I'm living on dog food

G wasn't sure these pix would turn out well, but I like the slightly stormy looking sky and car park background....cos that's where we were when the mood for taking pix took me, and it's just how it is!
I don't go out looking for backgrounds for outfit pix, if I happen to have the camera with me, then we try and get some snaps, otherwise they are usually taken at home, but I do like to give y'all a little variety!
And, we don't take many pix; we don't take squillions to sort through for the best, these two are all we took whilst out, for example. I would rather be as real as possible, and if that means I'm not looking my absolute best, so be it!
And, I get irritable if it takes too long!
Yes, it's my new frock from the scrummy twosome that is Two Squirrels .
It's a slight squeeze over the booboids, but if I move the buttons about 5mm, it'll be perfect!
I love my new chain necklace, sent by my beloved Vix , it's very heavy metal!
I'm enjoying a wine with my little Humpers....he's such a snuggly!

I just bought a secondhand copy of a movie I haven't seen in well over 20 years, Australian cult classic Dogs In Space , and I'm so pleased that it's as good as I remembered! G had never seen it, and I'm pleased to say he thoroughly enjoyed it.
It features the late* Michael Hutchence and a cast of fabulous looking indiviuals, including a young Alanna Hill , an Australian designer I quite like, who, it seems initially wanted to be an actress! She's wonderfully Goth in this.
Set in Melbourne in the late 70's, there's some fantasmo Aussie accents, great music and a bunch of bohemian dissidents!
If you haven't seen it, and can get hold of it, I recommend it!!
I was quite obsessed with it at the time....
The dude on the left was in a Melbourne band at the time, he was a bit tasty.
*Why do we say "late"?! If anything, he was actually early.
To his grave, that is!


two squirrels said...

Oh sweet that dress is just amazing on you!!!!! I just knew it would go to someone fabulous!!!! Thank you, two squirrels, loves Miss Helga!!!
Ta for the tip on the willow, my hair is so fine and limp, I may just have to plant a whole dam tree on my head.
Oh oh the grape earrings are fab, so glad they didn't hide to long.
Lv V

OP SHOP MAMA said...

That dress from the squirrel Nest is divine! What a very cool fifties print. I LOVE that electric blue of your cardy.

I like your philosophy with the photo selection. I am especially worried for the kids - that we're raising a vain generation. they never get to see any of the 'outtake photos'!

Nelly said...

I have too many pics on cutting room floor.Vain?moi? maybe a touch lol.Silly young Mick what a waste hubby remembers seeing them playing at the pubs b4 they were famous

pastcaring said...

You look an absolute 50s dream in that frock! The hair is high, the booboids are contained (just), the cardi is on, and Humpers and a bevvy are in place. Perfection!

Oh Michael Hutchence, what a sorry business with him and Paula Yates...

You made me laugh about the photos, I discard lots cos I look too shocking to show anyone, but I'm getting braver and less bothered, I think. I haven't got anyone willing or able to spend ages taking pics of me so I have to make do with the timer. Scared the neighbours will laugh if I do it in the garden...xxx

Louise said...

Gorgeous dress. I can't be doing with faffing about with too many photographs either. Xx

Vix said...

Now that's the the kind of fifties frock I like, mad collars and gaudy florals & worn with the heavy metal choker it's totally rock and roll and not apple pie housewife.
Humpers is such a handsome beast and he doesn't half love his mummy.
I loved Dogs In Space. It must have been about 1987 when I saw it. I've wanted to watch it again for years (just to see if it's still as brilliant). I'm glad it was.
Isn't it based on Clive James's autobiography?
It's a handful of photos for me, too. I'd look seriously bored if I had to stand still for much longer.
Love you and wonderful to chat this morning!

Carolyn said...

You look fabulous! And I like that you just take a photo wherever.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

love the 50's frock and the on location shoot! That movie looks pretty darn interesting will be on the look out for it.

E :)

Kitty said...

And whatever happened to Saskia Post, anyway? She was so gorgeous I'd have turned for her!!
I, too, loved that movie, thanks for reminding me.xx.

Perdita said...

Looking tres foxy, even with the booboids imprisoned within the buttons m'dear. I have put off adjusting the boob buttons on a 2nd hand dress and exposed my cleavage before, very amusing but embarrassing at the time!

La Dama said...

Your blue 50's dress is gorgeous, boobs still look good. love your cardi too. oh Vix is a gem, she is aalways spoiling you amor.
I take pictues whereever except indoor lighting sucks. I am guilty of taking lots though, :)
do I dare see a rack of clothes on your yard. movies sounds lush, wiwll keep an eye out for it.
Buddy is obsessed with Michael Hutchence.

Krista said...

Gorgeous again, living on dog food my ass ;) This dress is beautifully blue on you and I love the chunky silver chain, way to go Vix

Crystal Lee said...

Who needs perfect backdrops when the outfit is so spectacular! I always say it, but I love your use of color! You're a gem. I'll have to check "Dogs in Space" out. I've never seen it.

Tomye said...

You are looking Pinup Perfect. Darling picture of your pussy (as Mrs. Slocombe would say). -T

seƱora Allnut said...

always loving your dresses, and this one is pretty floral!, and you wear it with genuine style!.
And I actually like 'real life' pics enjoying a glass of wine, instead of worrying about backgrounds!

Rose&Bird said...

Love the dress and the bag. Spontaneity is a wonderful thing x

Vintage Coconut said...

Helga you look delightful in that blue floral fifties frock! (FFF)
I love it on you.

I sometimes get bored of taking pics in my yard. So if Guy and I are going anywhere I take the camera along too.
I like your parking lot location!

sacramento said...

We are sisters in bags, yeahhhhhhhhh. I adore your dress. If we lived closer i would take it for a walk round the block want, hehehehehe.
With you is the boobies, with me the hips. Together we are perfect, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

delia hornbook said...

Loving the dress today i have thing for blue at the moment having bought 2 blue cardigans at the weekend in different tones of course ;-)) You rock this outfit today and i just adore your head pieces. Its lovely when you watch a film you once loved with the one you love. Have a lovely week, dee xx

Alex said...

I always end up taking loads of photos when it's just me and the self timer. What can I say? I like lots of choice, plus my face always looks awful so I need to pick the ones where it's most acceptable!

Terri said...

I for one LIKE the parking lot backdrop and the fantastic blue sweater.

jess said...

Your bag is so interesting.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Just stop it with the bag OK?!!!!!!! It's fecking adorbs and I absolutely LOVE it with the scrummy blue frock - bet you had more than a few double-takes while out with G. You've reminded me that I too have one of the wonderfully kitsch beaded bags hidden under a pile of Stuff - I love it so much I'm scared the beads with drop off. Oh stop being so bloody precious Desiree and use the bugger!! Gawd the print and collar on the dress is just grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! Yes, I need a close up of what suspiciously looks like a rack of goodies outside!! MH was waaaaaaaaaaaay prettier that AH don't you think? xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Penny-Rose said...

Hi Helga, I have been shyly watching you for a while but today is the day to comment. I also spotted the gorgeous dress on two squirrels - it looks awesome on you - and the cardi is a fab shade of blue. Like Desiree I am in love with the bag!

Trees said...

I love that photo of you with the wine and the kitty - so lovely!

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage said...

I love your bag - and being the lil' whipper snapper that I am I haven't seen this flick - but intend to now! I love a good Aussie film; and anything with MH in it will pass my friday night just fine. If that is a still of Alannah Hill as well than I would never have picked it!
Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

Hannah said...

Brilliant ensemble, love the dress and bag. Liking the impromptu carpark photos, I never have time or space to take anywhere else but like two rooms in my house, a pain. x

Misfits Vintage said...

THE BAG!!!!!!! The frock is super pretty - I ADORE you in it but please move the buttons 5mm the OTHER WAY!

I bloody LOVED Dogs in Space and haven't seen it for years - thanks for the reminder. Bloody Michael was such a spunk.

LoveYourBag, Sarah xxx

Devil made in Heaven said...

A movie with Michael Hutchence.... I don't know it but I am trying to get it. I was big fan of him. I thought he was yummie.
Your dress is gorgeous, Love the print.