Take the muzzle off and go hard!

How simply super of you all to bear with my slightly demented ramblings yesterpost, darlings!!
Sounds like one of the dear Nolan sisters at least is alive and well and gracing television screens in yonder UK!
Who'd have thought?!
I'm quite relieved.
Mind you, I guess they're just too dignified to end up on Celebrity Rehab.....can you believe that's actually a TV show?!
I shudder.
Anyways, I scooted off on my bicyle after work to my favourite opshop in Addington.
I was accosted for a few photos by some young university lasses doing some kind of project on the area, and then chatted up by some elderly gent who seemed rather enamoured of my cleavage outfit.
So popular!
Frock-made by moi from the bottom of a maxi I decapitated last year
Cape-from my darling Sarah (isn't it heavenly?! It arrived when I was in my post drunken stupor,ie: hangover, last Saturday morning)
Belt-garage sale
Tights-opshopped (now with huge hole in crutch, not due to the elderly gent)
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's cosmetic bag from Shabby Chic Market
Hairbow-made by moi from crimplene!
Has anyone ever noticed the odd freckle on my nose?!
It's glaringly obvious to me!
I didn't find a great deal at the opshop.
Just these fecking dazzling earrings!!!
And a "new" lipstick case!
How cute is that scotty dog?!
Then I came home to a parcel of goodness from my beloved Vix !!!
Tremendous SQUEE!
This divine thing was, for me, a dream item!!
A Jubilee apron!!
Thank you, you sexy bint!!!
Then it was time for a costume change, as my strapless bra had a bone escapee, which was rather painful, so I just had to take everything off!
So it was on with a summery remodelled maxi from Madame Butterfly's a couple of years back, my grey heels from Trade Me, and my wonderful Mrs Slocombe bag made lovingly by the wonderful Liz !!
Then I went to collect G and we trotted on out to Rangoon, he for a swim, and me to visit the gorgeous Vanessa and Warren !
They, I might add, are fine specimens of humanhood.
And I bought this little beautie!!
It's just what I've been looking for; a cotton 50's day frock!
I'm quite happy now, as I have just the few 50's items I've wanted, so I can throw in a little 50's apple pie amongst my 60's/70's wanton-ness from time to time!
I might just have to wear it over the weekend!
My first mission, however, is too finish the frock I tantalised y'all with yesterday....I fully intended to finish it today, but just ran out of time.....

Y'all give me the horn!!


Perdita said...

The Jubilee apron is fab! I remember them well, haven't managed to track one down yet though.

My favourite is that Mrs Slocombe bag. Hahahaha!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love a good day dress! That cape is freaking gorgeous. You ladies must have your postie's on over drive with all the lovely parcels you receive!

E x

Vintage Coconut said...

Hello colorful Helga:
Your outfit rocks! You look mad crazy sexy in that jubilee apron.

I think I am gonna really love the 50s frock you picked up. It looks scrumptious! I can't wait to gaze upon it's glory.

Louise said...

What a boobilicious blue maxi dress! Lol. That Mrs. Slocombe bag is excellent though, we need a close up!!

I bet you made the old geezers day, you glamourpuss!


Mrs Cleaver said...

Both those outfits are just too spectacular for words! I'm glad the hole in the crutch of your tights wasn't due to the elderly gentleman lol!Although i can't blame him for being enamoured with your cleavage:D
The cape is just gorgeous & i love the picking your nose shot hehe.
I'm sure if i looked up fabulous in the dictionary there would be a picture of you:D xx

Serene said...

Helga, both of these dresses are beautiful; but I do like you showing some leg! GORGEOUS!!! ~Serene

trashsparkle said...

Well, after those ACCOSTINGS I do hope NZ considers making you its national figurehead.... it would save us a bomb not having to fly our Queen out (or does she only "do" Australia these days?). But could you cope with all the kids ramming posies into yer hands, and all the officialdom? ;) x

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet that was such a fun afternoon, thank you so much for popping out to the new nest and finding a treasure. You looked drop dead gorgeous in the floral day dress!!! Arhh you have the vintage measles too. The polka dot dress is heavenly, I love love it, prettiness at it's best.
Sending happiness to you and G.

Dashfield Vintage said...

I LOVE that dress!! Sooo adorable!

Pearl Westwood said...

What a fab Mrs S bag ha ha! x

Vix said...

Blimey, I'm most relieved to hear taht the hole in one's crotch is nothing to do with the elderly gent.
That cape is fabulous, isn't Sarah the bestest? That pinny looks damned fine, too. I told the lady I bought it off that it was for my royal family loving friend in NZ and she asked if you were mad, how rude!!!
Your booboids look amazing in that frock.
Apple pie 1950s scares the pants off me but I know you can rock it's pants off.

LandGirl1980 said...

I thought, for one glorious moment, that you were starkers under that apron.

Cleavage hunters? You and me both. Esp old men. With no money. Mores the pity.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I'm very much loving the primary colours today, and also relieved to hear you weren't relieved of your hosiery by the elderly gent - much as I'm sure he'd have liked to!

Krista said...

I would totally stop you in this lil number I love this dress I can't believe you made it. It's so freaking sexy on you with those shoes and bag and I love the lil cape from Sarah so feminine and just the perfect touch. You are a beautiful babe!!!

OMFG that apron ROCKS (same with the picture of you in it) LOVE IT! Vix nailed it for sure, I can totally see you rocking this next time you post one of your yummy ass dinners.

Boobalicious for Friday, now my day's complete!
Love ya~

liz said...

dear Helga,


love, Liz

Tomye said...

Fantastic job on the blue polka dot. You look wonderful in it. Isn't it funny when you meet someone and they carry on a conversation with your bosoms... Hahahaha! -T

pastcaring said...

That polka dot dress is soooo gorgeous on you, especially with your lovely capelet from Sarah. Red, white and blue, just the outfit for a Silver Jubilee apron! (That's one of your best pics ever, by the way.)

So how DID the huge crotch hole appear in the tights, assuming you are being truthful about the elderly gent's involvement? Or lack of it. Anything to confess, madam?!!

La cleavage c'est magnifique in the second dress. Looking forward to seeing the new 50s frock, not to mention yesterday's blue lace number. Your Majesty, Helga Queen of Frockage, we salute you! xxx

Ivy Black said...

Magnificent as always! Can't wait to see you in that Fifties frock...what a stonking pattern.
I want to lick those shoes......xxx

lady liquor vintage. said...

gorgeous outfit! especially the bag, it's amazing!


Scarlett said...

Now you know Im going to say - totally LOVING the 50's vibe on your today with the cute bow and polka dots. Will welcome you over to my rockabilly clan ;o).
Lovely goodies you have rec'd, bloggy mates are the best. Scarlett xx

La Dama said...

Another lucky spoiled blogger. I adorar/amar love your 50's polka dot titty dress, look at your boozokas? lol@ ripped hole in crotch. I needed a big- ass fuck off bow for my dress today. another glorious dress. love that Dame Edna bag. have you tried dame Ednas lippys? cute doggy make up bag and cant wait to see you in that new flowery frock and earrings.
what a bunch of generous whores.
I can tell you how happy my blog amigas make me.
have a great weekend amor!

lasophia said...

I didn't notice the freckle till you said so. I got freckles like a mo-fo but I think they're cool. Love your first outfit! the blue and the white and the little red belt. yes yes.

Dashfield Vintage said...

Me again. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the idea of getting vintage pj's made... why didn't I think of that earlier?!

Anonymous said...

the cardigan in the first outfit is FINE. And that Vix spoils you.

Polly said...

LOVE that apron - I remember my mum having one :)
Just found your blog - you make me smile inanely!

Kitty said...

You look spectacular in polka dots!!!! And no, I've never noticed anything on your nose...until you pointed it out, LOL!

Dial V for Vintage said...

Hehe, your bag is awesome! And what an adorable dress, I'd like to have that one in my wardrobe too! :)

Miss Peregrin said...

Amazing frockage! Totally enamored with the blue & white polka dots. I love the shot of you with the apron as well - you look like a little kid at Giftsmas!

Miss Magpie said...

Love the dresses, love the Mrs S bag Love the earrings, I think I need to come and do some manner of raid on your wardrobe.......

The pinny is awesome, well done to Vix on that find.

delia hornbook said...

50's frock my ears went bing ;-) Can't wait to see you in that. I have to say i think you wear the 50's well. I adore your blue and white spotty outfit today you look hot im not at all suprised you were stopped and looking out at your gorgeous chest in dress number 2 wow please send me some of yours ;-)) You look amazing and yummy as always. Take care, dee xx

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

Spotty outfit lust going on for me as I sit here typing in spotty cardy...the apron is fantastic, Betty blue anyone? What is the "mere" design on the linen?

Trees said...

I just love that spotty frock you made - CUTENESS!

Misfits Vintage said...

Oy VEH! FABULOUS outift - the frock! The shoes! The fuck off bow! The bag! The crocheted cape! Darling - you are such a chameleon and an INSPIRATION! Oh, and those earrings? EXQUISITE!

LoveYourStyle, Sarah xxx

Devil made in Heaven said...

You made that first drees yourself..... Amazing! I am going to try it again later this day.....