Skyrockets in Flight

I'm a ladeeee!
My damned pendant is turned around!
It was so bright, neither G nor I noticed, and it's the brooch/pendant with the ballerinas on it that I got with the matching clip on earrings earlier in the year from my local oppy for $5!

This outfit was popular at work, apparently I looked very nice.
Fuck that, I wanna look bitchin'!!!
Frock-opshopped years ago, jazzed up with a little vintage lace
Handbag-you've seen it a million times!


Malayka did this recently, and Perdita just did it, so as a keen over-sharer, I thought I would too!
No idea where it originated from!
The A-Z (I say zed!) of me!

How rude!
Over 40!

B-Bed size:

C-Chore that you hate:
All of them!

I don't mind them generally, but am a crazy cat lady in waiting!

E-Essential start to your day:
Waking up!
And coffee!

F-Favourite Colour:

G-Gold or silver:
Silver, but I have started wearing some gold in the last year or 2. Preferably 70's yellowy bling!

5'5" ish out of heels!

I-Instruments you play:
Am learning a little bit of keyboard, which involves using a keyboard with the notes drawn on, and what notes I need to play written on a piece of paper!
I did play bass in my first 2 bands, but not very well!
Otherwise, I sing.

J-Job title:
Data Entry Diva

No thanks, couldn't eat a whole one.

In a 20's "bungalow" G and I bought in 2000 in little old rubbley Christchurch

M-Mothers name:
Wasn't she gorgeous!!!
This pic is from about 1947/48, I think.
Wretched woman didn't keep anything!

Helga, Nettie, Nettles, NWK

O-Overnight hospital stays:

P-Pet peeves:
Where do I start?!
Laziness, people who don't take responsibility for themselves and their actions, empty containers left in fridges or cupboards, shitty driving......amongst others!

Q-Quote from a movie:
"It's my happening and it freaks me out!" Z Man in "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls"

R-Right or left handed:

3 half sisters and 1 half brother

T-Time you wake up:
5:45am-it's not natural.
Required to hold this beast in!
V-Vegetable you hate:
Fodder for animals!

W-What makes you run late:
Other people!

X-X rays you've had:
Teeth, MRI to see what was wrong with my neck some years back-scary!
Y-Yummy food that you make:
Thai! Mexican stylee! Lots, as I am a keen cook!

Z-Zoo animal:
Otters and lizards, but not fighting it out!!

And look what I got in the mail today!

O yeah!
I think Russ and I would have got on just fine.
This is one of my fave films of his, and I managed to score it secondhand for $15 from Real Groovy, an NZ record store.
I'm rather pleased with myself.


Trees said...

Loving you in black & white Helga - especially those shoes. AMAZING! That photo of your mum is just beautiful.

Bosomania? Tee hee - makes me giggle;)

Camelia Crinoline said...

I like the black/white combination. The cardigan is cute. I too hate pumpkin. It makes me gag. Your Mum looks very pretty.

sacramento said...

I love, love your mothers photo, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh how fabulous, and I keep:K-Kids:
No thanks, couldn't eat a whole one.
You are the bestttttttttttt.
Love you

Misfits Vintage said...

Nice? NICE? I don't think so!

How about...


Darling - your Mum was so beautiful - I just love that gorgeous photo of her.

And now I'm on the hunt for Bosomania too - how frickin FABULOUS!

LoveYourBosom, Sarah xxx

Kitty said...

Oh mad! >>Russ Meyer movie...darl you could have EASILY starred in one!! You would dhave out-magnificant0ed them all I reckon.
I always think you look great in black as you know and today is no exception!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Your mum is adorable. Do you know how much skill that hairstyle requires?

I wore a white flower in my hair today too - snap!

I LOVE white tights.


OP SHOP MAMA said...

I had to read the words a second time to just check that that photo was of your Mum, and not you! How lovely to look so much like your Mum!

I saw another couple of bloggy friends with that A-Z thing too this week.. maybe I might do it too.. just for fun..

Straight Talking Mama! said...

The outfit looks great, far better than nice, people are so uninventive with compliments ;o)

I love your A-Z I think it's a great idea, I saw it on Perdita's blog and I'm off to do it too!

jkubenka said...

I just adore you so much. I know that when I hit your blog in my blogroll as I am drinking my morning cup of super-strong coffee, I will smile, be inspired, and ready to take on my day on MY terms, not anyone else's, and I will dress fabulously just because I can. :)

pastcaring said...

It is unusual to see a monochrome Helga, but nice is certainly NOT an appropriate description! Gorgeous sexy hot babe with great legs and super high hair - there, that's better!
Your mum looks beautiful, you definitely take after her in the looks department.
Bosomania? Hmmm, you could give those girls a run for their money. A feast indeed! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

LandGirl1980 said...

Underwear:- Required to hold this beast in! - HAAA HAA HAAA!!

Well - you ALWAYS look bitchin to me mon cherie!

Miss Peelpants said...

Your mum is gorgeous and you look just like her. Except more...bitchin'!! ;) xx

Vix said...

Nice? What kind of a word is that? My old English teacher called it a "nothing word", used by lazy people with no imagination.
I'd call that outfit freaking awesome and G was obviously too dazzled by your fabulousness to notice the pendant had twizzled around.
I might have to play this A to Z (Zed) game, too. Love the underwear and kid answer.
Love you and your bosomania.

Kelly-Ann said...

(Afternoon delight! Sorry I couldn't resist.)

You look ravishing, as usual. And yes, your mum was a total cupcake :) Ugh, it's such a bummer that she never kept any of her finery. I was earmarking my nanna's frocks *well* before she was ready to pass them on to me. I was a heartless little magpie, drooling over her costume jewellery thinking, 'one day all of this will be mine!' *evil laughter* Thank god she was a typical Irish Catholic - hoarded everything.

Krista said...

Boobies, what were we talking about...oh yeah aren't you looking so sweet and innocent in this B&W number....AH AH AH NEVER!!!! You are so cute!!!!

Your Mom is one smoking hot babe, I can see where you get it for sure! I love the random facts about Helga! I too am a fan of Russ Meyer or maybe it's just all these buxom babes!!!!

Crystal Lee said...

You continue to amaze me, Helga. I love Russ Meyer too. Your outfit is rather toned down for you, but you look marvelous nevertheless. Your mom was a doll. I love her dress. Isn't it so annoying when the pendant is turned around in photos?! Drives me nuts.

Style Sud-Est said...

You are so crazy! I love it, and you look like your mum, very pretty!



Tomye said...

Very conservative, but with a bitchin' edge! -T

Vintage Coconut said...

Hey Helga you look Bitchinnnn! =p
I liked your A-Z of you.
Your Mother was absolutely Gorgeous.

D♥R said...

Bitch you're so fucking FABULOUS! ! Hell yeah your trés FAb!

D♥R said...


La Dama said...

Hahaayyy!!! I had to read this twice . The beast and kid comment was the best.made me really laugh so loud. I think i woke up buddy.
You look freaking bitchin putona,!
i hate it when people say you look nice wtf? Ay, My cousins always say you look nice.
I am going to do this a-z thing, seems fun.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Your outfit isn't nice it's ROCKING! I want those shoes!!
I like this lttle survey, I've been seeing it around I might do it.

E :)

Ronnie Rabbit said...

Nettles, what a wondeful nick name :)
Have you ever tried adding a bit of pumpkin to stewed apples, on filo pastry and cinnamon, honey etc?

janiece said...

Oh my LORD, that Z-Man Barzel quote ids my all-time fave movie quote too!

liz said...

love love your A-Z! perfect! Z man is eeeeendlessly quotable, eh? :)