Champagne SuperHangover!

So, went out to Teddington, on Banks Penisula for a party, on Saturday evening.
I wore:
Frock-80's tastic, opshopped
Stole thing-Retropolitan
Shoes-from Nix
Bow-from the wonderful Nelly !
Earrings and necklace-60's, opshopped
Jo is wine writer, and annually tastes and critiques champagne, and not shitty old bubbles, real deal expensive champagne!
After a days tasting-and spitting out-she bought the opened and barely touched bottles out to Jac and was also Iain's birthday, hurrah!
Dave is deciding which one to sample first!
von Leon and Claire!
The birthday boy centre!
We fondled the rubber and fishnet designed bottle by Jean-Paul Gaultier.....don't ask me what it tasted like, I'm a complete philistine when it comes to booze!
I did, however, ask Jo what I should be looking for in a bubbly.....then couldn't really be bothered thinking about it!
Ha, I wore sensible heels, thinking we might be out in paddocks or something, never having been to Jac and Iain's before!
Jo also moonlights as a DJ and experimental musician.
She played my song.....and also indulged me with some Gary Numan, Human League.....we have identical 80's music tastes!
There was dancing!
I like how Jac is clutching a bottle.
Almost gratuitious cleavage!
We had fireworks!
And a great deal of posing.
As you do!
Nix and Si!
We had thought we might play a set, but by the time Nix and Si arrived the party was in cruise mode, and it just didn't feel right.
I felt very relaxed, in fact.
It might be something to do with the mezcal and orange juice I decided to cap off my night with.....

O, during the night I woke up feeling ever so hot (we took the Kombi out and camped up in the driveway) as G was hogging the damn bed.....then I heard a vehicle start up. hello, I thought, someone thinks they've sobered up and they're going to drive home......but nothing further happened.....then vehicle chugged away for a I had a look. It was a van, and it looked like someone was pottering away, making a cuppa or something....sweet....then the radio came on....and I was treated to a rousing version of "Just a Gigolo" (not the David Lee Sexy Roth version).....and when it finished there was a discussion about it....?!.....and then silence.
It was a little difficult to get back to sleep.
And then I realised there were mosquitos!
Got up and got the insect repellant.
Finally I nodded off.
In the morning, I saw the gentleman from the van get out, so I started sing "Just a Gigolo" at him......he looked at me blankly, then muttered something in an unintelligable Scots accent.........

It's Halloween night!
I had intended to scan a couple of amusing Halloweeny suitable pix from many years ago, but forgot, so here's an old Goth pic most of you will have seen before, just to get you in the mood...
I still have the necklace and gloves, wish I knew what happened to the earrings!
Am pretty sure I got them in London, on my first venture overseas in 1989.

But now look at this lovely, lovely view!

I surprisingly didn't have too bad a hangover!
I did, however, manage to crack the bridge of my nose on a gear case when I was getting into the Kombi to go to's rather sore!


A Date with St Chad

So, this morning G and I roused ourselves at a respectable hour to toddle off to St Chad's Church Fair!
No sooner than we had gotten into the grounds, my bargain beacon was going off...
This lovely wool blanket and a pile of sewing bits and pieces set me back a fiver.
I discovered a previously unknown to me opshop!
I thought I was pretty up on all the opshops in Christchurch, but apparently not!
There was a troup of old ladies in here, and they were all over me like a rash!
I picked up a nice bundle of loot, all up spending $33NZ.
Frock-70's, from my gorgeous Sarah
Jacket-part of a 60's 2 piece from a friend of a friend
Coctail hat-60's, Trade Me
Sock thingys-opshopped
Blet-70's, opshopped
Shoes-school fair
Handbag-tooled leather! Opshopped
Necklace-from the lovely Max
Then we wandered off to do a few groceries, and then stopped in at Retropolitan!
G is wearing:
Slacks and shirt-70's, Retropolitan
Sneakers-bought by me at a shoe sale
He's so smoooove!
Looking slightly bewildered!?
These pants fitted his tidy little ass perfectly!
They'll need some taking up though!
I admired this adorable navy vinyl bag and the navy tooled leather bag below.....
I came home with this faux fur stole.
And here is a summary of my church fair loot!

Throw your arms around me

Having a long weekend last weekend got me all mucked up this week!
On Tuesday I thought it was Monday, on Wednesday I thought it was Thursday....and next thing I know it's Friday and I'm freakin' out over what frock to wear!
We decided we needed a little lunch date.
We've been missing our favourite Thai restaurant; they still haven't opened since the qukae, and I'm not sure if the owners are even in the country.
So we looked up some Thai restaurants on an NZ restaurant guide site, and after dismissing two we had intended to try due to terrible reviews, took ourselves off to Benjarong, on Riccarton Rd.
It had glowing reviews-and they certainly deserve them!
Our meals were scrumptious!
We rolled out of there feeling rather deliciously full of food and wine, and trundled our way home through the park.....and then took a little detour into the Botanic Gardens!
There were oldies for miles, must have been a retirement home day out!
I basked in their admiration.
Coat-60's from our local St Vinnies de Paul opshop, $10
Scarf-60's, I think, opshopped for probably $1
White beads-60's, opshopped, 50 cents
Tights-70's, opshopped, I think 50 cents
Handbag-60's beauty case, Shabby Chic Market, $5
Sunglasses-opshopped, $3, I think. Or were they $5?!
Not anywhere near Vix 's amazing 5 pound outfit-which is pretty common for her! But pretty good. I expect 5 pound is about $10-12NZ, so I am pretty sure I can manage that, I just wasn't thinking of it when I got dressed this morning!
O, and I made my hairbow out of an opshopped crimplene scrap and an opshopped hairclip.
Showing them what I got!
Right, going to have a quiet night in tonight, I think we might watch a movie.
Tomorrow we are going out to a birthday party in Teddington, where Jo will be conducting her annual champagne tasting, and there will be music and frivolity!
WTF am I gonna wear?!

O, Lena doll, my guacamole is as basic as it comes!
Just avocado, tomato, red onion, coriander (cilantro to Americans), salt and lemon juice.x

Here's my favourite song by Hunters and Collectors, a good old Aussie pub band from way back.