Frocking Friday, it's here again!

Where does the week go?!
We've started biking to work again this week, as it's been quite nice, and I've been bloody knackered!
At least my arse will be nice and taut again in no time!
Frock-vintage, opshopped
Cardi-vintage, opshopped
Tights and belt-Vix
Stole-Trade Me
Shoes-school fair
Sunglasses-Sarah (she's having the most amazing blog garage sale!)

Usually I can't resist opshopping on a Friday after work......but I just couldn't be arsed today, not really!
I picked up a new dustpan and brush, and forced myself to look in our local St Vincent de Paul since I was going past....
I think they are re-decorating! It was a bit of a mess.
Not much of interest, but I did get a vintage purple bow tie, which I have already made into a hairclip, an old copy of Graham Greenes "The Quiet American", cos I have never read it......and that was that! There really wasn't much of interest at all.
I just wanted to get home and blob out on our deck in the sunshine, drinking white wine and orange juice, a favourite Summer tipple.
We're planning a quiet night tonight, more True Blood, series 3, and an early night.
Tomorrow night we are going out to Kaipoi to stay with friends and go out to their local teppanyaki restaurant, which is frigging awesome!
What will I wear?!


lasophia said...

I wanna be bloody knackered! Sounds fun. I love the teppan grill as well. I think we have similar taste in food. Me likey your frock too!

Kitty said...

More chanelling Desiree? Looks awesome, loving the fur, Helga rocks ass baby!!

Anonymous said...

I love the frock, but... Those tights! They're my favourite! I love them!!! =]

Lee x

Vintage Coconut said...

Those purple tights with that green dress is tops. You look FoXy!!
I love bike riding. It has been too warm in the evenings here lately but now coming close to fall I will be back on my bicycles. Yes Bicycles I have 4 right now. HAHAHEH

Nelly said...

Whatever you wear you will turn heads You are NZs retro style queen.

Louise said...

Green really does suit you, and I love your stole.

Your spring is coming, meanwhile we're descending into Autumn, but at least we'll have your glamour to get us through the dark months.

The next series of True Blood starts over here next week, so I'll be able to drool over Bill the vampire again. Are you a Bill or an Eric drooler?


Shewearscrazywell said...

Ohhhh nice! Bikin' is niiice! I love your purple tights and dress...that bow belt made me swooooon! know what your doing when it comes to fancy dress. Hearts, Janna Lynn

pastcaring said...

So you're going to be a tight arse - but in a GOOD way? "Get on your bike and ride!" (Is that from Fat bottomed girls? How embarrassing...)
Anyway, you're looking delectably ladylike, Madam, in your gorgeous frock and your lovely tights (Vix does such a good job with the tights supply!)
Enjoy your night out, look forward to the pics xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

You look very swirly I like it! Great frock! I'm completely knackered too. Yay for the weekend.

E :)

Vix said...
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Vix said...

I love them tights with that frock, what a splendidly ladylike outfit.
Graham Greene rocks! Have you seen the film version of The Quiet American? It's totally splendid.
I've just sent Jon out for rose, the sun's shining here and it feels like summer, hoorah!
Have a fabulous weekend!

sacramento said...

You frock like no one, my dearest Helga.

Misfits Vintage said...

OOOoohhhh - LOVE: Swirly green frock! and fab patterned tights and YOUR HAIR! You look spectacular, amor.

I don't know what this shift has been but for the first time IN MY LIFE, I don't want to go op shopping - I don't to procure things, I want to get rid of them! What's happening to me!!??? I forced myself to go into a Salvos yesterday and I was so half-arsed about it, it was quite pathetic.

I hope you have a fab time tomorrow - I love teppanyaki too!

Loveyoulikesushitrain, Sarah xxx

Kelly said...

Ah gorgeous outfit! Thanks for the link to Sarah's blog, will have a looksie now.
Definitely something in the water with the 1920's inspiration at the moment, I'm obsessed! :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for being there and blogging. I always look at your pictures and get inspired to wear less ordinary stuff and colours in extravagant combinations. It's a great thing to do.
Here in Austria it's only Friday afternoon at the moment, so I hope you had a great evening and enjoy your weekend, sweety!!!!

seƱora Allnut said...

so pretty color tights and so nice color contrast with the lovely green dress!, love the retro elegance of your petticoat and stole!

Krista said...

Purple and green is a killer combo and I love it when you can see your slip at the bottom. Helga is the hottest!!! Because of you and Sarah rocking that look I recently bought two vintage slips to wear under my shorter dresses.

Thanks for always inspiring me to dress up no matter what.

LOVE YOU!!!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Crystal Lee said...

another genius mash up of color & print! the top photo of you is super fierce. I miss True Blood, but we don't have HBO.

Llara is the Little Scribbler said...

Fuckin yum - teppanyaki!! Scuse the swearing but YUM! Just made me realise I am HUNGRY! Enjoy your dinner! And good one on the biking. I'm doing a sponsored 50ish mile bike ride and I am shitting a brick about it. The weather forecasts about as crap as you could hope for - heavy rain and serious wind. I'm just hoping the wind blows me up hills. What a bugger, non? xx

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit!

Devil made in Heaven said...

Fietfieeeeew, you look gorgeous in that dress!
And good for you that you go to job on you bike. I should do that to (my arse is a bit to big....) but I am a little lazy.....
And so much thanks for your sweet comment on my last blog. If you are looking for a great vintage car that drives like a modern car, you must look for a 1969 Chrysler Imperial. It is a limousine with all the (now) modern thingie's. :)

Have a wonderfull weekend!

Scarlett said...

Just Fabulous! Love this outfit Scarlett x

two squirrels said...

Yummy dress with the purple tights!!! The yellow backdrop makes it just the best frocking Friday!!! Have a great weekend! Lv V

Max said...

I bet you look marvellous on your bike. Do you bike in heels? Traffic stopping I'm sure.
Love todays dress, it puts me in mind of the itlian marbled ink end papers in posh old books x

Mary Lou said...

oh helga i really love your frocking fridays;) i don´t know what i like most the gorgous green dress the tights or the fabulous sunnies!!!;)
oh and i love quiet nights with true blood hotties too ;)
love and kiss,mary

La Dama said...

love green and purple combo super hero frock poses. also adore your lacey petticoat. I havent biked since I was a teenager, I do run up and down the stairs a lot. stop making me hungry, hope to see food fotos tomorrow.
have a great weekend amor,
Buddy didnt let me take frock Friday pics, he says im still weak. see what i come up with tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Does G. ever wear bow ties? We sampled a red one with DH's ensemble for the upcoming wedding.

I'm admiring the stole or rather the TAILS on the stole.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Kerrrrist on a bike what a yum, yum, yummy combo sweets!!! What a gorgeous green dress and the patterned PURPLE tights!!! I'm squeaking with excitement here!!! It is sooooooooooooo good to see that flippin' gorgeous stole again - I could do with a peek at that treasure everyday and I must say I utterly approve of the disgraceful showing of your petticoat - and with a rosary. Feck you're a gorgeous wench. I love GG - have you read "Travels with my Aunt"? It's fabulous like you!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoo

Rose&Bird said...

Is it just me, or does that last photo look really wrong?! WHAT is going with Jesus?!