It's not a bar?!

And we'll have one of these.........

Where do they keep the mixers?!

We're out of frozen margaritas here!

Sometimes a gal can't avoid the supermarket and all it's sanitised glory!
G is quite particular about the breadrolls he has for his lunches; one one chain of supermarkets stocks them, so sometimes we have to run mission......that's what's in the trolley; I buy bulk and freeze them.

Little known fact:
I make G's lunches everyday, have done so for years!
I make him a nibble pack for morning tea with seeds, rice nibbles, dried fruits and wasabe peas.
For lunch he has rolls with low fat ham and mustard, or sweet chilli tuna, or free range eggs.
And he has an orange.
Everybody say AWWWWWWWWW!
Just don't call me mummy.

Now, Jen had some great stuff to say about supermarkets; as always she is succinct and frankly a hard act to follow. I feel the same way as her, basically!
As for my shopping habits-we do as much shopping as we can at the local green grocer/butcher/liquor store, but still can't avoid the bloody supermarkets! They run the world!
And the wine prices are often too good to pass up!

I do enjoy it more if slightly pissed, however.

Frock-vintage, part of a two piece, gift
Coat-vintage, opshopped
Boots-Trade Me
Necklace-gift from G
Bag-gift from Sarah
Fuck off bow-made by moi

Now, you'll be pleased to know that.......
........I have actually, finally, been doing some sewing!
Amongst other things, I made Baby Rose a new duvet cover and bolster, and I finished this frock, which had been lying around half finished (not even) for months!
I credit Nelly with helping me get my mojo on, as she put me to shame with all the goodies she's been making, and also sexy as Pyscho Sue as she is always so bloody productive!
I'm hoping I can keep up the momentum, as I really want to make a couple of new frocks, and some pants that I have been promising G forever!



VintageSweetheart said...

I love the polka dot dress. I've been inspired by everyone else's creations so I'm sewing this weekend!

I'm with you on supermarkets shame I currently work at one!

E :)

Comtesse de ferveur said...

You are rocking the supermarché! I love the gown you've made - stunning! xx

VainGlorySinner said...

Aww! G's lunchbox sounds so much more healthier than Pyf's!

He has 2 cheese sandwiches, 2 chocolate bars, a packet or crisps and a bottle of coke and he never puts on any weight! Lucky git!

Can you come and make me lunch each day too? Pretty please :D xxx

Penny Dreadful said...

I buy supermarket stuff online so I don't need to step foot in the horrid place. Fresh veg comes from our local barrow though. The spotty dress looks fab, well done xx

VainGlorySinner said...

P.S. That polka dot halter dress looks faaaabulous! I can't wait to see what you pair it with! xxx

Miss Claire said...

The frock you just finished is gorgeous! I can imagine you prancing around in it! I hear you regarding supermarkets....I try to buy my veggies from markets instead, but usually the cheap home brand stuff at supermarket wins me over, instead of the sensible buying of local produce.

It is SO cute that you make G lunch! I wish someone would do that for me every day!

Love to you and g and the kittehs!!

Trees said...

You even look amazing at the supermarket!

Your dress rocks - I want to be able to sew that well!

The Brunette said...

OMG I love the polka dot dress its so cute. I love polka dot xx

Louise said...

Don't you find that it's really hard to get your sewing groove on in the cold weather? I do. There's a snap of Autumn in the air here now, and I find the dresses I have lined up to make getting slower and slower.

I quite fancy making hats over winter. Xx

Misfits Vintage said...

You look totally fabulous - I ADORE your fuck off bow and your coat. G is SO lucky!

That frock is FABULOUS - you are so clever - and isn't Psycho Sue amazing too??

FRIDAY!!! Loveandkisses, S xxx

Kitty said...

Can't believe you make G's lunch, I hate doing shit like that, VB already does her own! New dress looks awesome.xx.

pastcaring said...

I'm with Kitty - I HATE doing packing up for the kids, thank god they have school dinners on 3 days out of 5. Other Half has to fend for himself! G is a lucky man to be so well catered for!!
You look most gorgeous doing your supermarket run - shopping calls for a Fuck Off Bow, I feel.
Loving the look of that halterneck polka dotted beauty, please model asap. Thank you xxxx

Nelly said...

First of AWWWW lovely partner xxxI make lunches 4 nights a week for 5 kids arghhh and dont I hate it?? Seems I have been making kids and lunches for years oh hang on I have.Used to do hubbys when he worked too.
2nd shucks for saying I motivated you thats sweetxxx
I am going to be sewing again soon and I love that dress.

Krista said...

G is a lucky guy but I'm sure he pretty deserving of all that attention. I have to go to about 4 different stores including Farmer's Market in the summer to do all our shopping, sometimes it's a bit ridiculous but what's a girl to do.

I am loving your polka dot dress, can't wait for Spring to see you wearing it!

Crystal Lee said...

Man, I wish I had someone to make my lunch everyday. ha! I am glad to see that you are sewing more. I aim to do some more sewing to but my sewing machine is broken (again!). I'm a pretty crappy seamstress, however. love your outfit. I'm going to have to concoct an aqua & red outfit soon, and I will dedicate it to you.

Perdita said...

How do you manage the stylishness in the supermarket? You're unstoppable!

I can't go to the supermarket p***d, I'd come home with 4 tubs of chicken wings, 15 nail varnishes and a Hello Kitty cake instead of what I went for.

I'm a total supermarket snob. I like Morrisons (superior fresh produce and fish) and abhor the rubbishness of Tesco. If I need cheapness I'd rather Asda than Tesco (especially because their clothes and beauty are better LOL).

Vix said...

What a fabulous shopping ensemble, you definitely put the super into market.
Such a splendid array of vinos.
I love shopping when I'm half cut, we usually pop into Asda to pick up cheapo booze on the way to the curry house and end up with the security team following us around closely.
That frock is freaking fabulous, I'm inspired.
Love you!

sajuki said...

amazing blog

Vintage Coconut said...

I love that coat you have on Helga and the leopard tights! *woohoo* That dress you made is so darn lovely I cannot wait to see it on you.

señora Allnut said...

you're fabulous with your great bow and that lovely red coat!, also love the leopard tights!, and I'm not a huge fan of supermarkets but it's difficult to avoid them at all!
and you did a great sewing work, so pretty polka dot dress!
besos & groceries

Max said...

I love the red with turqoise (spelling?) Helga and the dress you made is amazing, very minnie mouse (which is cool in my book!) x

Dashfield Vintage said...

That dress looks fantastic! I wish so much that I had the patience for sewing... alas I don't. Ha ha do you know what my favourite thing about the supermarket is? Being nosey and looking at what other people have in their trolley. I am always astounded by the amount of crap people buy/ eat! I admit I do most of the cooking (and cleaning) at home... but I'm trying to make sure that I don't become house mama!

Ronnie Rabbit said...

Theres something about shopping in foreign supermarkes I love, but not the local one too much. I love the polka dots, well done for getting it finally finished, now you can look forward to wearing it :)

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet the polka dot dress is so cute!!!! Roll on summer, you are going to look like a wee sweet pea in her!

La Dama said...

your a good wifey, I make Buddy's lonche too tuna and burrititos depending on what he craves. G mans lunch sounds delish. I love your shopping outfit, red coat is gorgeous amor.
I love shopping and buy everything I see, yeah super markets are a lot less cheap on booze and junk.
ooooh, polka dot dress , how pretty well done huni buni.
cand wait to see you in that frock.