In which I may surprise you with an unexpected style icon!

Emilie Floge
(there should be a couple of dots above the o in Floge, but my computer doesn't speak the language!)
I just happened to come across a pic of Emilie today, and I was reminded just how much I like her style.
Most especially for the period, which was Victorian, heavily corseted and not particularly friendly to non-confirmists! I am very interested in the dress reform movement of this period, and whilst Emilie was not likely to be involved in this (I think it was particularly strong in England), she certainly shared their views.
Please note that I can't be bothered looking up information, I am just going by memory of past research!
I am not a scholar, by any means!
I had a long love affair with full length frocks, or maxi's, and used to wear them all the time as a Goth in the 80's/90's, until I moved to Christchurch and took up cycling! I ruined many a beautiful skirt and frock by getting them caught in my chain, or wheel....meh....trains and long trailing sleeves were a firm favourite, and whilst my style in what I actually wear has changed much, I still harbour love for these romantic garments!
Emilie was a longtime friend of Gustav Klimt, one of my favurite ever artists, and clearly there is shared inspiration in the patterns on some of her frocks. I think she was quite successful as a dress designer in her hometown of Vienna.
When I was at polytech, doing Fashion Design and Technology, I was extremely inspired by her, The Pre-Raphaelites, Victorian, Empire and Edwardian clothing, and wanted to be in costume design for stage and film!
But things change, as I constantly change and evolve, and after getting a little taste of wardrobe/costume design with my friend Gillian on one of her short films, and through doing work experience at a theatre in town here, I realised that it wasn't for me.
I just like looking at fabulous clothing, and wearing it as much as I can!
I freakin' love all eras, (except a lot of the 80's!) and never tire of thinking about what I'm going to wear next, and finding a new style icon, or rediscovering old favourite style icons!

Just some of my favourite historical films for clothing inspiration of era's pre 1920 are:
Any Jane Austen adaption(G calls her Wayne Austen, the bastard!)
The Age of Innocence
Brotherhood of the Wolf (Monica Belucci, oo la la!)
Angels and Insects
Gone with the Wind
Plunket and MacLean
Immortal Beloved
La Reine Margot

Favourite clothing films post 1920 include:
Henry and June
Gosford Park
Friday Foster
Velvet Goldmine
The Runaways
Desperately Seeking Susan
The Painted Veil
Love Field
The Women
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

and many, many more!

Not just a one trick pony!

PS: my blue lips in yesterdays post were courtesy of a blue eyshadow pencil!


Kitty said...

oo-err, Helga the historian!! Thanks for this post, very interesting.xx.

Nelly said...

Flaming heck I thought it was you at 1st she could be your dopple ganger in those firts couple of pics.Now I am going to read all about her I see Victorian and thats good enough for me away I go .....

Perdita said...

I love an empire line dress, the fashion police would hate me (I have a 50s 'shape') but I just prefer em!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

You definitely channel a similar style to Emilie! I love the eclectic look but its still romantic.

E :)

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Yes she is amazing.. definitely MUSE material!! I would love to see those b and w photos in colour! Love Klimt too.

Miss Peregrin said...

Emilie is gorgeous! I had to scurry off and do some research after reading this, because I was astounded to have never heard of a woman with such gorgeous style.

Ronnie Rabbit said...

I love that first photo, and I am a big fan of Klimt....I always think of the film Dying young when I see his work, I even have a piece of his work going ino my lorry..x

Lily said...

She is fab! And yes, I can imagine the non-corsetted style must have been very controversial. I wonder what they did to prevent breast saggage? Although she doesn't look particularly well endowed so maybe she's just going commando.

I too adore a historical drama, especially if it involves good clothes. I've started watching Columbo while sewing for the cool clothes, easy to understand story line when only giving it 10% of my attention, and the unexpected sexiness of Peter Falk.

Devil made in Heaven said...

I never heard of Emilie but I already adore her.
Sorry to hear about your frocks that got caught in your wheel. I have had the same problem. Even my socks got stuck.
And about style icons, you are also a beautifull style icon!

Miss Peelpants said...

She is incredible looking. I aspire to be 'free' enough to spend most days in Arts and Crafts-style clothing, although I'd definitely do it Seventies style of course.

The hair always gets me the most... xx

Vix said...

She's a beauty, love the hair and the voluminous sleeves.
I hate clothes that require radical underwear, corsets, bras and all the other hellish apparatus. I think that's why I love a maxi, no knickers required.
Love you

La Dama said...

I thought that was you at first mi amor.
I also love period historian clothes.
hope to see you wearing those lavish outfits soon.

sacramento said...

I thought it was you, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Perhaphs it was you in another life LOL.
Fabulous to get to know her, and you better.

Anonymous said...

Oooh Helga I love, love this photie of her with Klimt

- saw this exhib a couple of years back - super yum - had a frock in it too

She designed frocks with her sister!! Woot!!!
Salon Sisters Floge

Love, love, love - ahem.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

So interesting! And yes I to for a split second thought the first pic was you :o)

I like all the freeness of that style but I'm a 50s chick at heart with all the cinching in that goes with it 'sigh'!

Sissy said...

Tres bohemian and I love all that flowing stuff and long hair too... funny you should mention Gone with the wind, I sense a bit of Belle Watling in your style, thanks for the post...

Misfits Vintage said...

I see 934 people have already said it but I am going to pretend I'm the first...

I TOTALLY thought that first pic was you! The resemblance is quite stunning. As are you. As is she. I am you and you are me and we is we.

I had never heard of her either and now I'm off to find out more. Thank you, Professor Helga.

Lovefreelove, Sarah xxx

Ivy Black said...

Nope, doesn't surprise me at all. She was unique, a non conformist and a helluva a girl just like you!xxx

pastcaring said...

The lace sleeves on that dress are amazing.
What an interesting woman she was - and what a fascinating woman YOU are, Helga, with your knowledge of costume/fashion history.

I think you could do a brilliant homage to Emilie post. Or just revisit your Goth days one last time. PLEASE! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alex said...

I couldn't personally be faffed with all that corsetry and needing a maid to hoick me into my clothes but I do absolutely love how Edwardian clothes look. The shapes are just beautiful.

Anyway missus, I can't get swept up in my Mary Poppins outfit fantasies, I have packing to do! I mostly came in to say MWAH for the lovely parcel that arrived yesterday morning. You are an absolute gem and I love you.


Tomye said...

I can absolutely see you in the first outfit. Every age seems to have it's outstanding ladies. You are an outstanding lady of our age. -T

Miss Claire said...

I too thought the 1st photo was of you and that you'd aged it in photoshop or something! Thank you for sharing your inspiration!! You simply must go and listen to this song

I can imagine you singing it! Xoxox

Mrs Cleaver said...

Awesome post Helga!Aren't those sleeves fab!?I love Victorian & Edwardian fashion & the dress reform movement is so interesting & also inspiring.Klimt is one of my all time favourites as well. I love the 'goldfish' painting:)

Hannah said...

Never heard of her what an interesting lady, great films listed too!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the list of films. I hadn't known this about your background and wonder if your studies included anything about Luisa Casati?