No minstrels over here

My mate Trees does this Wednesday Wardrobe challenge thingy, see, and I thought I might just muscle on in this week....and I might continue when I remember to read up on what it's about!
Today-Wednesday, y'know-was black and white.
Simple enough!

I feel more inclined to wax lyrical about a couple of movies we watched recently:
This was great; a musical (hurrah) with great frocks!
I quite like Ashley Judd, too. Great face.
There was a scary moment when Mick Hucknall (huckery ick) turned up, but luckily he disappeared quickly. I must say Sheryl Crow was a startlingly pleasant surprise-who'd have thought she could sing like velvet?!
Ashley's wardrobe was splendid, I found just a couple of examples:

Then we happened to watch:
Simply because it was on!
I hadn't seen this in years!
Young Ritchie Cunningham!
Young (so young) Harrison Ford!
Great cars!
I like this little blonde cuties hair and frock!
And, later on in the film, she wear sweater clips!
 Sunday night we watched "From Russia With Love".
Well, I watched some of it before I passed out after waaaay too much wine to celebrate my first market!
I still got to dribble over Sean, probably loudly.
Ah, Sean!
Now that's a man with a voice like a V8 on idle.....mmmmmm
I was bloody annoyed on Monday, as I also hadn't seen this film in years, and can't remember how it ends.
Gonna have to watch that one again!

We've also been watching series 3 of True Blood.
It's all go round here, I can tell you.
Run off our feet!


Trees said...

Glad to see you rocked the wardrobe challenge:D

We have been watching a lot of movies lately too! Also TV shows, making our way through season three of The Mighty Boosh - I think Vince Noir is a fashion icon.

Also - me, you, Retro Room - lets make it happen;)

VainGlorySinner said...

I have been wanting to watch American Graffiti for an age! I can never find it even on YouTube! I think I'm going to have to scour eBay!

I love you in black and white! Your giant cameo necklace is divine! xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Sean, Sean, Sean!!! You're my meat and potatoes man and I will rub suntan lotion into your chest until the hair rubs off. Just watching him puts me in a trance and I swear I've never seen the end of any of his JB films coz I'm having SC sex dreams on the couch. Oh dear did I say all that aloud? Watch out The Phoenix!!!!! I bloody love American Graffiti - but I'm still perving at your masterful use of B&W ....... mmmmmmm yummy necklace and all that upper body lusciousness! xoxoxoxo

Vix said...

I LOVE you in that outfit, you look so strict and dominatrix-y. Love it, what a great challenge.
We were watching From Russia with Love a couple of weeks ago. I used to fancy Sean something rotten but Daniel Craig blows him and his towelling romper suit out of the water. The ladies are still way sexier though.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Love the black and white. I had a bit of an obsession with black and white last year now I'm all about 70's colour. I want to watch American Graffiti, I think my mum has the record.

E :)

Anonymous said...

interesting. Congratulations!

Shewearscrazywell said...

Sweet! You rock that black and white. I am wearing black and white today too...true story :). Hee hee...but not as fabulously as you! Oversized button up and tight black jeans :) Hearts, janna lynn

Rachel - Firebird said...

Look at you all monochrome - tres chic!

To my utter shame I have never seen any of those films. I shall add them to my list immediately

pastcaring said...

I agree with Vix, you are looking rather strict and stern and like you're going to give someone a good dressing down!
But that's a good thing, right?
Love the dress and that cameo necklace.
Ahhh, Sean... What a man. Watched Diamonds are Forever recently, which I have to say is much crappier than I remember. The one with a very ditsy Jill St. John?

PS. You mean you DON'T have the horn for ginger sex god Mick Hucknall? Surely some mistake??? Hahahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

You must watch Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day - you must!

The b/w outfit is a triumph btw xx

Nelly said...

New series on telly here called Wild Boys bushrangers etc
also dunno if you like fantasy fiction or read George R R Martins books but Game of Thrones is pretty good (very graphic in many areas I mean many) but great story line.I read the books years ago the show is pretty much same as book (for a change)

Krista said...

Black and white suits you well, you kicked that challenges ass. You are always looking lovely sweetie!

American Graffiti, haven't seen that one in a while, sometimes I watch flicks just so I can check out what all the ladies are wearing.

La Dama said...

You look bangin in your black and white frock., loving your big cameo there any color you dont look good in?
I quite enjoyed the frocks on delovely but not the movie so much. American graffiti is a classic love it so much.

Rose&Bird said...

You rock the black and white look. I haven't seen any of those films apart from the Bond film. I reckon they're pretty bad apart from the Sean Connery and Daniel Craig ones, not that I fancy either of them!

Anonymous said...

blogging has changed the way I watch films. Now, the first time through I'm looking for looks. I only follow the plot on the second viewing.

Statement of Fashion said...

I just found your blog, love your style!

Rae said...

Love your outfit, very subtly dramatic

Got to go hunt me down a copy of de-lovely form somewhere, sounds just my thing and not just becuase I adore Kevin Kline!

Misfits Vintage said...

How did I miss this??? There must be a glitch in the matrix!

You look fabulous, amor - I love a fashion challenge!

I was OBSESSED with American Graffiti in my early 20s and must have watched it 50 times! That platinum blonde is gorgeous isn't she!?

FromCanberraWithLove, Sarah xxx

lasophia said...

Aww I need to see American Graffiti! I don't even know how to rent movies anymore. There are no more Blockbusters and those stupid DVD dispensers in the grocery store never have old films or good ones. I guess streaming from my computer is the only option. booooo.


Devil made in Heaven said...

I just asked a good friend of ours if he had American Grafitti. I hope I will be able to watch it this week.
And I so much love your necklace!