Little fish, big fish, swimming in the water

It was a little overcast, but perfect for tequila.
I picked up this slightly damaged vinyl purse the other week that is just perfect for keeping my pink sunnies in!
This handbag was $10 in my local St Vinnies last year.
I wasn't too impressed at first. Being a cheap bitch, I didn't really want to pay more than $5.
I circled around a bit, but simply couldn't leave it; it's in impeccable condidtion!
I use it quite a bit, it goes with almost everything!!
I popped around to see Justine and Baby Rose, and found our lovely Jimmy James there!
Justine is still a little fragile, still not ready for a close up, and was so NOT into tequila.
That's ok, I had one for her too!
But she did indulge me by taking some outfit pix.
She's good like that.
Frock-opshopped in Sydney
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-vintage, opshopped
Sequin bow-opshopped
Brooch-Rozelle markets in Sydney
Justine still has that bloody swiss ball lying around in the backyard.
I can't keep away from it.....
You'd think I would've learnt by now.
I'm quite addicted to PJ Harvey's "To Bring You My Love" album at the moment.
I picked it up for a fiver off Trade Me the other week, and have been thrashing it.
I have such a huge list of cd's I need to get, loads that I have just never got around to getting;that was one crossed off!

O, I forgot to say that I didn't realise at all that my Friday frock was see through..........hahahaaaa, apolexies all round!

And Alex , darling, I don't conciously match my outfits to the paintwork, but sometimes I too wonder......!!!


VintageSweetheart said...

You're hilarious maybe it was the tequila's fault you fell over?? Love the bag I've been pretty pissy at the pricing in op shops lately. But $10 for that bag is ok coz it's gorgeous. I saw a belt in an oppie today for $9 are they kidding!

E :)

seƱora Allnut said...

your pics are the funniest!, and you look stunning even though bouncing on a purple giant ball!
love your little embroidered bag, and your bright tights with contrast color shoes!, so colorful and delightful!
besos & have a nice day

Trees said...

Yellow tights and pink shoes? Amazing! That bag is amazing , well worth the $10!

Mrs Cleaver said...

Love the outfit colours!The ruffle & the shoes in particular are just gorgeous! Unfortunately some op shops prices are just getting ridiculous but that bag is so pretty i think it was worth the $10.:)

Misfits Vintage said...

I LOVE the yellow tights with pink shoes - and the fuck-off sequin bow! My local Vinnies is regularly charging $75 for jackets - ARE THEY ON DRUGS?

You look just gorgeous- I love the colours in the fab frock and your bag is super sweet.

And that pic of you falling off the ball made me laugh out loud!

Lovebuggerskype, Sarah xxx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

You look very sophisticated and grown up and lady like... UNTIL YOU FELL OFF THAT BALL! Ha ha ha Tequila.

YOu've been rocking the frocks lately.
Just haven't been getting around to commenting sorry..

:0) x

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh for feck's sake you gorgeous wench - why do you keep doing this to me? My palms have gone all sweaty at the sight of that fabulous frilly frou-frou bib on your dress, that goddamn awesome bag and the tights with PINK BOW SHOES!!!! Flippin' hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting so pissed off with op shops lately, they're so bloody greedy!!! Arrrrggghhhh!!!!! Thank god I have the daily dose of you to calm me down:)) xoxoxoxoxoxo

Ivy Black said...

You look stunning, my lovely and the sight of you on that massive ball has cheered me right up.xxxx

sacramento said...

I want your bags, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. You are just amazing, LOL.

Vix said...

Just look at you, like a spring bunny on acid. I love all those bright colours and those Dame Edna specs are just the icing on the cake!
I wish you'd videoed you falling off the Swiss Ball, that would have been an amazing watch.
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

The tights and shoes are AmAzInG together! And the bow is fantastic =]

I would LOVE an hour in your wardrobe. Just to have a peek!


Shewearscrazywell said...

Awesomeness! So glad I'm not the only one who cannot always balance on her ball! I looooove the gown..see through as it may be, I never noticed. Hearts, Janna Lynn

pastcaring said...

Were you having a BALL, Helga? I think so hahahahahaha!!
Ooh I love the yellow tights, matching fuck-off bow, and those cutesy shoes - very you.
I never know what to think about charity shops charging higher prices. I resent it, really, but then feel guilty for being a cheapskate (which I am) cos it's for charidee, after all... But people are there for a bargain, right? Still, that bag IS beautiful, and if you use it loads, it's still a good buy, I reckon.

Tomye said...

I am extremely envious of those pink shoes. They are fantastic! -T

devilishlypleasurable said...

You make me laugh with your pictures. . the mustard and pink is faaaabbbbuuuulous! I get quite upset in charity shops when I see things overpriced too! x

Vintage Coconut said...

Ehahah I love when that blasted ball is included in your blog post. You look very alluring in all those little flowers. I love how your tights and shoes go perfectly.

I am a cheap bitch too when it comes to purchasing stuff. Sometimes I feel bad when at a garage sale and I ask "How much is this?" And the thing is 10 dollars more than I figure they would say.. If looks could kill.. there would be alot of police investigations into why there is a alarming rate of people keeling over while hosting a yard sale. *LOL* Now I don't look at them as if I want to kill em.. I look at them as if they are on crack. (Put them item down and briskly bee-line outta there.)

Krista said...

PJ Harvey...I love her almost as much as I love you! You should also pick up DRY and RID of ME, two of my favorite albums from her.

This frock is so sweet and with those pink bow shoes, ADORABLE!

delia hornbook said...

OMG another gorgeous dress and those shoes are just to yummy and pink for words ;-)) dee xx

La Dama said...

Another delicious spring frock, love your Minnie Mouse pink heels.
Harvey cat is such a cutie waiting patiently at your side.
sunnies bag is pretty perfect, I would of bought it and I am well cheap.
love you,tequila drinking biatch on blue ball.

Bonnie said...

Gorgeous, I love the color combo, it's blindly brilliant! Love the sunnies.

xo, Bonnie

Miss Peregrin said...

Eeek, amazingly cute shoes! They are just so "you". Love the blinding colour combination. Any day is a good day for tequila, right?

Rae said...

Love, love your shoes - you look fabby and the fabric of the dress is divine

When I drink tequila I spend a lot of time touching my nose in case it has gone missing, which is why I only drink it when I'm with old friends!

D♥R said...

You're such fun! Love the sunglasses dear lovely !

romwe said...

You look freaking awesome in these pictures,Your shining smiles,lighten the whole pics! completely adore your sweet style and photos!the print scarf and skirt,shining, The outfit is pretty simple,and pretty suites you...please check my blog if you have the time... :D