Hahaha, the post title refers to an expression I recently heard:
Dave (at work): " Such and such has got passionfingers "
Me:" wtf ? "
Dave:" They fuck everything they touch "

I was very amused.

Feck me, but you ladies rock!
Thank you all for your opinions/advice re what to do about the lace (yes, rather Queen Mum, but I love her so yay!) frock/jacket!

I'm still uncertain, but.....
Um, yeah, I suppose I should try wearing it!!!
That's the first piece of advice I'll take on!
I'll wear it this weekend, and try styling it up Helga-esque, and see what y'all think.
And what I think!
And we'll go from there.

Frock-vintage, Trade Me
Jacket-gift from Nix
Tights-Love to Dance

More fave scans from the History of Underwear.....
This womans arse is fantastic!!!

And lucky last, here's a collage of some early 90's camping pix!!
Oooo, I was much slimmer and less buxom back then!!


Trees said...

Oh looks like a stunner of a day in Chch!!

Pretty frock - you look fab as always!

Nelly said...

How come I knew you would LURVE that underwear book?
Look at you,you young thang.Havnet changed much anyway xxx

Miss Claire said...

Thanks for sharing those underwear photos...hellooo ladies!! I'm thinking, once I learn how to sew properly, I will start making my own pretty lingere! I've been wanting to do a bit of burlesque dancing for ages and I get so excited thinking about costumes!!!

I love your blue frock today, it looks so lovely on you! I need your help, pop over to my blog and give me some advice, Miss Passionfingers!

Xxx Claire

Lucy-Mae said...

Hahaha passionfingers! That's an awesome term!

Misfits Vintage said...

Well - it's difficult to believe that only a couple of weeks ago it was SNOWING - and there you are all gorgeous in a SUNDRESS!

You look absolutely GORGEOUS, amor and I LOVE that frock/tights/shoes combo.

Those vintage lingerie pics are fab.

Loveoldphotos, Sarah xxx

80sgal said...

I really love your dress and bag

Wendy said...

Hah ha what a great term!! You look fan-tabulous in your blue and white outfit, just love those sunnnies they have a real Audrey Hepburn in 'Two for the Road' feel about them, very Glam!!!

Hannah said...

Gorgeous dress and love the bow in your hair. Glad you have decided to give the suit a whirl first!

Ivy Black said...

Look at you! I do like that frock. I like bottoms

seƱora Allnut said...

whhhhoouuu for the underwear pics!!
and love your blue&white outfit, specially that long jean jacket-trench, lovely!

Kitty said...

I swear you've hardly aged at all-really!! Looking lovely and fresh in blue!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Love the 90's pic's! I also love the white tights ,I'm going to be so sad when it becomes too hot to wear tights!

E :)

Anonymous said...

*adds passionfingers to my everyday vocabulary*

Love the frock ;)

Lee x

Krista said...

I think you look better now Helga :) Blue is one of my favorite colors to see you in.

That lingerie book looks awesome!

Vix said...

You rocked then but you are even sexier now!!!!!
I adore that denim coat on you and those white sunnies are so damned cool.
Love that woman's arse.
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

La Dama said...

You look great before ,but love you even more now. especially in all your frock splendour do you do it? you even look good in a jean coat.
chonis book is fantastic,adorar the last pic of the ladies with their girdles on.
passionfingers is the best nickname ever,lol

Tomye said...

The Queen Mum doesn't have your syle. You look great! -T

Devil made in Heaven said...

Those underwear-photo's are wonderfull. Thanks for sharing. :D
Your camping pics are great. Love your colorfull clothing. When we were in France few weeks ago at the camping almost everybody was wearing kaki and jeans. :( Ow and joggingsuits.....

D♥R said...

Fabulous! I ♥ the 2nd pic !

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh don't you look marvelous!
I am loving the white and blue on you. And also your pretty flowers in the background.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

I was slimmer and less buxom back then, too. Whenever back then was.

Love you, Helga.


Pearl Westwood said...

Passionfingers LOL that really ticked me!!! Lovely frock, I love it so much when you wear white tights!!

Crystal Lee said...

love the periwinkle print on your dress! and the old photos of gals in their lingerie are pretty sweet too.

pastcaring said...

Well look at you in your lovely frock in the sunshine! That cornflower blue is gorgeous on you. But then what isn't? White sunnies + white tights = great idea.
I'm really enjoying the photos from the underwear book - especially love the last one.
And hippy 90s Helga - what a honey! (But I think you are even more awesome NOW!)

Alex said...

Ooh I love those old photos of you! Did you suddenly have a boob growth spurt or something? *fingers crossed I can have one too*

Today's frock is just fab. I very much like those offset buttons.

Lily said...

I absolutely adore that multicoloured paisleyish early 90s camping top! Do you still have it?

Miss Peregrin said...

Bitchin' outfit today! I love the frock, and you're such a babe as always.

Serene said...

Well I am lovin' the Helga in ANY decade!!!! LOVE this jacket and how well you wear it! !Serene

RETRO REVA said...

You look the same, GEORGEOUS!
Your blog makes me so happy!