Sing it back

We spent our Saturday night watching rugby (NZ vs France), yelling obsenities (cordon bleu!) and playing Singstar with Si and Nix.
Ah, wild is the life.
My frock is a very reworked lurex number I picked up a few months ago, and the lurex cardi I got in Sydney!
The tights are old, and have a huge hole in the crutch!
I don't know exactly how it is that I get holes in the crutches of my tights.
I can only surmise that my growler might get hungry sometimes.
All Blacks about to do the me a bit of a wide on, I must confess.
The French were smuggling saucisson in their tighty whiteys, I suspect!
We're excited!
I have had this 70's bag for years, and I do declare this is the first time I've used it!
Nix was totally foxing it up in that fabulous yellow frock and spotty cardi!
Spot that clip?!
Madonna "Papa don't Preach"
Nix was the star of the Singstar; I did quite well on this song and Dragon's "April Sun in Cuba", curiously enough.
And I learnt that I know way more Jimmy Barnes lyrics than is healthy.
I have no idea how that happened, I can't bear him and his screeching!
So thrilled y'al like the look of my blue lace frock!
I hope to wear it some time over next weekend, which happens to be G's b'day weekend!!


Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love the sparkles! That bag is freakin awesome shame on you for not using it ha ha. Your hair looks lovely like that, I suck at doing hair. Can't wait to see you in that blue frock.

Em x

Mary Lou said...

ooooh your houndstooth jacket is so gorgous!!! and i love singstar too haha well my poor neighbour doesn´t like it when we play it here
love and kiss,mary

Nelly said...

Loooking like a hotty Helga dear.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

You are so amazing! love the ensemble and had a good laugh about your hungry grower.

delia hornbook said...

aawww how much fun did you all have ;-)) Please tell Nix she looks amazing love the yellow frock. And you look as gorgeous and as fun as ever. I have to say nothing beats an evening in with sing star my best mate Vicky and i do it when we have a night at hers its blinking great fun ;-)) dee xx

Louise said...

We watched that rugby match too, I go wold for the haka, it's fab!

Gorgeous bag. G's birthday's the same day as mine if I remember correctly. Xx

Max said...

a hungry growler, tighty whiteys...your a crack up Helga!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

How ROOD you are! gave me a bloody good laugh!

Singstar is fun aint it?!

Happy daylight saving week to you!

Vix said...

Hungry growlers? A far better reason for a holey crotch than a dirty old man.
What a magnificent frock & hair do. All of you look splendid, ya gorgeous creature.
We cheered the Kiwis on Saturday night, great result.
Love you. Vix

Tomye said...

You look fabulous dahling. I have a soft spot in my heart for sparkles and patterned tights. Do tell how you get that great poof in your hair style. -T

Alex said...

Oh I was going to blame G for the holey tights. You look too foxy for words so he probably couldn't help himself!

ps - I am back! I hereby promise I will commence commenting properly again.

D♥R said...


Vintage Coconut said...

(I LMAO'ED at Vixes comment on your cruch holes) *I agree*

You look so sparkley fabulous! And it looks like you had a real awsome evening. Love your tights too!

Also I like G's outfit! Love all the colors.
Espesh his purple shoes.

pastcaring said...

Oh you are SUCH a naughty girl!
Keep that growler under control, for heaven's sake.
The might of the kiwis overcame the saucisson-wielding French then, hurrah!
And you all look most delectable for your singing session - we have a karaoke thing which links to a website with tons of songs, which we break out to annoy the neighbours from time to time.
I have that exact bag, but with a drawstring top and fabric handles! Hee hee, bag buddies!! xxxxxxx

La Dama said...

You lurex slut! I love your outfit so much and hair do is magnificent amor.
damn "G man" needs to control your growler, hahaayy!! would save you lots of money on ripped tights. ;)
You snacks look so yummy, I love cheese. love G man purple shoes.
bag is gorgeous, what were you thinking? I hate sports ,but that whitey tight comments made me curious.

lady liquor vintage. said...

gorgeous! love the lurex & houndstooth combo.


Kitty said...

Love the tights on both you girls, you can never go wrong with a bit of leg lovliness, and how cute are Nixs' shoes!! I want one of those fake fringes now, as usual you've inspired me!!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

mmmm the haka ... change of knickers required EVERY. TIME. Shudder. Goose-bumps. Grrrrrrrrrrr. Flipping hell you are the most gorgeous woman ever in lurex - it's YOU!!!! My growler gets very hungry too and munch, munch goes the crotch - it's coz you've legs up to your neck girly!!!!!!!!! I love your pics so much - what a bloody awesome night out altogether - glad to hear you nailed Madonna. I've been trying to nail her for years heeeeeee!!!!! xoxoxo

Hannah said...

Go the all blacks!I’m glad we bet the French. I get holes in my tights in the same area! So frustrating. It makes wearing a short skirt rather dangerous. “To bend over or not to bend over”
I love sing star. I’m just a terrible singing so the rest of the family has banned it from our household. Hahaha!

Krista said...

Sweet Helga you have the prettiest blue eyes!!! I envy your collection of tights. With fall fast upon me I swear to try out tights and dresses instead of sweats or jeans as it gets colder. You do it best! Nix's outfit is pretty friggin cute! Sing you guys sing! Happy almost B-day G!!!

Trees said...

Sparkly frock! I LOVE sparkly things.

Also jealous you played sing star - I haven't done it FOREVER and I love it.

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh you and Nix are DIVINE! That houndstooth cardi is FAB and your hair is marvellous and your legs are SPECTACULAR, as always! I would so love to do singstar and hang out with you lot!


Sarah xxx

Devil made in Heaven said...

You have singstar!!!! I so much love singstar! Only problem I have is that I so much love to sing and I sing all the time, but I sound horrible. :D I think that is also the reason nobody wants to play singstar with me.... But I still love it. :D