We rocked on down to Retropolitan

Retropolitan has re-opened!
A favourite shop of mine and G's (G has scored some amazing menswear there over the years), Retropolitan's premises on the corner of Barbadoes & Kilmore Sts was badly damaged in the September earthquake, and then pretty much flattened in the February earthquake. They had a closing garage sale, at which I did very well, and Diane, the owner, really wasn't into thinking about starting over again.
But hurrah, all that is past, and she has re-opened her wonderful shop on the corner of Hereford St and Fitzgerald Ave!
The ridiculously sweet Vanessa mentioned a couple of days ago that Retropolitan was re-opening today at 10am.
We were there with bells on!
That's Diane on the right, looking foxy in her green/black jacket.
Loretta, on the left, is her right hand lady.
Who's that tart in the middle?!
I couldn't wait to get my paws on some of Diane's goodies!
This is a Rex travel bag, so fecking awesome I could squeal!
And I did!
This tooled leather number has my name on it, I think.
I stupidly didn't try this on, I didn't think it would go around my booboids, but when I was leaving, Vanessa was about to try it on, dammit........and now I want it!!
I wonder how she got on with it?!
This frock gives me the horn!
As does this hat!
This fit like an electric dream and came home with me!
This case is perfect with my outfit!
This little darling also came home with me!
G rather liked these bowls; he normally doesn't go for 70's pottery much. I'm usually the one exclaiming over it!
I really like that blue & white bag top left.
It should have come home with me.
Lo and behold, Vanessa and Warren of Two Squirrels turned up!
It's the first time I have properly met Vanessa.
She and Warren owned 2 amazing vintage shops in the city, Two Squirrels and Tete a Tete, but both shops have been lost to the earthquakes, sadly.
They are re-opening Two Squirrels in Rangoon (Rangiora) next month!
It makes me so very happy that we have some spectacular survivors out there!
I just loooove Vanessa's resplendent purpleness!

And then it was time to go.
O, we had taken Nix with us, but she was very hungover and not ready for her close up.
But she did find a fantastic 60's cocktail frock!!!
I will have to get a snap of her in it....
Anyway, she and I then went off to the school she works at, Rangi Ruru, where there was a clothing sale being held.
And I found....
These 3 pairs of fabulous shoes!!!
Two of the rings I wore today!
The one on the left is from Vix  , and the one on the right is from Sarah !
I'm soooo lucky!
Brooch-vintage, opshopped
Two piece frock/jacket-vintage, opshopped
Hat, handbag, beads-vintage, opshopped
Detail of my tights; Sarah sent me these!
The shoes I bought off Trade Me, and just picked them up yesterday!

We have been having a gloriously sunny day; look at our lovely pink camellia against the blue, blue sky!

 And finally check out the awesome ring Desiree sent me!
A gal is almost worn out!
But, tonight we are off to dinner and a movie with friends!
How very civilised!!


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Here I am innocently listening to a spot of Prodigy (Funky Shit to be exact) and I can't help hip thrusting at all the horny goodness I'm seeing here!!!!!!!!! Your fave shop which has twice risen phoenix-like from the ashes of despair is giving me a rash - look at all that goddam amazing funky shit you picked up - no wonder you needed a suitcase to lug it all home! A celebratory dance-off is certainly called for tonight my spectacularly, gorgeous beauty!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxxo

VildesVerden said...

What a wonderful name on that store :)

Max said...

You look rather regal Helga, I'm surprised they didn't ask you to open the place and cut the ribbon, that hat is magnificent!!!!
I LOVED tete a tete, I'm sooo over the moon to hear they're re-opening, and HERE, yipeee!!!!

Dashfield Vintage said...

Woohoo!! Fantastic to hear that they decided to reopen after all! I will have to drop in and check it out next time I am in Christchurch. Great scores by the way!

trashsparkle said...

Loving the gung-ho NZ spirit - how fab to be getting these shops back again.

Yep, you should have been the VIP guest at the shop opening ceremony; almost mayoressesque in your fab blue, white and red outfit. I thought it had amazing red lining (the cuffs) then figured you had another layer under the coat!

You chose well, m'dear - that psychedelic green dress, the green shoes... I had to give up heels as my spine is shot to bits, but I will have to start hunting down something as fabulous. x

Rose&Bird said...

Fantastic to see Retropolitan opening up again - proof that you can't crush the spririt of vintage lovers! You do look very regal and patriotic!

VintageSweetheart said...

That place looks amazing! I wuold love to shop there, looks like you got some awesome goodies can't wait to see how you style them.
You looked very Jackie O today.

E :)

La Dama said...

Fab store, that is wonderful that they decided to re open. We all need a vintage store like these. You are looking like a sexy 50's stewardness amor. I love your stripey coat and hat. blue frock is amazing. You always find the most marvelous shoes with all kinds of array of colors.how sweet of Sarita and Vixcita to send you lovely rings.
want to see you in your new frocks soon.

Vix said...

Air Helga flies again! Horrah!! Check out your bod in that shift dress.
You Kiwis are a rock solid nation, just getting on with whatever nature chucks at you.
Retropolitan rocks! That Rex and that green paisley frock make me wanna weep with joy!!!
Change of plan for us, the party's postponed but the evening will involve plentiful boozing just not chez moi.

VainGlorySinner said...

Air hostess is what sprung to my mind too! If you have an airline it would be so funky!

Your outfit is perfectly put together, everything works so well!

That green frock you picked up looks fabulous, better get it on so we can all see!

Retropolitan looks amazing.. I'd be grabbing that blue and white bamboo handled bag too!

The dress you didn't try on is absolutely gorgeous! The material and pattern is absolutely beautiful.. not trying to make you kick yourself any more than you already have! :p

Love those green shoes you snapped up! xxx

KibitzKnitz said...

Oh My Darling Helga! You look delish in that outfit; your shoes (!!!) and those peeks of red from under your coat and your hair looks fantastic like that with the hat on top! Absolutely smashing...

I have a 'thing' for cases and boxes (my sister does too), I'd have a million if I could. That green paisley has me panting; what a find!! And those shoes!! How fantastic... I could eat those green ones.

Thanks for sharing your plunder and SO I'm glad to see that the shops are rebounding in the wake of the Quake.

Rae said...

Ohhhh, such lush stuff and pretty things, how did you leave without buying most of it?!?! I want to live there! I especially want that purple frock you didn't get and the travel bag too

Love your red shoes and the 3 new pairs are fabby too

sacramento said...

I just adore everything. Well, I would have loved to be there with you actually...hehehheehe.
Loving the pink dress that wont go round your boobs. Definitly I have to come over soon.
Mil besos my dear friend.

Miss Rosette Brune said...

love love love this outfit
you look classy but not boring

Trees said...

Gah!! Love you blue dress! I tried on something simmilar yesterday at recycle boutique but it wouldn't get over darn big hips....it was bright yellow too!! I REALLY wanted it!!

I have said this before - but I must come and visit you & G in Chch and do some op shopping!!

Sometimes I have some lucky finds here, but generally everything is SO spendy....

Misfits Vintage said...

OMG you look AMAZING darling! That blue and white with red accents is FABULOUS - I can't believe you didn't get the blue/white bag! (When you go back, grab that little burro planter for me, thanks.) Your hat and shoes are exquisite and I can't wait to see you in your fab new frocks!

Loveandhats, Sarah xxx

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet it was such a special treat to meet you and G in person. You looked just Fabulous in the great outfit you had on and the gorgeous green one you purchased. Sorry the silk green 50's did come home, naughty naughty me. Yay to a blogging buddy!!!! See you soon in the new Two squirrels nest!!!! Love V&W

Ronnie Rabbit said...

Oh what a fabulous shop no wonder you squealed...I want to go there. That first dress was so beautiful, shame it didnot fit you. I beat you could spend hours in there, so pleased for you that its re opened, i can see many hours being spent in there by you,enjoy your shopping trip

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Looking forward to seeing the posts featuring you in those marvellous frocks..

I do believe I have made one or 2 fab purchases at Retropolitan. I might have squealed too I think!!


seƱora Allnut said...

whou, so much fabulousness, and pretty goodies to watch!!, and you look awesome in your two-piece ensemble, love you're wearing white tights and your bag is so cute!!
And it's great that damaged shops and business are reopening!!

Lucy-Mae said...

Ooh you got some great things! And I am in love with your handbag (the cane one with red trim).

Vintage Coconut said...

I love this outfit you have on to bits and pieces. You look Scrumptious like a blueberry pie with cherries on top!!

Holy shizz that store that re-opened looks like a place where my dreams carry me too. I see so much in there I would love to purchase it makes me mad with envy! =D

pastcaring said...

Hi sweetheart, I'm just back from a week away en famille - I've missed you! Catching up on the week's action in blogland, so pleased to see the girls fitted snuggly into that purple maxi dress!
How fantastic is Retropolitan? It looks like a most marvellous emporium, with a high quality clientele! You DO look like you should have been officially declaring the store open and cutting a ribbon!
Lovely 2 piece, that dress fits you perfectly. So much to admire among all the gorgeousness, my head is spinning!

Bonnie said...

This is like Shaft's Big Score or something! I see quite a few things I wouldn't mind getting my hands on. That pic of you with black hair, I swear, you and Vix could be sisters!

xo, Bonnie

Frocktasia said...

Dearest Helga,
that outfit is totally amazing, no one rocks a vintage dress suit as well as you do. The hat is fantastico and I'm admiring your globes...fnar fnar ;)
At the boot sale today I found some more grumpy suns, you know the ones that I made earrings out of last year. I'm going to make some more & if your interested there's a pair (waiting to be made) with your name on them..yes, no?
Retropolitan looks like a fabulous place, that tooled bag is stunning.
I love the green paisley print frock, well done for snapping it up.
Hope you had a smashing weekend.
Lot's of love,

RETRO REVA said...

So many goodies to look at!
Love the ring miss Desiree' sent, your sexy red shoes,the tooled bag and of course YOU!

What a fun post to look at!

Anonymous said...

You look lovely for op-shopping. Makes me ashamed of the jeans I wore to thrift shop today. I absolutely love the green shoes you found.

Glad all of these shops are finding a way to re-open.

Dial V for Vintage said...

Your shoes = ♥♥ !