Friskiness and Lace

These pix are a couple of weeks old, I think!
The fabulous pink lace shirtdress is a gift from the sweetest Claire and it goes a treat with the 60's frock I got when in Sydney with darling Sarah earlier this year-one of the best weekends EVER!!!
Sarah also gave me this divine handbag, which I am thrashing to bits!
It goes with everything, kind of like leopard print does!
My sunnies are also from Sarah!
Scarcely a day goes by when I am not wearing something from one of my fantasmo friends!
Where's Miss Pee Pee?!
She's not been popping up in any recent pix, but be assured, she is lurkng!
I have to say that I am ever so stoked I got the word growler into my post the other day, and G is exceptionally impressed!
When we were in the Swamp Donkeys we wrote the filthiest lyrics, and the game was always on to see who could get the smuttiest words into a song. My personal best was actually a line, in "Emmet St Slapper"-"and you're gargling on sperm"....o, if I could just work out how to load the damned home made cd, I could treat y'all to it.......ahem.
For now, just be as excited as me that the sexacious Desiree got growler into her post today!
Do check out her post, she is wearing the most INCREDIBLE outfit-where that woman gets her inspiration from I don't know, but I'd like it bottled-and I just want to rub myself against her leg like a nasty small dog.
I do.

PS-that was actually my washing on the rack outside, you crazies!!!
Glad I'm not the only one whose ears prick at the thought of a rack of more ways than one!


Trees said...

That bag Helga - AMAZING!

two squirrels said...

Humpers is the best accessory, his tummy fur matches your tights, fabulous!!!! V

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Helga!

Leopard tight and ankle wrap stilettos?! M-E-O-W. Love the sexy twist on the outfit!

Perdita said...

The tights and shoes are GENIUS. I need to find me some animal print tights, I have some chunky high heel gladiators weeping for them as i type!!

Louise said...

You do make me chuckle. Maybe you should set the blog world a growler challenge lol. Love the shoes, and the bag, and the shirt dress... And everything really. Lol. Xx

pastcaring said...

Mmmm, you are a delicious confection in pink lace, my dear, like a lewd version of candy floss... with your growler and your sperm gargling and your great rack!!!
I agree that Humps is a perfect accessory, but the bag and enormous hair flower run him a close second. And of course leopard print goes with everything, it's official.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

I love that pink.

And I think you should have a blog challenge to see who can utilise the growler word.

I think you'd keep winning.


Vintage Sweetheart said...

That pink lace is very pretty! You gotta love a post that mentions a growler! Can you believe I haven't worn my leopard print tights once, shame on me.

Em x

Vix said...

Gargling with sperm reminds me of that Marc Almond story from the Eighties.....!
More growlers, I can't take the excitement. The boob shot, the frisky leopard legs, the ginormous hair and pink lace, no wonder Humpers is lick putty in your hands.
LOVE you

Frocktasia said...

Dearest Helga,
fabulous outfit my dear!
Love the shade of pink and your lace shirt-dress looks especially grand layered over that funky contrasting print frock.
Awe, Humpers is a beauty...I'm really quite jealous that you have such gorgeous furry friends, one day I will live somewhere where I can keep a cat....and a dog...and an iguana....and a small pony and a herd of wildebeest or perhaps not wildebeest, just a five meter termite mound in the back garden and to have some wild monkeys swinging through the trees, yay ;)
Lot's of love,

Rose&Bird said...

The two dresses go really well together and the bag is great. Humpers finishes the outfit off nicely. Maybe you could teach him to drape himself around your neck like a scarf?!

Miss Rayne said...

hot pink and red hair is such a fantastic combination

Kitty said...

Fearless as always darl, You are MUCH more brave than me!! I love those shoes every time I see them on you...and they really make your calves look thin :)

Penny Dreadful said...

"I just want to rub myself against her leg like a nasty small dog" AHAHAHAHAHAAAA! That got me laughing out loud :D

La Dama said...

Your a frock master, love how you paired up the two dresses. you certaintly radiant in shades of pink.
I am cracking up with all your pervy sayings. you loca..I luv you biatch!
adorar the side boob shot of you basking in the sun. that gorgeous bag does go with everything you wear.

Krista said...

This outfit makes me want to get you really drunk and try on that pink lacy jacket dress number thing, LOVE IT!!!!!

Swamp Donkeys and gargling on...oh my! Gotta love the dirty girls ;p

Lydia said...

Fabulous as always. I love your leopard tights!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh for FECK'S sake stop it will you?!!!!!!! I'm gonna get an el cheapo fare to CC and strip you down to your grundies asap! I swear everything, just EVERYTHING here is simply pervilicious and I want it all! All of it I tell you! All of it!!!!!! Mwahahahhahahha!!!!!!! I have no idea where inspiration comes from - it helps to be certifiably bonkers by a few quacks though;)))) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Eau de Desiree!

Miss Claire said...

I knew you'd find a way to make the pink lace work! Reoooowwww! You make me giggle with some of the dirty things you say! What a woman!!!!! PLEASE find a way to upload the song! Xoxoxoxoxox

Misfits Vintage said...

Fuck ME! I disappear to my DEAYHBED for a week and this is what I miss... You look AMAAAZING! I love it all - the leopard and floral and lace and and and and ... just EVERYTHING darling!

LoveYOU, Sarah xxx

Llara is the Little Scribbler said...

Haha! I SO want to hear the swamp donkeys. You may be interested to know that I am modelling (don't laugh, it's rude) in a fashion show on Saturday and I shall have my muff on show with my hands inside it. I hope muff means the same thing in NZ as it des here or else that just fell flat...

Great outfit as always. I'm glad we share feeling on leopard print. x