Fun with the self timer; I can go for hours and hours.....or, how I spent saturday afternoon in between cooking

Hi, sexy peeps!
So, Saturday was spent with preperations for Saturday nights family dinner....

And whilst the cake was baking, a gal had to have a little play time.......

I did have some other ideas for todays post, but the blue minute men had other ideas, the little feckers.
Rain check.
We were supposed to be seeing snow today; what we have seen is the most impressive all seasons in one day display I have ever experienced!
G and I had the most wonderful lie in, with a fantastic long chat with favourite friends Mark & Pam in the States.......then Justine came around for some cheese/crackers/drinkies......and then G and I settled down to watch an episode of World War II in Colour, which I am absolutely fascinated by.
My father was 19 ( born 1922, Uralla, NSW) when he went to war; he fought the Japanese in Tarakan, off the coast of Borneo, in what was reportedly a horror episode of the war.
He never spoke of it.
The only things I know are:
He had a bullet wound scar on his right leg.
According to Mummy, he witnessed decapitations.
He would endlessly read books on the subject and just cry.
I have only become interested in learning about WW II in the years since he died; I just didn't want to know when I was younger, I thought it was just a simple case of mass slaughter with no I'm hooked on watching documentaries, and talking with G about it, who is pretty well read on the matter.
(G's Dad was a little younger than mine; he was a Nurse  with the forces that occupied Japan after their capitulation, spending his time helping the Japanese recover )
My father never left Australia again, and was quite bitter about the whole episode; G's family has very close links with Japan now, obviously a big part of that is G's brother Simon's marriage to a fantastic Japanese woman, which G's father welcomed. Times change.)
Hmmmm, that got a little meaty for a cruisy Sunday afternoon, and I nearly deleted it.
But I think I'll let that stand.


On a brighter note, I've bought a fabulous Mrs Slocombe-esque pussy bow from Dashfield Vintage , and when I wear it, you will get down on your knees and worship.
O Yes.


VintageSweetheart said...

Fashion,baking and history! you have been a clever cookie today!

I'm ready to bow down to your new fab piece when it arrives ha ha.

E :)

Nelly said...

Bowing already you magnificnt woman.Oh history how interesting it is.What a shame dad couldnt write it all down.I have seen interviews with many and it still affects them badly.I think its what turned my son who was then 17 off joining the army after watching the grief those men showed.
How lovely that Gs dad accepted his DIL so well many are still bitter sadly.
Loving that humungous bow.

Misfits Vintage said...

Best fuck-off bow ever!!! And I bow down to that skirt - GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see your new pussybow and I quite today's blouse - is it 1980s?

Only 24 hours to Tulsa! (Skype)

Lovetoloveyoubaby, Sarah xxx

Louise said...

Love you Helga!

Hubby loves anything to do with the war, he watches loads of war films. Have you seen 'The Pacific'? Its a war series which was done by Speilberg all about WWII. Its quite harrowing in places, but definitely worth a view. X

VainGlorySinner said...

Your tights are amazballs! I would so love to see you and G dressed up in Scottish attire doing the can-can LMAO! I don't know why that suddenly sprung to mind but it did..

I too love watching documentaries on WW2. History was my most favourite subject in school and WW2 and the witch hunts were my favourite things to learn about.

I always thought it would be so interesting for someone to write a book based on different peoples personal experiences and stories during the war, not just people who played a major roll but the lowest ranking soldiers too - it would be much more interesting than the usual stuff that is talked about.

I enjoyed hearing your dads story, it must have effected him deeply as it did many others but I know Japan was one of the most dreadfully barbaric areas to fight in so kudos to him!

My granddad was around the same age as your dad when he was sent to war also. He was based somewhere in Germany where he met my granny who had gone over from Holland to be a nurse.

All I can really remember was that my granny first met my granddad's brother and they were sweet on each other. My granddad had never met her at this point.

Anyway one day whilst my granddad was out driving a truck, I think my dad said they were clearing a path through a minefield, someone got off the back of the truck to have a smoke - my granddad got out to join them and stood on a land mine. His left leg was badly mangled so he had to have it amputated above the knee. That's where he met my granny - in the hospital.

I'm not entirely sure how they got together but my dad said that my granddads brother had died during the war so I'm assuming they got together after that.

I wish I was old enough for him to tell me stories from during the war but I wasn't so I've just been told what my dad knew.

I always remember my granddad had a couple spare legs in his wardrobe though which I found entertaining as a child! xxx

the fashion turd said...

thanks for this...made me realize how much i need to re connect with my daddy x

Miss Peregrin said...

Best bow! And skirt, and tights, and everything. You are one fabulous lady!

The history of World War II is fascinating, and also heartbreaking. Those poor people. I find it so beautiful that G's Dad was so good about his DIL though.

Vix said...

Look at you in your prim blouse, giant cameo and fuck-off bow. You look quite the refined and damned sexy lady until you get all sexy and posey.
Your Daddy and Jon's history sound very similar, he was a commando and had a scar across his neck which he never spoke about. What they endured must have been horrifying and the fact they kept their traumas to themselves is so sad.
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

sacramento said...

My dear Helga, I go away and you get even prettier than before.
I detest the 40ºc we found after the mild and soft English weather.
Send me some snow, please.

Alex said...

Oh I am glad you didn't delete that. My grandparents were either too young to fight during the war or in reserved occupations so there are no personal stories of it in my family but I find anything war related really fascinating.

Smashingbird said...

Dearest Helga, I hope you licked the bowl clean too, I would have! Can't wait to see your new frocccckkkk! xxx

KibitzKnitz said...

You are Mad for Plaid, M'Lady! and of course I Bow to the Bow! ;^)

That's amazing about you watching WWII in Color from BBC; Mr. Fuzzy and I just watched that over the past 2 nights. Both our Fathers were much too young to be involved (my Dad born in '50 and Fuzzy's in '39). My Papa (step-grandad) was in Korea, tho' and doesn't say much of anything about it.

I think War is just horrible for all involved and am blessed that we haven't had 1000 years of fighting on our soil like Europe has had. The USA has quite a different mindset about War because of that and unfortunately doesn't seem to appreciate that fact, I'm sure. It will be interesting (and sad) to see what the young men coming back from the Middle East have to say about it in 40 years.

Kitty said...

Ooh that skirt is rather divine my dear! Good to see you haven't grown up so much as to have stopped licking the beaters,, LOL. Glad you didn't delete the WW11 stuff.xx.

Ivy Black said...

You look so fab, babe> I love a bit of plaid and I'll be bowing before the bow!
WWII history is so compelling. Glad you decided to keep it in.

delia hornbook said...

Hello you look so dam cute today and those tights just make me smile but in a good way ;-)) It breaks my heart to think about what the men and women had to experience during the wars. dee xx

Bonnie said...

Helga, I love your photos and everything you are wearing!

I have heard many horrifying stories about the war in the Pacific. Many years after the WWII we met some actual zero fighter pilots who flew over/bombed Pearl Harbor. It was actually very interesting to get another point of view on the war.

Haley said...

I have to say, I'm in love with that giant bow! Especially cute with the hair :)

Ronnie Rabbit said...

I love the running shot, made me laugh. And no snow too, so glad you're having sunshine, lucky you.

Krista said...

You sexy BIATCH! OMG I freaking love this outfit. You are looking fabulously wicked, MEOW! Those tights with that skirt you made it work!

You licking beaters, I want some!

La Dama said...

I am love with your tartan skirt and tights amor. gorgeous MaMa,Your big gigante red bow is so lovely, love the tulle.
enjoying all your sexy poses.

lasophia said...

Love your bow of course. Wow, nice stories about your dad. I prob wouldnt speak of decapitations either. My g-pa was in WWII and loved to draw pictures of himself riding on elephants in Burma. Lucky for us, they survived.

Trees said...

Seriously Helga you have the greatest selection of tights in the world!! Love this full skirt as well - so flirty & fun:)

señora Allnut said...

love all that red and plaid combo, and how you're wearing with plaid tights, really lovely and bright!
And there were so many people that really never could speak about their bitter war experiences!, so great sadness!

Shayla said...

Loads of fun with the auto timer! You're a born model Helgs!! Love it!

trashsparkle said...

Catching up on reading posts so am a tad late here - but how much you can get up to in the 20 mins it takes for a cake to cook! I thought "she'll be doing the can-can in a minute" too.

Awful, awful stuff that people went through - with no acknowledgement of the way it affected them. They even shot people at the front who were affected mentally - for deserting for christ's sake, wtf. PTSD wasn't recognised at all - one of my mum's relatives came back from the war and just basically stayed on the floor under the kitchen table afterwards, never talked about what he'd been through.
And now kids loot for trainers and flatscreen tv's.... I wish kids had proper, ongoing, lessons about what the previous generations had to endure; it'd make them think a lot. And have some respect for their wider community. x