New/old for my head!

I'm the most tired I've been in a long time, due to 3 nights of shitty sleep, but I couldn't not be excited about collecting mynew 50's/60's headpieces from Madam Butterfly's after work today!
Aren't they heavenly?!
I think I'll wear the green one with the green paisley frock I bought from Retropolitan to G's Mama's birthday celebration this coming Sunday.
Any excuse, really!
My beloved Vix was talking about how so much of her wardrobe is old, old, old, and how she loves re-wearing and re-styling her clothes until they bite the dust and then she recycles them into something new.
Me too!
This frock is pretty ancient, probably about 10 or more years old, fabulous crimplene,and the ribbon under the bust was added a year or two ago to spark it up a bit.
The ribbon itself is off an old, old maxi that is currently in the process of being re-modelled, and is somewhere under my sewing desk!
My necklace, tights and sequin hairbow are from Vix 
Boots-Trade Me
Earrings-Vanessa (thank you again, sweet thing!)

Now I am going to loll about and feel sorry for myself for a bit, G is going to feed me nachos and say "there, there" a lot, and then I will be resorting to a sleeping pill for an early night and hopefully an un-interrupted nights sleep!


Louise said...

Wow, gorgeous head dresses, I like the orange one.

Thank you for your words of wisdom too. My problem has always been trying to over-plan the course of my life, and life just isn't like that.

Anyway, love you Helga. Sleep tight. Xx

Trees said...

Oh I love those head dresses! I want one!! I can't wait to see how you style it:D

Kitty said...

Sleep tight gogeous one, you'll be back and full of bouncing energy before we know it.xx.

Mrs Cleaver said...

Gorgeous !I love the green one best,can't wait to see them on you:)
I adore crimplene it's the best!
Hope you have a peaceful nights sleep hun,sweet dreams xxx

Lucy-Mae said...

Ooh they're beautiful! I'm rather jealous!

Sucks you're not able to sleep at the moment tho, not getting enough sleep is the worst. I turn into a dragon-lady when I don't get my 8 hours. Hope you sleep well tonight!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I'm loving your fab head pieces! I want to find one for an upcoming wedding I'm going to!

Hope you get some rest I'm a grumpy bitch if I don't get my beauty sleep ha ha.

E :)

Perdita said...

I hate sleep problems, they really get to me. :( Hope you sleep soundly soon.

I love those headpieces and those tights: they gotta go together!

Shewearscrazywell said...

EEEeeek! How those headpieces!!! But...your tights are freaking amazzzzing. I love it. Love it all...and love you too! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh hon, you got your hats!!!!! I'm gagging with excitement over the green one, while the red is equally fecktacious with the feathers plus they both have veils - eeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!! I love your red frock - jeez you look such a babe in red!!! Sleep tight, there's nothing like a long, deep slumber to help get your mojo back - mwah!!! xoxoxoxoxoox

two squirrels said...

Oh I hope the sleep fairy comes tonight, I hate bad sleep nights, the conversation is a yawn, dam you inner voice.
The earrings are fab with the dress and bow!!!!!
Can't wait to see you put a spectular outfit together with the headpieces.
Sleep tight sweet. Love V

Vix said...

Those hats look a-m-a-z-i-n-g! can't wait to see what divine outfit you whip up for the weekend with that delicious green number.
That frock is a beauty, the empire waist does wonders for your magnificent booboids!
Hope you manage a decent night's kip tonight.
Love you!

pastcaring said...

Are you trying those headpieces out as a BRA in the third pic? You are, are't you! And why not?
They look lovely, looking forward to seeing them in pride of place atop your marvellously coiffured 'do. In a verbose mood today...
That dress is certainly worthy of being an old favourite, it's great on you.
And tell G to leave you alone to get some sleep! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

that frock shows off your hot bod!

Ronnie Rabbit said...

You look stunning in that red dress, its fab on you, I think its my new favourite of yours so far:)

sacramento said...

I like both of them and you rock that dress.
Any news on the TOTE???

Miss Peregrin said...

Sleep tight! And dream of gorgeous headdresses.

Misfits Vintage said...

YIKES! You look amazing in that fab frock amor - have we seen it before? I love it!

And I ADORE your fab new old hats so much - I cannot choose a fave. Those tights are SPECTACULAR too.

Hope you are having the most wonderful night's sleep tonight. Sweet dreams of frocks and sunshine and cocktails.

Lovemyfriends, Sarah xxx

La Dama said...

Those hats are maravillosas, love them. the green is catching my eye.
You look hot in various frocks. cant wait to see your enticeing us with these fab hats. love them shiny ass tights. can not believe that dress is 10 years old, looks new. you girls need to tell us your frock secrets.

seƱora Allnut said...

it's always a good reason to be happy to have new hats to wear!!
Your dress is so pretty as usual (so REd!) and wish you sleep nicely to keep your fabulousness ready to action!

Hannah said...

Lovely hats! I do feel you can never have too many. I have so many clothes that I have had since I was a teenager. Yum flipping love nachos, hope you sleep well x

Tomye said...

I can't wait to see you modeling your new hats. I especially like the one with the feathers. They always want way to much money for vintage hats here in the US. I usually buy a cheap plain hat form and dress it up myself with ribbons, bows and veiling. -T

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Cute hats! You also look lovely in that red frock :o)

Hope you got a good nights sleep!

Vintage Coconut said...

Fabulous hats Helga!! I can't wait to see you in yours.
I picked up 3 beauties this week at the garage sales (Still have not posted my sale finds *lazy lazy* lol) I like your whole outfit and the dress even if 10 years old, looks great on you.

D♥R said...

So Damn stylish!

"A step further than fierce, its sickening, your killing me!!<#"-CV

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. Those tights. My Gosh! Lady, you're fantastic.

Lee x

lasophia said...

Those hats are fab. I was so inspired by that royal wedding to wear things on my head more often. I slept in 3 different locations last night. I have been nursing my boyfriend all week with a tooth infection. Pretty sure I now know what it'd be like to have a newborn.

Yours in interrupted sleep,

AMINTA said...

Helga I love all your headpieces my dear!! Im so jealous <3

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

You look fabulous in red!! Its def your color.

Good luck on the sleep.

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