A little light bellowing in the bathroom

Hahaha, I like that I was a little shocking with my black outfit yesterday!
But in a good way, it seems!
We're back on schedule with a colour bomb here, though!
We spent last night doing vocals, in the bathroom.
As you do.
Nix brought me these two old suitcases!
A gal can never have too many suitcases!
In between bellows, we messed around a bit.

G is wearing his new shirt that Jen sent him!
My frock is one that Sarah sent me a while back.
I'm a symphony in blues and coral!
We were reasonably successful, got a couple of songs down, I think.
One of these days you'll get to hear something.........really!
Gah, it seems to go on forever!

The tote has now left the lovely La Boheme and is on it's way to Stacey !



Ronnie Rabbit said...

You're back in colour again I see, normality returns.Think I have shoe envy. Loved your friends black shawl and the vinyl shirt too :)

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh - the colours! And the suitcases! And Nix's fab fabric! You look so happy.

Amor, I know it will be worth the wait.

LoveSunnySundays, Sarah xxx
PS Are we skyping tomorrow?

sacramento said...

You are so much fun...I am coming to your next party, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
One day...
Good for the tote, it is moving, at last.

My Bathroom Is My Castle said...

What an amazing blog. I love the pics, the colours....all of the outfits look great.

Have a happy day!

XOXO Britta

Camelia Crinoline said...

You look fabulous. Old suitcases are so good for storage. I love G's shirt.

Kitty said...

Old suitcases are such a 'thing' these days, aren't they? Lucky you were way ahead, ha ha!

VintageSweetheart said...

Looks like you guys and gals were having a fun time! Love the suitcases and the outfit.

E :)

pastcaring said...

A fabulous bellowing was had by all, it seems!
You start off looking most ladylike, but then it goes a bit rock'n'roll - speaking of which, look at that great shirt Jen found for G, all those little singles spinning round!
Love the print on Nix' dress too.
And always love seeing the H'n'G lerrrrve!
PS. PLEASE put some of your music out there for us. PLEASE!!!

Vix said...

What a rocking night! G looks awesome in his new shirt and I love your bright colours (but you look dead hawt in black, too),
Those cases are brilliant, just right for cramming all your winter clothes in when Spring arrives.
Cannnot wait to hear the new stuff, I know it will be well worth the wait.
Love ya!

Alex said...

Now tell me the truth - did you deliberately match your outfit to the paintwork? Cos if so, good job! The first photo is just deliciously colourful.

Hannah said...

Love the colours, and those suitcases are brilliant!

Vintage Coconut said...

Ahhh just look at your awsome suitcases!
Yesterday while garage saling there was a almost new looking suitcase like the one you have on the left at a sale. I got all excited and asked Mr. to open it because my hands were full. The case was just open a crack and DEAR LORD it smelled like someone moth balled the entire sale. When the case was fully open there was a paper bag in it with two open boxes of the balls. (Moth balls!!) *heheh* I just did not felt like I had enough patience to even deal with the case, so I left it and its stinkiness in the yard.

I adore the dress I have a weakness for patchwork prints!

Anonymous said...

Whew! Thanks goodness the colours are back!
I was a little confused =]

These pictures are great and you seemed to really enjoy yourself =]


Tomye said...

Great color combination. I would love to hear some of your songs. -T

delia hornbook said...

You look stunning today, i adore the dress and the colours just suit you so well and with the belt it just accents your figure beautifully. You do look smashing in colours. It would be great to hear some of your musci sometime. You and G look so much in love it warms the heart, dee xx

La Dama said...

You rock in any color. Sarita always spoils you with lovely frocks. adorar the spring colors.
I love old suitcases, was looking at some today, not worth buying since they were all ripped.
I reckon I will be on your breast too if I ever meet you amor.
G man is looking snazzy in his new green shirt.
I know you have a lovely voice, would love to hear you in full action.

Miss Peregrin said...

Haha, I love it when you post pics of you & your mates. You always seem to have the most fun, crazy times. Loving the pattern on this dress of yours! All of you look fabulous.

Trees said...

Yah! Pretty frock & vintage suitcases *swoon*

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Good friends are the best - so much fun. You look really happy.

LOVE the yellow shoes. Sexy and innocent all at the same time.


Mrs Cleaver said...

Hurrah for vintage suitcases!:) Love your cardi & your shoes.Those yellow ones are awesome too.
G's shirt is fab,really suits him:)
I love the look on your face when G is kissing you.
I loved the black eyelet dress on you but it is almost odd not to see you you in bright colours.

Krista said...

The kiss between you and G makes my heart melt!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love your outfit. You look fab.