From rubble to blossoms and beyond

Somewhere between 6:30 and 7am this morning.....
We cycle about 7 1/2 or so km to work, across the city and through Hagley Park and over to Addington.
I can get my hair and a beanie under my helmet as long as I use my smaller padding thingy!
It was pretty brisk this morning, hence the jacket and scarf.
This is a very common sight around the city now.
The rubble of a partially collapsed building or partially demolished site.
We're on Peterborough St here, and I would say about 85% of this street is going to a blank space soon.
I swapped this coat for with a former friend back in the 90's for one that no longer fit me. It's been missing a button almost that long!
I got my knitting bag handbag at the Shabby Chic market for a fiver from the stall next to me!
After we finished work at 11am, we cycled around the North side of Hagley Park to enjoy the blossoms!
We get excited about these every Spring!
I'm wearing my big "over glasses sunglasses"! Not the most attractive, but I love 'em!
I only need glasses when I am driving, but I like them for cycling and watching TV for extra clarity. I don't need them to sew, read or use the computer!
I can't read street signs without them, and I feel a bit panicked if I don't have them on when I cycle.
My necklace is from Max , my earrings from Jen and my faaaabulous 60's hair decoration is from Sarah !!
Frock-vintage, Trade Me
Socks-Sydney markets a few years back
Then we stopped at the Thai food caravan on the corner of Bealey Ave and Caledonian Rd!!
Making great use of demolished site!
We've spotted an expresso caravan up the road, and are hoping this takes off!
We've been to this Thai caravan a few times now, their Paenang curry is sublime, as are their vege spring rolls, and I had their larb moo (beef salad) today and loved it!
They used to be the Isarn restaurant, apparently, and were on Hereford St, which is deep in the "red zone"-where we have not been allowed to go since February. Mostly rubble now, I believe!
I fecking adore Thai food!
So fresh and piquant!
I love Mexican food for the same reason.

Tonight we are having our lovely friend Dave K over for dinner, we're cooking Japanese, which is easy to cook for a vegan!
Just sushi, G's specialty( hurrah for our Japanese sister in law who taught him how!) and a tofu/miso soup that I fancy throwing udon noodles into.....mind you, I am thinking about jungle curry......
We'll see!
We'll also probably drink quite a bit of vodka and talk shit.


Louise said...

It must be awful to walk around and see half of your city lying in rubble. How good though that the Thai caravan man hasn't let it stop him, and is still running his business. I love Mexican food to, and Indian. Xx

Ronnie Rabbit said...

Such a shame to see all the rubble,but it does make a nice backdrop....the blossoms are better tho, such a lovely sight, spring is a lovely time of year, all our leaves are about to turn brown, orange, for the autumn. Cute dress and knitting bag

kaybar007 said...

Keep up the good words! The blossom made me smile too xx

Kitty said...

wow I LUUURVE that jacket- so you, and so ME, too, ha ha! that thai caravan is such a good idea, I can't imagine how many people must have lost their businesses in the quakes, so awful.xx.

Mrs Cleaver said...

We have 5 trees in full blossom in our yard at the moment,i love just sitting there looking at them:)
I love the knitting/hand bag,great size too.

Miss Peregrin said...

Good to see the Thai Caravan Man carrying on - life goes on no matter what the disaster I guess. I am insanely jealous of your boots! What a great op-shopping find!

Comtesse de ferveur said...

It's so heartening to see businesses resurrect themselves like this. You are all amazing folk. Mexican food is my absolute favourite!
Gorgeous coat and gorgeous blossoms!
And thank you so, so much for your sweet message, you're so good xxxxx

two squirrels said...

Oh Helga it is so yucky seeing all the rubble everywhere. We just find it to heartbreaking.
Blossom much prettier, a good sign of hope for us all.
Great dress, love the pattern!
Have a wonderful weekend!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Sounds like a bloody good weekend plan! Talking shit happens to be one of my specialities also.
Magnificent bossoms, oops I mean BLOSSOMS.

J'adore that fabulous floral bag.

So sad to see those piles of rubble.


Misfits Vintage said...

Puts our drive around Sydney into perspective - all those piles of bricks and rubble... so sad.

Meanwhile... you look AMAZING - that FROCK slays me and the pattern of your bag - and pink tights/red boots - SHINY RED WEDGE BOOTS! Yes please!
I love those blossoms too and can never get enough of them.

Sarah xxx

Wayne Ardley said...

Crikey! That's a load of old rubble! I wonder what they are doing with it all? You could start collecting bricks and erect an edifice in your backyard...I love a good edifice...

You are looking wonderful as ever. Keep up the good work


Anonymous said...

I adore your sexy outfit! Thanks for wearing all these colours together. The other day, I had an argument with Doris if pink and red fit together. I said yes, she said no. Now we know she's wrong. But on the other hand it's all right, because she's the most beautiful pregnant woman ever :-)
Kisses from both of us

Anonymous said...


Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

you park with the cherry trees look much like washington DC in the spring. With allergies and all; i never go there. anyhoo....i do love this "Helga on the Go" blog!

Vix said...

Those blossoms are gorgeous but you way outshine them. What a freaking fabulous colour combination with those lickable boots and kick ass tights.
That rubble is bloody horrible, it's easy to forget what Christchurch went through only a few months ago when we're not reminded by sights like that.
Have a fabulous dinner tonight.
Love you!

pastcaring said...

Ah lovely Helga, you are like a gorgeous blossom yourself among the sad remains of the buildings.

I love the beautiful floral print on your frock, and of COURSE the boots/tights/coat combo is a glorious riot of colour!

Thai food - fabulous, Mexican too, and Indian of course. I'm all about the spicy heat!
Have a great meal, and vodka and talking shit is ALWAYS the thing to do! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tomye said...

Very sad to see the destruction...but you are a beauty amongst the rubble! Have you thought of using a button you can cover with your own fabric and stealing a bit of fabric from the inside of the coat to complete your buttone set? -T

Dial V for Vintage said...

I'm a bit jealous to see all those lovely blossoms... it's almost autumn over here. I actually like autumn, but it's always so nice to see the trees come to life, and above all: the smell of blossoms! :)

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Over-glasses sunglasses? Cool! I've been missing out, where would a girl find those at?

Love the rubbish backdrop to your bright and fabulous outfit. It was such a vivid contrast. Hot pink and red? There is no way you're getting overlooked.

Enjoy your vodka/vegan Japanese night!


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seƱora Allnut said...

love your coat, as usual, and how bright and colorful you look in your floral dress and pretty Red boots!, they're wonderful!
And love to see you enjoying some spring signs and delightful food!

Vintage Coconut said...

Well there is something I am positive of and that is... you look DAMN amazing in this bright ensamble you put together.
I freaking love that dress it's fabulous.
The tights, boots and coat HOLY HECK! It is just all amazing.
My absolute fave has to be that floral bag!
You look lovely in amongst the blossoms.
The rubble areas make me sad. Whenever I see pics like that I always have to wonder what was once there.. or who lived there, Then I wonder where they are now.. and so on.... My mind is weird... =/


ana b. said...

There's so much colour and flowers to see in these picures, Helga! You look totally ready for spring and sunny weather. I've heard some plans to use renovated shipping containers to temporarily house some businesses which were in the CBD. The plans looked interesting. Certainly better than the rubble which must be an unwanted reminder sometimes.

liz said...

oh oh! I'm wild about the pink tights with the hint of green peeking out over the boots! this blog is a breath of FABULOUS air...thank you!

La Dama said...

You stand in all that rubble, shame about How much destruction that puto earthquake caused.
Love your red pimp jacket and pimp prostitute boots.
I adorar blossom trees, so beautiful.
Flowery frock is amazing, cute floral bag. Love you flowery Spring biatch. Its okay to wear your glasses a girl needs to be sure.

Stacey Kay said...

So colorful! I love your point of view.

Goodwill Huntingg