What do you wear on your head that isn't a hat, amongst other things....

What do you wear on your hat was a question/challenge posed by Sarah last week, and I have been mulling this over.

Then, the answer was given to me by the lucious lady herself, when I opened the parcel she sent me yesterday!


I truly don't know what it is, but it's just forcing me to wear it on my head!

I feel better now I have got that out of my system.

Onto other things.........

So, yes, the damn car broke down in the middle of nowhere, Central Otago!

Hurrah for AA!

(Automobile Association)
I had upgraded to AA+ some time ago, and that meant we were able to get a rental car for 3 days and our car towed back to Christchurch to our own mechanics.

We probably won't know what is wrong with the car until the end of the week, I suppose.

It simply stopped!

But we did get to where we wanted to go-Ophir!

And then we got rightously hammered.

Clogs make me wild with desire!

They certainly aren't the most comfortable.

Some fecker took a pic of me passed out on the couch.

How rude!

And then I had to face a stunning Winters day with a massive hangover.....

I whined a lot.

I think I'm quite lucky the others didn't tell me to just fuck off!

This fantastic old bridge is one of the oldest in the country!

It was opened in 1880, so built over the year or 2 before, I suppose.

Ah, country side.

Sheep, sky, green things.....

And strewn with rubbish.

That gives me the shits.

They're very proud of their history in Ophir.

It's a gold mining background down Central Otago way.

There's some cute buildings! And I know, they're not that old, but for us in NZ, they're ancient!!!
The Post Office is the oldest in NZ, and still operates, on limited hours.

O dear, I guess it's time for the hair of the dog....but I'm not sure if I can keep it down....

Dr Barman set me up with a bloody mary......you can tell I'm feeling pretty rough!

So pale........and seedy.......

It did help, though!

This pony was giving us the evil eye.

Nap time!

Then back to the pub for what turned out to be a dubious curry night......and more bloody marys!

And then we had to say goodbye to Ophir the next morning.

G said it in his own special way.



Miss Claire said...

Ah, what adventures!!! I love all of your outfits and the scenic shots aare pretty. I love making friends with strange animals! Hope your poor head's feeling a bit better now :) Xoxoxoxo

VainGlorySinner said...

Hahahaha!! 'G said it in his own special way' hahaha!!

I love the face he is pulling in the picture of him in the clogs - funny as feck!

What a glorious morning with birds, sheep, a pony and a beautiful landscape!

The Blacks Hotel look very Art Deco!

Loving you as an angry crab in clogs! Hahaha! xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh that 'hat' is PERFECTION! It's a napkin holder! You roll up your napkins and store them in the little pockets. Tres glamorous!

I love your pics, amor - the river looks beautiful and the bridge is spectacular. The clog shots are HILARIOUS!

Can't wait to come visit and see these places for myself!

Hope car news is good news.

Loveisastrangerinanopencar, Sarah xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh - AND you look BEAUTIFUL in the pic with the red hat and your hair down. Delectable!


Georgia Rose said...

Aww wow it looks like such a fun trip! I read an article about Ophir recently in The Press, it looks sooo lovely. I'm planning on dragging my brother on an opshop road trip when he finishes high school, I'll put it on the 'to visit' list!

Hope you're feeling better now! Hair of the dog huh... brave woman.

Louise said...

That head this is bloody marvellous, I want one!!!

Your trip looks fab, all that greenery and fresh winter air, just what you need for a hangover.


Frocktasia said...

Dearest Helga,
Lucky gal, getting to escape to the wonderful countryside....oh, how I long for a babbling brook or a snow-covered hillside ;)
People throwing rubbish anywhere gives me the shits cause there's really no need!
What gives me the shits more than anything though is when I see an adult walk down the street with a child in tow and the adult chucks rubbish on the pavement despite there being a bin ten steps down the road...I often feel so enraged that I have to really constrain myself from going up to them and giving then a Begbie style Glasgow kiss.
Your hat is very avant garde darling, lady gaga would be jealous and I'm loving those clompy clogs, then again I am Swedish and we like wood ;)
Lot's of love,

jkubenka said...

I love how refreshingly honest you are about your escapades....plus I love your outfits, too!

Vix said...

Ha! I can see by the way you're striding along there all on your own that you're seriously pissed off. Bloody cars!
I hate litter louts, there's far too many of the disrepectful scumbags around here, too.
Those clogs are freaking hilarious and I love that thingy you've got on your head whatever it is.
love you!

La Dama said...

I love you hat ornament amor, make up loos gorgeous. I love complaing too, you look glamorous walking down that bridge. LMAO @ G man in his own way. the clogs are hilarious and g man shirt is so cool.

Terri said...

Hi Helga! I am a new follower. I just wanna say that hungover or not, you look fab-yoo-lous Dahling!!!! Love the blog and love you!!

pastcaring said...

Of COURSE that's a napkin holder, I totally knew that... Looks fab as a hat though!
Love these photos, in spite of the hangover you always have style, my dear! I really like the shot of you on the bridge, most evocative. Of what, I don't know... Romantic yearning maybe.
And G is a naughty man - at least what he left behind is organic and biodegradable, unlike the litter!!
PS. Clog pix - priceless!

Nichole.B said...

Chanced upon your blog, love your quirky style :)

Krista said...

Some much going on in these pictures! Ok those clogs remind me way too much of crocks NO!!!!

I love how you just look beautiful all the time, I mean seriously....how u do that? G is a freaking crack up too, I think I have a wee crush on him :)

The expansive breathtaking countryside, that gorgeous bridge and a pony, could you pack any more awesomeness into this post? I think not!

I also adore your little tea thingy on your head, blue meany!!!!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Love the clogs! I never understood how people actually wore them...they are just wood on your feet, you might as well be barefoot.

Don't you love it how people want to take your photo when you're at your worst? At least they didn't write on your face or someting juvenille like that. Fecker....thats funny!

superheidi said...

Never commented before, but following you along for my daily pleasure and out loud fun. But those clogs are just too hilarious for me as a Dutchie. Yours are even extra special: those are "Fries", Frisian, just like the black & white cows. Very ethnic actually. XD

Tomye said...

Absolutely beautiful scenery shots! I should look so good when I am feeling off. I love reading your posts.

Llara is the Little Scribbler said...

You're just sheer drama you, eh? I, of course, wouldn't have it any other way. The blogosphere would be a lot less colourful and entertaining without Helga in it. Though, I must say, it does look like you're taking an angry crap in the second clog picture. I still love it xx

seƱora Allnut said...

whouu, that little basket on your head, is simply flamboyant and funny!, and cloggs!!, you're making me laugh so hard, both of you are lovely!
Love how it was ended that outing day, with a bloody mary in your hand!, what else?, and it's always funnylicious watching your pics and reading your anecdotes, love your illustrated reports!
dear Helga, you're awesome!

Miss Rosette Brune said...

you look fabulous in the first pic,
i love that about clogs and desire, really funny,
and nice nature pics

Ivy Black said...

Fecking fantastic! You do make me smile.
I'm with you on litter...it drives me mad. At least G left something that will bio-degrade behind!

Alex said...

Oh you do NOT look impressed in that first Bloody Mary photo! Much better in the second one though so clearly hair of the dog worked its magic.

The landscape photos are just stunning. Aren't you lucky to live in such a beautiful country?

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

What beautiful landscapes you have there. I shouldn't be taken on a country walk after a night out either.

The unknown knitted thing on your head look brilliant! Love the blue make up too. I will come and catch up properly. Love, C xx

Miss Peregrin said...

I love all your outfits! No matter what, you always look fabulous. I am a big fan of the knitted thing as a hat/piece of headgear - looks awesome with the lipstick and eyeshadow!

Shayla said...

I'm playing catch up on your blog but this post had me cracking up!!! Oh, Helga, I just love your sense of humor and "devil may care" attitude! I feel like getting drunk in a field... On my sofa will have to suffice for now though!

Flaming Red said...

The clogs! That's etched in the memory banks forever. xxx

Theeny said...

huzzah for bloody marys!