From shit to shine in 8 or so hours

It started out wet and bloody cold today, a reminder that we've only just hopped into Spring, no doubt, and not to get too comfortable!!
By the time we got home, however, the sun was out, and it looks promising for tomorrows Frock on a Friday!
Thank you all so much for your sleep well wishes....I didn't sleep great, but it was an improvement on the previous 3 nights, I guess.
I do love my solid 8. 8 1/2 hours.....
Every now and then one just has a cycle of bad sleep, I think.
She'll be right!*
I got a nice bottle of red on the way home, and am currently feeling rather relaxed and tiddly.....

Here I am on my Porn Star chair this evening....that Humpers has been steadily turning into matchsticks, much to G's amusement.
 I am not amused.
The sun was so low and so bright I simply couldn't look up, hence my looking sleepy.....mmmmmmmm, I wish.......
Speaking of Humpers, where Pee Pee likes to spoon in bed, Humpers likes to sleep with his paws to you, and likes to flex them periodically....quite often with claws. I didn't get the claws last night, but I did get the flexing paws of enjoyment a few times.
Bloody cats!
I adore sleeping with them, however.
I get all squishy just at the thought.
I'm such a sap sucker.**

G has gone out to band practice in Dunsandel, a small town south of Christchurch.
I'm home alone.
Just me and the pookies.
I had great plans of taking pix of what I'm working on, or about to be working on in my sewing room....but....nah, I'm a bit pissed and gonna go to bed with my book or something......

Frock-the spectacular Jen
Velveteen jacket(makes me think of Transvision Vamp! OOO!)-opshopped
Boots-Trade Me??
Beret-vintage, opshopped

And finally, I would like to recommend checking out, and hopefully loving as much as I do, the divine, the wonderful, the sweetest:
Who is joining us in the blog world with her own special brand of fabulousness!

And check out Malayka looking incredible at a Dr Sketchy night!!!
I dig that Dios de Muertos makeup!


*Popular NZ expression, usually used when you are winging it!
**NZ for soft hearted.


Trees said...

Velvet Blazer - *swoon*

Oh dear, the kitties do like your porn star chair! Naughty things.

Anonymous said...

The pattern on your frock is fantastic!

One of our dogs sleeps inside and she likes to sleep IN BETWEEN your legs. And don't even think about moving once she's there...

Lee x

sacramento said...

You look sooooooooo fab in your porn chair.
I am off to check the rest of the blogs.
Mil besos, my dear friend.

Kitty said...

fucking cat, I'd belt the bastard good and hard for that!! Much worse than any child, they are

Kelly said...

I can sympathise with Lee, my dog Holly loves to sleep inbetween your legs, strange animal, or push my out of bed.
I love your porn chair, please don't let it be destroyed! Gorgeous boots.


Louise said...

I'm probably not the best person to advise on sleep, since my own sleep patterns are somewhat erratic, but have you tried eliminating caffiene after 6pm, sprinkling lavender oil on your pillow and wearing an eye mask? They are tricks that seem to help. Xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh gawd you poor darling. How do you manage to look so glamourous and gorgeous when you're feeling so tired? You astound me!!! It's so hard when there's no sleep to be had my lovely. I want to give a big squeezy hug xoxoxoxoxo

Ronnie Rabbit said...

So glad you finaly got a better nights sleep, and of course a bottle of red always helps ;)

Vintage Coconut said...

Well even if it wasn't alot I am glad you found yourself some sleep.

*eeee* Kitty claws scare me!
I have always been scared of kitty scratches as they sting like a
B!%@H. *Yes* I am a big giant baby!

You look rather marvelous sunning yourself in your chair. =)

VainGlorySinner said...

Gorgeous dress, gorgeous boots, gorgeous glorious sunshine!

I'm glad you slept a little better, maybe a nap in the sun will do you the world of good.

My Bella likes to sleep between my legs at night which causes me to feel very stiff in the morning!

Sometimes she will sleep between me and Pyf which leaves us very little rolling room as she likes to take up as much room as her kitty arms and legs can manage.

I do enjoy her sleeping with us though, my little ball of fuzz. Everyone needs a cat hot water bottle! xxx

Devil made in Heaven said...

Pornchairs are cool! Overhere we call them (translated from dutch) peacockchair. Sometimes we spot one on the bootsale or secondhandshop but our house is way to small for one.
And our cat's sleep also in our bed. They love it to lay on my legs and feet. Only in the morning when they are hungry they will wake you up with mauwing and purring....
I hope you have some good luck with finding a great vintage car. You can also look for a Caddilac, they are also very "modern" vintage cars.
xxx and I wish you a good night with sweet dreams.

Nelly said...

Sons cat is doing damage to my blue cane chair and gran isnt happy!!
The weather has started to wram up here again thank goodness i so hate being cold.
Hope you sleep well tonight HH xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh you look so bright and sleepy and beautiful in that late afternoon sunlight... I'd love to shoot you!

That frock is pretty spectacular and the hat is FABULOUS - and the pink and red combo is just frickin awesome.

Lovelovelovemybows! Sarah xxx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Loving the pattern of your dress! Bummer Humpers thinks your porn star chair is a scratching post.

E :)

Miss Claire said...

I still cannot believe that G hates the porn star chair! You should threat some fake flowers around it :) hehehe...That's so funny about the kittehs, little munchkins! I wish I could let chomby sleep on the bed, but I'm terrified that I'd squash him in my sleep! Bet he'd love it though, sometimes I get up and let him outof the bathroom (where he sleeps) and he jumps up in my bed for a cuddle! Arrghh I love animals.

Have a lovely sleep tonight Lady Helga, I cannot WAIT to get into bed!

Xoxo Claire

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

i do believe that this is the most somber i have ever seen you, love. it makes me sad =-( somber, but still my colorful Helga!

lady liquor vintage. said...

love the outfit, & that chair is amazing!


pastcaring said...

Look at you, having a quiet moment in the sun - lovely colours, you look queenly and gorgeous on your porn star throne!
Tell me about bad kitteh behaviour - our new boy is a monster...

And THANK YOU for the shout out - hee hee, can't believe you lot have convinced me to have a go at blogging! Inspirational, that's what you are! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vix said...

Arggh! How gorgeous are you in the porno chair in the fading daylight?
Stephen was evicted from the bedroom last night as he was licking his fur so loudly it was keeping Jon awake, poor lamb.
That velvet jacket is a beauty. I'd forgotten all about Transvision Vamp!
Love you!

Mrs Cleaver said...

That is such a great pic of you!Loving the colour combo & that hat is glorious!How do you manage to always look so damn fabulous?.Wether you are sick ,plastered or exhausted you always look bloody fantastic! :D

La Dama said...

You look deliciosa in your velvet jacket sitting in your hot porn chair.
love your pink hatband amor.
awww your kittus,its kinda like sharing a bed with my little niece no room and I get kicked all night.

Tomye said...

Love the ensemble today and that head piece is fab! -T

Mary Lou said...

what a gorgous colour combo again!!! and is there anything else more stylish than a velvet blazer? absolutely love it!!! and also your porn star chair;) you look so divine here!!!
love and kiss,mary

Scarlett said...

I love the porn star chair, and yes kitties always take a liking to fabulousd furniture, my two have done the same. You look fabulous as always hun.

Scarlett x

delia hornbook said...

aawww bless you lack of sleep is sooooooo not funny. Blinking cats bless them ;-)) My Timmy sleeps with me at night and keeps me awake by waking up and purring and pawing your face at stupid oclock wanting to be fed, but you have to love them. Sleep well, dee xx

Dashfield Vintage said...

He he thank you for the little mention :). It sounds like you are having Auckland weather down there! Since I got up this morning it has rained and then come out sunny about 5 times at least. Sorry to hear that you're not sleeping. I had a stint of insomnia for about 2 months at the beginning of the year... I thought I was going to go out of my mind!! What ended up helping me was Blackmores 'Executive sleep formula'. It's not actually a sleeping pill, they are just a combination of herbs that completely relax you, and eventually sleep comes on its own! Good luck. xx

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Best post title ever!

Anonymous said...

You do look comfortable in that chair...sorry to hear that you haven't been sleeping well. I notice that I have that problem on nights that the moon is full...

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I'm obsessing over the color of those tights. I wore wine colored ones yesterday with a cream dress. I can't explain it, but I felt kind of slutty wearing them - but in a good way. Maybe sexy is a better word. They are such a glamorous and rich color - especially when paired with brown.

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