Frocking Friday at Two Squirrels!

So, Friday has frocked around, and today was the re-opening of Two Squirrels !
I was greeted at the gate by Bessie, Vanessa and Warrens trusty land crab!
The gorgeous twesome themselves, looking deliciously resplendent!
Vanessa and Warren have re-opened their darling vintage and curio boutique in a converted garage on their property in Rangoon (Rangiora), and it's a cracker!
They've kitted out the space beautifully, and crammed it with all sorts of delights!
Who should I bump into, but the lovely Brodie
 , out with her Mama!
Gotta have a pose off together!
I adore the carpet! It would look fab in my dressing/sewing room........but I also long for leopard print.......
I tried on these 4 divine frocks!
They all fit fabulously, but which one do you think made it's way home with me?!
I didn't catch this ladies name, but I was smitten by her kitty skirt!
Oooo, I can just see myself, lying back and swilling sipping G & Ts in summer on this splendid recliner.....
I had a wonderful time, Vanessa and Warren are fine specimens of humanhood!
Do note my glamourous new vintage earrings from Kitty !
Frock-vintage, Etsy
Stole-vintage, Trade Me
Handbag & earrings-vintage, gift from Sarah
Jacket-vintage, opshopped
Belt-garage sale
Tights(minty green)-retail
Shoes-Trade Me
Fistful of cocktail rings from:
Sarah, Kitty (middle 2) and Vix!

Hurrah for a blissfully sunny Spring day!
We are supposedly going to get snow, but I think this time they're full of shit!!!


Trees said...

I want to visit this shop! The owners look like such lovely people. Loving the white tights lady - I have a pair and I think they are super awesome. Happy Friday xoxox

Lily said...

Darling, you look fabulous!!! That shop looks amazing. The kitty skirt girl should be glad I wasn't there as I would have CLUBBED HER TO DEATH FOR THAT SKIRT!!! My kingdom for a kitty skirt!!!!

Which dress did you get? Please say the blue one? I would have bought the blue one! Can I please request that your next post involves your refashioned psychedelic early 90s maxi dress? Am dying to see more of it.

Bwahaha I can't believe that Maggie T crossed the ditch. NZ certainly is scraping the bottom of the barrel with that one. I have no idea if she's still around, I'm just haunted by early 90s memories of her on the cover of New Idea wearing an enormous shirt.

Vintage Coconut said...

Well hello red shoes.
That little shop looks real cute. I spot some stuff that perks my interest. =D
Love the bright dress.

Ronnie Rabbit said...

You look fab, loved the way you did your hair. Happy Frocking friday. The shop is divine, great name, and inside were some lovely things, I would love to have a rummage in there.The recliner was fab, I want it!

Kitty said...

I'm guessing the yellow-ish dress went home with you? But I think the navy one looks interesting too! Glad to see the jewellery is getting a workout already.xx.

D♥R said...

The yellow bow with sequences is Perfection!

Lee said...

I kinda hope the blue went home with you...
I love the colour of it!

And her Kitty skirt was gorgeous!!!

The stole just made your outfit by the way ;)

Lee x

Louise said...

What a fabulous little boutique. It looks like there's tons of everything, and everyone looks so glam. That deckchair has reminded me, I need to reupholster one in the shed. Xx

Mary Lou said...

i´m so jelous i want to go to this shop too, really seems fabulous!!! and boy your dress is gorgous, i love everything about it, colour, print, cut and your red mary janes are so beautiful too! have you notices i love your outfit?haha
love and kiss,mary

Nelly said...

How I wish I could have flown over I see so much yummy things.I love that blue dress but think you went all spotty on us and bought that one home.Do tell we all are dieing to know xx

señora Allnut said...

whouu, so much glamour and fabulousness, and that's great news!!, it's delightful to find a so pretty shop ran by lovely people!
And you're awesome, love your bright color dress, all your bijouterie and fabulous hairstyle!

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Love the photos!

Bonnie said...

OMG, I need to catch the next flight out to NZ! I love this little shop and Helga, I'll join you out in the back for a little G&T. BTW, I hope you picked the blue dress. Oh, and you look fabulous and I love that kitty skirt and the pose off with Brodie!

Krista said...

What a super cute lil shop and they are also just adorable. I hope you went home with the sparkly blue one.

I love you in this yellow number and those strapy red shoes, hotness! Fist full of BLING....XOXO!!!!

Comtesse de ferveur said...

HelgAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! So many thanks for your sweet comment! Trying to feel a bit better about things now. I would SO love to visit this gem of a store - the deliciousness of the wares and also the fabulous customers! Wow! xxx

Rose&Bird said...

Looks brilliant, and loads of stylish peeps! Best of luck to Warren and Vanessa. I guess you brought home the blue and silver paisley number?

Lydia said...

Look at you lovely ladies! I love the shot of your hair bow with all your fun rings.

La Dama said...

that Squirrel shop is amazing, love how they owners are dressed so fancy.
You look so ravishing in this fur number. I think you brought home the brocade blue number, reminds me of the frock you sent me,my fave foto is last one where your looking all bad ass Mama,gorgeous cocktail rings.
have a great weekend amor!

La Dama said...

love your Marge Simpson hairstyle.

Tomye said...

This looks like a great shop! I am guessing you bought the blue sparkley paisley dress. I am in love with that fur scarf! You look so classy. -T

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Holy hell what a bloody gorgeous shop and I love that it's in their garage! This is the sort of place where I would end up annoying the crap out of the owner because I would be pawing everything for hours - what an amazing find and aren't they the most scrumptious couple? My eyes popped out of my head when I spied you in all your glory - THE STOLE!!!!!! The floral frock is fecking glorious on you and RED SHOES!!! Dying, dying, dying here - RINGS galore!! I think you took the blue lurex number home;)). I had you in mind when I popped my pink frock on yesterday - mwah!! xoxoxoxoxo

Camelia Crinoline said...

Vanessa and Warren have some amazing stuff. That blue frock is so perfect. It was nice to bump into you yesterday.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Sorry, I just had to come back for another perve and spied your amazing eye shadow - lusting for a fur stole now. xoxoxoxo

Vintage Sweetheart said...

What a fab shop so many pretties!
Love the psychedelic colours of your frock!

E :)

Devil made in Heaven said...

How I wished that shop was a bit closer to were I live. I looks fabolous.

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet you are the true meaning of " Devine"
thank you so so much for coming out to our replacement shop. The dress you selected looked gorgeous on you and the fit was perfect.
To all of the wonderful poppets who above have made such yummy comments, thank you, you have made our hearts sing.
Big hug to you Helga!!!!

Rosina Lee said...

oh I need me that Kitty Skirt!!!!! super cute!. Loving the new Two Squirrels shop, wish Glamiltonia had one of them!

xxx Rosina Lee

the fashion turd said...

Helga,, looking fly as usual....what a delicious way to spend a friday! In Britain out tradition is to eat battered fish on Fridays...not so glam..but tasty

Dashfield Vintage said...

How fantastic! I get envious every time I see peoples beautiful vintage stores!

Vix said...

Arghhhh! Look at that shop! Vintage shops are never that glorious here, all dusty old forties tea dresses and manky fox furs!
I hope you bought ALL those dresses as you'd look fabulous in each and every one.
Lovely to see our Brodie (and her mum).
Love yOU!

Mirabel said...

Oh hello Miss Helga!
My name is Mirabel and I'm the chicky in the kitten skirt.
I came snooping after your blog after meeting you at Two Squirrels. You looked amazing! and now I am having a jolly time reading through all your posts! EXQUISITE!

Hopefully run into you again sometime!