud-Est said...

You are too cool, i love it - love all your outfits - Ariane of Montreal - i will follow you!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Helga Dear,
Your coat is quite fetching. I dig it.



Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Is Curtise 'Past Caring'? Because she has left me some lovely comments on my blog at times, but she doesn't blog herself, is that right? She certainly chose well with that blue frock - it's fab.

Alex said...

I have severe op shop envy. Tell me though, do you get the usual amount of modern tat in yours as we do in ours? I'm finding it harder and harder to track down vintage items of any description in charity shops unless they've got a separate section for them (and prices to match).

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You fecking gorgeous wench you!! My memories of NZ winters are of people silently cursing at the cold and wearing head-to-toe black. You my dear are embracing the moment!! You are amazing and I think I wet myself a little bit reading your Fashion Turd interview!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Terri said...

So how many op shops are there in the area? And did you go inside the Steampunk Headquarters? There was a steampunk circus in my area this summer...but I didn't find out about it until afterwards.

Trees said...

I've never been to Timaru (only through on the bus) but I do rather love Oamaru. We wanted to go on the ghost tour when we visited but we ran out of time - boo! We did meet the book binder chap though. Looks like a fab weekend xoxox

Llara is the Little Scribbler said...

What the bejiggery is steam punk?!