Jungle Cousin Curry Phil

Here I am on Friday night, prepping for dinner with Cousin Phil (or, as we like to call him, Cousin Philicia.....or Philatio) with a nice glass of cab sav.......

I'm wearing the frock darling Nelly sent me!

I've taken it up a smidge, and taken it in a little, but I think I need to take it in just a bit more. So refreshing, when I'm normally trying to find fabric to let the damn things out!!!

The hairbow is also from Nelly, the tight were retail and so where the shoes.

The Cousin himself!
We spend more time with Cousin Phil than any other member of the extended family. We just get on really well. He's a very good boy.

Lovely fresh veges and tofu ready for the wok!

Wok and woll, I say!

Plenty of fresh chilli and some lovely lime.

Don't feck with me when I'm in the kitchen!

Pour me more wine before I go nato on your ass!

My scrummy freshly made from scratch curry paste cooking away........smells soooo good!

The finished and steamy deliciousness that is Jungle Curry!


G is wearing one of the ties Nelly sent him, plus opshopped vest and shirt.

Humpers made a sly appearance!

Gratuitous bit of leg humping going on there.

Dessert consisted of some vanilla ice cream and maple syrup-simple and tasty.

G and I aren't big on desserts, so it is rare we make or eat them!

Now, I'll post a pic of the raw tattoo tomorrow; it's fnished, as far as I can tell! Once it's healed I'll be able to see if there is more tweaking to be done. Next I'm going to get my lovely tattooist, Sonja, to tidy up the sad old dagger on my right arm. I had it done when I was 23, so it' s very old and tired!
And a bit butch. It doesn't really represent me now, although I do have a slightly violent streak(!), but a little rehab on it should improve it anyways.

Curtise, I totally had "The Final Countdown" on my brain Saturday night, and I'm glad I passed it on!! And Justine was in Wellington for the weekend, having a splendid time, the cow!

Ms Sinner , G was totally focused on his drumming and didn't bat an eye either at my shoving a camera in his face, nor my golden goddessness! But he did love my frock and was most attentive before and after the gig!

Ivy -yes. I do!

It's true!!!

O, and Superheidi , I nearly forgot to thank you for letting me know about those crazy clogs we were wearing down in Ophir!



VintageSweetheart said...

Love the dress. I call my Uncle Phil Phyllis! Looked like a fun night! I can't wait to see your tattoo I want some more just haven't gotten around to it!

E :)

Vintage Coconut said...

Awwwhhhh The dress you got from Nelly is lovely you look Marvelous in it. I gotta say I really love your don't feck with me picture. *LOL*
The food looks delicious *mm* *mmm*

Trees said...

How do you get so much fabulous into one outfit!! Loving the tights & shoes especially!!

Also that looks like an amazing meal - I've got to come to chch sometime & invite myself to dinner ;)

VainGlorySinner said...

No wonder Cousin Phil likes to visit with food like that! It looks yummylicious!!

I adore your tights - growl!

G looks like he's enjoying that bit of leg humping!

You look slightly crazed brandishing that knife and ladle! If your slightly violent streak looks anything like that remind me never to get on the wrong side of you hahaha! I fear for G hahahaha!!!

Loooving the lippy! xxx

Nelly said...

I knew youd look damn good in that dress.So glad it is take inable took me awhile to choose one that would be good to the girls lol

Louise said...

You and G look so loved up, it's so sweet.

I love your frock, very pretty. The colour is gorgeous.


Ronnie Rabbit said...

Another wonderful evening with fabulous food...altho you do look like you are about to spill your vino in one photo! Hope your tat goes well, can't wait to see it.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

My friend Phil I call Philbo or Philly!

I love it how the cat just has to make an appearance in photos! Fab!

I adore you in those leopard skin tights and matching hair bow - Lush, Helga!

Perdita said...

You can't beat jungle curry! My fave, nom nom nom.

Georgia Rose said...

Love love love the outfit, especially that amazing bow! G looks so good too, the vest with the shirt is a killer combination. You two are the cutest! Also, that curry looks delicious.

pastcaring said...

Mm mm mm - don't know which is the more delicious, you in that frock or the curry.
And I STILL haven't got any leopard print tights, I need some badly - I get leg envy every time I see yours and Desiree's.
I most certainly would NOT feck with you in the kitchen, you are scaring the bejesus out of me with that knife!

seƱora Allnut said...

so funny and delicious watching you in your cooking activities, with a glass of wine in your hand and that wonderful Cinzano apron!
Love your dress and how you wear it with leopard tights, such a bright idea!, and G. also looks fabulously elegant!!
besos & glamour

Krista said...

I don't know what I love most about you....you or that fact that you are a fabulous cook...chief! Dang girl that curry has me drooling......DROOLING!!!!!

What a lovely nice in you had! That dress Nelly sent you in beautiful. Can't wait to see the ink ;p

pastcaring said...

Forgot to say...
Love it when you and your fabulous G-man get snuggly (or leg humpy, either is good) and please can you provide the recipe for Helga's Hot-as-Hell Homemade Curry Paste?
Much obliged!

Bonnie said...

I don't think I've had jungle curry but it looks great! Of course you are looking divine and I love that photo of a cozy you and G. Hi to Uncle Phil!

Oh, and I do think you need to share that curry past recipe so I can try it too.

Tomye said...

Tres' Elegant! Both you and the dinner. You have such beautiful features and photograph so well. Cheers!

Rachel - Firebird said...

Ha ha, I love you leg humpy pair.

I need the recipe for Helga's jungle curry paste in my life

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

OMG, the curry looks utterly delish.

lasophia said...

YES! this is exactly what I wanted to see. That looks delicious! We had frozen pizza around here. Im so ashamed/broke. All my best to you and Philatio, bahahaha. Such a great name!

Max said...

Both the dress and the dinner look scrumptious!

Alex said...

Woah Nelly! What an amazing frock!

The food looks pretty damn tasty too. Yes it's 1.15am and I'm starving. I should probably get to bed and ignore my stomach.

Vix said...

Nelly did you and the divine Mr G proud! Good god look at the pair of you.
The food looks rather tasty and so does cousin Phil, a bald bloke who likes cats and food, deffo a winner.
Love you!

Misfits Vintage said...

I don't understand - in my HEAD, I did a lovely long comments DAYS ago but there's nothing here... maybe I imagined it!!!

You look AMAZING - LOVE the leopard and green combo - and G looks SPECTACULAR! This shirt and vest are marvellous and I love the pic of you together (the one on the left) so much - you're snuggling like two naughty kittens!

Jungle curry looks DELICIOUS!

Sarah xxx

Mrs Munster said...

Loving those 2 last photos. You make such a great looking couple!

La Dama said...

I adorar your green dress with leopard tights and big ass bow. You and G man look so loved up. your bowls are awesome amor. cousin Phil is in heaven with all that food. G man vest is so dapper.