Mooses with glowing udders and lovely long lashes

Obviously, I'm still on my Electric 6 kick!!
Here's some pix from Saturday night; I'm not looking tooooo haggard despite my hangover!
I got this sparkley 80's does 50's number in Sydney ealrier this year.
I think this is the second time I've worn it!
(So many frocks, so little time!)
The belt, fishnets and shoes are opshopped.
I tried to do a kind of twisty curl thingy, but I clearly didn't pull it off!
Nix always looks adorable in this sweater!
She made her frock herself.
It wasn't a late night, thankfully.
Nix and Si had a party to go to, so I was in bed about 11pm ish, cos I couldn't face going with them!
O, remember I had pix taken for that local magazine??!
It's out, and you can view it online here .
The site is a bit of a dog, I had to use my task manager to get out of it, so apologies in advance if you have trouble with it.
It's odd reading an interview later, I sound like a bit of a twit, but o well, one can't always be fabulous on the spot!

Anyways, G found these old Swamp Doneys pix over the weekend, so I thought you'd like a laugh!
They are from about 2002, we had a bogan* theme, hence the slapperish clothes and wigs!
Dammit, I've been looking for the black wig G is wearing. No idea where it is!

*Not sure what you would call a bogan in other places. Another word is "petrolhead", if that helps!
Basically peeps who wear black, go headbanging and drive gas guzzling cars, I suppose!


Miss Magpie said...

Loving the frock!

Love Electric Six too. We go and see them play every year, for some strange reason they always come to Oxford in December! They are such a great band live, Dick Valentine is probably the most insane and yet charismatic lead singer I have ever seen. Fact.

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet my friend just sent me the article on you!!! It's just wonderful. Love the whole outfit, the dress in just gorgeous. You are such a star!!!!
That is one great dress in this post, doesn't the 80's do 50's well sometimes.

Perdita said...

Love it!! Sparkly 80s is a recipe for fun.

Ha ha, I have a friend who was a total 'Bogan' back in the day - heavy metal and a big 4X4 and even bigger blonde hair! Now she is quite genteel would you believe, well genteel for one of my friends!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Feck me you're FAMOUS!!!!! You were wearing the fricking most gorgeous outfit on the day of the interview, you're the dog's bollocks and I goddam love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your super shiny 80s dress soooooo much - gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous wench!! I've been lurking and slurping and hope to catch up on commenting soon - mwah!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Great frock I love the gold bow! Checked out the article that's pretty darn cool! Those bogan photos are hilarious and I do see people who dress like that not as a joke!

E :)

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Going to check out the article now.. You made a great bogan - although I think a punky influence was creeping in there! x

Trees said...

Helga! You're world famous in Christchurch! I LOVE that sparkly dress - I love sparkly! The belt is super cute too.

I remember trying to explain bogan to some American friends but it was pretty hard. Maybe bogans are indigenous to NZ/Aust ^^

Vix said...

Yay! You're famous and in such a fabulous outfit too. Flying the flag for handmade and cheap vintage. You are so blinking fabulous!
Love the Fifties foil frock and the hair was a complete success. Nix looks gorgeous, too.
Love the bogan stylee, those ripped tights would be most Brit teenagers dreams at the moment.
Love you!

sacramento said...

This is my favourite dress ever. I do love glitter, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and I WANT IT!!!
You are magnificent.
Mil besos

Nelly said...

Well I loved your article and I loved what you were wearing.Id sack the printer who doesnt know how to spell sew tho lol
I also adore you as a blonde xxx

pastcaring said...

Ha ha, Nelly's right about the spelling - sow indeed!
The article is great, Helga, and more to the point your outfit for the photo shoot is fabulous, pure von Trollop magic!
And I'm loving the shiny frock too, especially with that cute belt.

Bogan? Nah, that's a new term to me, but I get the type. You rock the look!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Tell me about it. I keep buying more dresses, but can't seem to buy any more time.

Your hair twisty thing shits all over mine!

You are a goddess!

Penny Dreadful said...

Phwoar, I love that dress! xx

Kitty said...

Frills and spills my darling, famous you are and deservedly so!!!
Your hairs a bit long for pincurls (as is mine now) but no matter, your big retro styles are awesome enough without-the rest of yoru hair is gorgeous!!!

Miss Peregrin said...

I love the word bogan! It's crazy, but I had never heard it until I started watching Neighbours in high school. I don't watch Neighbours anymore, but I do still call people bogans.

You don't look haggard at all darling - unless haggard now means fabulous! Loving the metallic frock.

Louise said...

How cool to get picked out for a street style spread, you do look ace though. You look wicked with your blonde wig, have you ever been blonde? Xx

Ronnie Rabbit said...

WOW your eyes look amazing. Liking the curl, you should try a victory roll.

Krista said...

We call em' dirt heads over here and you guys look hilarious!

I love you in sparkly dresses and I love as always when I get to see how colorful and funky the inside of your place is!!!

Vintage Coconut said...

I think your hair looks very nice Helga Whether or not the little curl turned out perfectly. =)

You and G in costume look great!

La Dama said...

You look marvelous and love your shiny black gold dress. I love you guys, your outfits are whacked. you two always make me smile.

La Dama said...

congrats on magazine spread amor.
Your hair looks brillante.

RETRO REVA said...

i like your twirly thing ;0)
you and vix are my dream girls!
off to see your pics!

Lucy-Mae said...

Love the sparkly dress! I have been so drawn to sparkly things lately (pretty unusual for me!).

I never thought about bogans only being called bogans in NZ and Aus, the rest of the world is missing out haha.

Rae said...

Yep, I totally covet that dress, totally love 80s does 50s dresses and especially one that shimmers... sigh!

Lydia said...

I love a good metallic dress! Your throw-back pics are hilarious.