Frock on a Friday-Man Edition (bugger the tortoise, where are the tangeloes?!)

On G:
Frock-made by me over 10 years ago at Polytech
Top hat-Retropolitan garage sale, I think

On Ralph:
Frock-vintage, was Gillian's Aunts' Gill gave it to me many years ago; I haven't fitted it for many years....
Cocktail headpiece-Etsy

Making the most of the blossoms before the Spring winds blow!

Hahahaa, we had y'all going over the tortoise!!!
I said to G, "arg, I can't even think of anything interesting to write, let alone an interesting post title....what am I gonna call it?!"
And he had the tortoise idea.
I figured you lot would be pretty forgiving.....?!
We are still enjoying the blossoms, we've had over a week of them! It's only a matter of time before we get some strong winds blowing them around...
My frock is early 70's, I think, crimplene, and given to me many years ago.
The jackety thing is modern, and was opshopped not too long ago, the boots are off Trade Me, the handbag you've seen squillions of times, and the tights were from the chutzpah laden Sarah !
We're looking forward to a big weekend!
It's G's birthday on Sunday, and the weekend starts tomorrow after we leave work at 11am. Our Ralph jets in from Wellington about 2pm, and we'll be going out for dinner tomorrow night, there'll be brunch out on Saturday, drinkies with friends Saturday night and all manner of frolics inbetween....I've been trying to shore up energy by having early nights and no booze this week!
O, here's a pic I took recently looking North up Colombo St, from the corner of St Asaph St.....our main st....looking pretty empty!
Vacant paces are getting to be the norm in the city now.

 So, just to go off on another tangent, G and I watched this movie this other night.
We quite enjoyed it.
Eva Green is an interesting looking woman; one minute I think she's rather beautiful, the next I think she looks hard.
I did particularly enjoy her wardrobe...
And she has spectacular booboids for her slender frame!
Feather print?!
I very much like that cute little Juno Temple, on the far right.
Nice coat, too.

This robey thing is rather scrummy.

Now, I've been having comments disappear instead of publishing on a few of your blogs today.....I haven't been ignoring you, just having little issues!
Has anybody else?
Just wondering if it's me, or a Blogger problem.
Anyways, I have Humpers stuffed under my right arm at present, but I'm about to shift him so I can go and wash my hair so it's all fabulous for the weekend, then I'm taking him and Pee Pee to bed for more beauty sleep.
Funnily enough, I was looking pretty shabby today, I thought, despite the extra sleep and clean living.
I think I'll try some hard living tomorrow and see how I look then!!!

A small tortoise-can you spot it?!

You say it best.....when you say nothing at all........

Hahahahaaaaaaaa, I can't think of anything intelligent, witty or downright fascinating to say!!!
Frock-made by moi
Pink lacey fabulous thing-from sweetheart Claire
Tights-retail, somewhere
Shoes-Trade Me
Bag-Shabby Chic Market
Necklace-my beloved Vix
Earrings-the deliciously squirrelly Vanessa
Pink sunnies-Etsy

Friskiness and Lace

These pix are a couple of weeks old, I think!
The fabulous pink lace shirtdress is a gift from the sweetest Claire and it goes a treat with the 60's frock I got when in Sydney with darling Sarah earlier this year-one of the best weekends EVER!!!
Sarah also gave me this divine handbag, which I am thrashing to bits!
It goes with everything, kind of like leopard print does!
My sunnies are also from Sarah!
Scarcely a day goes by when I am not wearing something from one of my fantasmo friends!
Where's Miss Pee Pee?!
She's not been popping up in any recent pix, but be assured, she is lurkng!
I have to say that I am ever so stoked I got the word growler into my post the other day, and G is exceptionally impressed!
When we were in the Swamp Donkeys we wrote the filthiest lyrics, and the game was always on to see who could get the smuttiest words into a song. My personal best was actually a line, in "Emmet St Slapper"-"and you're gargling on sperm"....o, if I could just work out how to load the damned home made cd, I could treat y'all to it.......ahem.
For now, just be as excited as me that the sexacious Desiree got growler into her post today!
Do check out her post, she is wearing the most INCREDIBLE outfit-where that woman gets her inspiration from I don't know, but I'd like it bottled-and I just want to rub myself against her leg like a nasty small dog.
I do.

PS-that was actually my washing on the rack outside, you crazies!!!
Glad I'm not the only one whose ears prick at the thought of a rack of more ways than one!

I'm living on dog food

G wasn't sure these pix would turn out well, but I like the slightly stormy looking sky and car park background....cos that's where we were when the mood for taking pix took me, and it's just how it is!
I don't go out looking for backgrounds for outfit pix, if I happen to have the camera with me, then we try and get some snaps, otherwise they are usually taken at home, but I do like to give y'all a little variety!
And, we don't take many pix; we don't take squillions to sort through for the best, these two are all we took whilst out, for example. I would rather be as real as possible, and if that means I'm not looking my absolute best, so be it!
And, I get irritable if it takes too long!
Yes, it's my new frock from the scrummy twosome that is Two Squirrels .
It's a slight squeeze over the booboids, but if I move the buttons about 5mm, it'll be perfect!
I love my new chain necklace, sent by my beloved Vix , it's very heavy metal!
I'm enjoying a wine with my little Humpers....he's such a snuggly!

I just bought a secondhand copy of a movie I haven't seen in well over 20 years, Australian cult classic Dogs In Space , and I'm so pleased that it's as good as I remembered! G had never seen it, and I'm pleased to say he thoroughly enjoyed it.
It features the late* Michael Hutchence and a cast of fabulous looking indiviuals, including a young Alanna Hill , an Australian designer I quite like, who, it seems initially wanted to be an actress! She's wonderfully Goth in this.
Set in Melbourne in the late 70's, there's some fantasmo Aussie accents, great music and a bunch of bohemian dissidents!
If you haven't seen it, and can get hold of it, I recommend it!!
I was quite obsessed with it at the time....
The dude on the left was in a Melbourne band at the time, he was a bit tasty.
*Why do we say "late"?! If anything, he was actually early.
To his grave, that is!

Sing it back

We spent our Saturday night watching rugby (NZ vs France), yelling obsenities (cordon bleu!) and playing Singstar with Si and Nix.
Ah, wild is the life.
My frock is a very reworked lurex number I picked up a few months ago, and the lurex cardi I got in Sydney!
The tights are old, and have a huge hole in the crutch!
I don't know exactly how it is that I get holes in the crutches of my tights.
I can only surmise that my growler might get hungry sometimes.
All Blacks about to do the me a bit of a wide on, I must confess.
The French were smuggling saucisson in their tighty whiteys, I suspect!
We're excited!
I have had this 70's bag for years, and I do declare this is the first time I've used it!
Nix was totally foxing it up in that fabulous yellow frock and spotty cardi!
Spot that clip?!
Madonna "Papa don't Preach"
Nix was the star of the Singstar; I did quite well on this song and Dragon's "April Sun in Cuba", curiously enough.
And I learnt that I know way more Jimmy Barnes lyrics than is healthy.
I have no idea how that happened, I can't bear him and his screeching!
So thrilled y'al like the look of my blue lace frock!
I hope to wear it some time over next weekend, which happens to be G's b'day weekend!!