Wino and Song

A boozy Sunday afternoon pose off.
I realised that I had not worn this fabulous maxi since January!
It cost me a whole $5, and dammit, I've gotta get some wear out of it and it's booboid hugging glory!
Frock-vintage, opshopped
Stockings-Shiga, Japan
Pink rhinestone necklace-vintage, gift from G
Pink "bib" necklace, big "pearl" ring and ring on left hand-Vix of the Divine Hippiness
Huge cocktail ring-Sarah of the Chutzpah Laden
Ring on right pinkie-gift from lovely reader
Earrings-opshopped, turned from clip on to hook by moi
Flower-feck knows, made into clip by moi
Pee Pee does not look amused!
I don't suppose I would either, if some huge human was lurching around trying to clutch me.
So yes, there was some wine involved, and the song was in fact songs, as I listened to the Bongwater album "The Power of Pussy" with Nix a couple of times. It's a great album. Hadn't heard it in years. Glad I picked it up. I googled the chick from the band, Ann Magnuson, and found out that she is also an actress, and was in fact the cigarette girl in Desperately Seeking Susan and one of the couple David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve bring home from a nightclub to munch on in The Hunger, amongst other things.
How cool is that?!


sacramento said...

You wonderful in orange and pink, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
How I wish to meet you!!!

Scarlett said...

Fabulous dress, you really suit the colour - gorgeous! Scarlett x

Ronnie Rabbit said...

TUT TUT for not wearing that fabulous dress more often, its gorgeous, I love maxi dresses. The colour suits you so well, and you looked radiant in that sunshine. x

Lucy-Mae said...

Love your dress! And your kitty is very cute, even when annoyed heh.

Nelly said...

You so suit orange you look wickedly good in that dress.

seƱora Allnut said...

wonderfull orange dress and you're fabulous wearing it, with all that pink accessories and the fishnet tights!, loving all that decadent attitude and fabulousness!!
besos & orange love

two squirrels said...

All I can say is Fabulous!!!!!! V

Penny Dreadful said...

Holy guacamole, that dress is awesome on you. Slinky maxis and deep boob revealing necks are your match made in heaven Helgy x

Perdita said...

That dress is truly pose-worthy and wonderful! The colour is simply fab!

Vix said...

Slinky and sexy! That's one divine dress and a perfect pussy, too. $5? Blimey you need to get your wear out of that bugger.
Your Mrs Slocombe bag was the talk of the pub last night.
LOVE YOU you fabulous woman.

Kitty said...

A girl can never have too many bright maxis! I'm going to be so demure in my outfit tomorrow compared to you!

Misfits Vintage said...

Oooh - is it orange or red? It makes me want to drag out my red Sydney maxi! I LOVE all of the pink accessories - ESPECIALLY G's vintage pink rhinestone number.

On a less glam note, your grass is so green!

Loveandfrockonfriday! Sarah xxx

La Dama said...

You are utterly elegance in your orange fab frock. is there a color you dont suit? I am loving all your cat woman poses.I am loving the Autumn colors at the moment.
yes, pets hate posing with us humans,lol just as Ernie.

Wendy said...

Wow, you have totally brightened up my utterly crap-tastic day, with your vivacious poses and gorgeous orange maxi! JUST FABULOUS!!!!

P.s thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog, its yet another way you have brightened my day:)

The Brunette said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog I feel exactly as you do about animals.

That orange is lovely so vibrant and I love Pee Pee...gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

Booboid hugging glory indeed =]

Your tights are FAB.
I have similar enough ones, except mine have ripped terribly =[

Lee x

Claire said...

echo echo.. Orange is definately fantastic on you and that dress.. swoon. One for Miss Brahms, for a change.. especially given the title of your post ;-)!

Crystal Lee said...

love, love, love, love your outfit! pink & orange - my fave. I guess I'll have to check out the Bongwater album.

pastcaring said...

Look at you, quite the delectable diva in orange! No wonder Pee Pee looks like she's swallowed a wasp, she's probably thinking there's only room for one drama queen around here!

Gorgeous sunshiney colours, you look totally rockingly drunkenly fabulous!

Krista said...

My favorite color combo EVER!!!!! You look super FANTABULOUS!!!! Pee pee looks like he is mad dogging us ;p

The Hunger is one of my favorite movies ever!

Max said...

You always look amazing, but that dress, and those colours together, outstanding x

Tomye said...

Very flattering! The perfect dress for you.

grunge-queen said...

Love the drama, love the orange (my colour of choice this summer), love the frock!

Trees said...

You rock orange and pink - that dress is simply FABULOUS!! I'm jealous - I want a $5 dress that is this AWESOME!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Seeing these pics has the hair on my arms standing on end - what an absolutely graba-licious wench you are in that INCREDIBLE dress - oh and the tights and shoes - gah!!!!!! Feck the necklace is amazing. Nobody would guess it's winter in CC - oh and I love that ciggie girl, she was so cool and droll like she really wanted to be somewhere else (yes I have seen the movie at least 40 times). xoxoxoxoxoxo

AnnestGwynedd said...

I love mixing pink and orange!! FAB! :D

Happy Trekking X

Devil made in Heaven said...

Wow that pink and orange really looks good together!